My love story (Devakshi)(KRPKAB) Episode 4


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Sona comes to Dev’s house. She sees Dev and recalls the incident.(Dev saves Sona from the goons) She smiles looking at him! Sona says thank you for saving me! Dev says stop it now, how much will you thank me? I just did as a… Sona asks as a? Dev says of course as a friend! Sona says so we are friends! Dev says yes can we? Sona says yes no problem and they shake hands. Ishwari sees them and smiles and thinks what a perfect jodi! Sona sees her and says namaste Aunty ji. Ishwari smiles. Dev says ok now I will leave. Ishwari and Sona smile. Dev says bye maa, bye Ms.Bose! He reaches office and thinks about Sona. He thinks why I am thinking about her so much? Strange! Sona does her work and thinks about Dev! She thinks why am I thinking about him so much? Strange!

Ishwari thinks of uniting Sona and Dev. She thinks when Dev comes I will ask him about marriage! In the evening when Dev comes, Ishwari says so how was your day? Dev says yes good but I was feeling restless don’t know why? Ishwari checks him and says you don’t have fever also then what happened? Dev says I don’t know! Ishwari says Dev I want you to marry! Dev asks maa? Ishwari says yes beta its high time! Dev says but you know na, I don’t think there is any girl made for me, then why? She says ok beta but just think about it once!
They greet each other good night and go to their rooms.

Elena comes and asks so how was your meet with him? Sona asks I go there for work. Elena says yes I know. Sona says I don’t know why but I am feeling restless! Elena asks congratulations! Sona asks but why? Elena says because you are in love! Sona says shut up Elena don’t speak nonsense. You know theres no one made for me! My dream boy will never come. Elena says but I think he has already come. Sona takes a pillow and throws on Elena and says shut up and sleep! Elena thinks chupao mat, mujhe lagta hai…. Dev thinks why mom doesn’t understand that I cant marry because.. No one is made for me…

Precap: Just wait and read..

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Credit to: Maria

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  1. Nice .. Liked it .. keep going… ??

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  2. Yes ishwari and Elena r very grt….they r uniting dev and sona…wow!!!!!happy to read..

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  3. Hey its not done yaar..d episode was really vry short

    1. Oh I am so sorry for that, will post the next one longer.. Keep reading

  4. Very good

    1. Thanks Ayushi

  5. Wow nice…. I like it
    Keep going ??

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  6. Nice one keep on writing

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  7. Really nice???

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  8. Superrrrb episode i really enjoyed it when i am reading i thought it was real awsm

  9. awesome episode maria enjoying while reading it ……………keep going …

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