My love story (Devakshi)(KRPKAB) Episode 3

So I have decided depending on your comments that I will continue the story with
Original Dev Dixit
So here goes the episode,

It starts with Sona leaving the Ishwari Mansion, when Dev clashes with him. He says I am sorry, Sona says its ok! Dev says I am sorry, Sona says I said na its ok! Dev says I am sorry for what I did before… Sona asks but what? Dev says flirting, I am so sorry for that! Sona says oh its ok no problem! Saying so she leaves. Dev thinks why I find her so attractive?! As Sona leaves she also thinks the same, Why I find him so attractive? Dev looks down and sees a paper fallen down, he picks it up and sees Sonakshi Bose written on it, so he thinks to give it back to her, he thinks maybe it would have fallen when we clashed! He takes his car and leaves towards her house…

As Sona is driving her scooter, some goons surround her! They say wow you look so beautiful!! I think I am in love with you! Sona says shut up and get lost… the man says how can I leave you and he goes to touch her when one hand holds his hand and twists it, he fights with them and gives them left and right! Yes it is none other than our Dev… All the goons in fear run away from him… Sona comes and hugs him and says Thank you so much for saving me! Dev is shocked! Sona realises and breaks the hug! She says I am sorry! Dev says its ok! Sona asks but you, here? Dev says oh yes you forgot this at my house, these papers! Sona sees the papers and tells it was not that important you could have given it to me tomorrow also! Dev thinks first of all I came here to return it and now she is showing attitude?! Sona says anyways thank you! Dev smiles and they both leave!

Sona reaches home and tells everything to Elena, she says maybe he will complete your love story, because he is so concerned about your things… Sona says no re its not possible there is no boy in the world made for me! Elena shows an irritated look and tells so jaa ab! They both sleep. Dev thinks about Sona’s words and thinks how rude she is! Nikki comes in and asks about whom are you thinking bhaiyya? He says Ms.Bose! Nikki asks what!! Seriously?! Dev says yes and tell her everything, and says don’t you think she is so rude! Nikki tells no I don’t think but I think you are becoming too possessive about her! Dev says no! Nikki says yes bhaiyya maybe she will complete your love story! Dev says shut up Nikki and go to sleep. There is no girl in the world whom I would like! Nikki gives an irritated look and leaves!

The scene freezes at confused Dev and confused Sona!!

So guys tell me through your comments whether you liked it or not! Please drop your comments! Waiting for it!

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  1. It was really nice..hope Dev n sona realises their love soon.

    1. Thanks Aarti 🙂

  2. Very good

    1. Thanks Partho

  3. Very good …

    1. Thanks Bhoomi

  4. Hey.. Dev and sona r confused…..I hope soon their love between them starts blossoming……. Keep going…

    1. Thanks Tanya keep reading 🙂

  5. Wow Maria it’s very awesome and too good love devakshi keep it up dear can’t wait for the next part

    1. Thank you so much Jo 🙂

  6. Interesting……
    Keep going….

    1. Thanks kavya 🙂

  7. Laxmisarvaesh

    Very nice keep it up

    1. Thanks dear

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