My love story (Devakshi)(KRPKAB) Episode 2

So here is the second episode…
Dev and Sona greet each other. They shake hands. Dr.Mehta says so she is the best nutritionist of the town. Dr.Mehta says you both continue I will be back! Sona says ok so Mr.Dixit I will also leave I have to see my patients… dev says wait Ms.Bose, Sona turns surprisingly and says for you its Dr.Bose. Dev says ok. Sona asks what? Why did you call me? Dev says I want you, Sona looks at him surprisingly and asks hello mister? Dev says I mean I want you as my mom’s personal nutritionist. Sona says no I cant because I have other patients too. Dev says ok fine and says but if not nutritionist you can become my girlfriend. Sona says what are you out of your senses? Dev says no but.. Sona says shut up, don’t dare to talk like this. Dr.Mehta comes and says Mr.Dixit your moms reports have come, she needs to maintain her diet otherwise, it would be very bad! Dev says but who will be maa’s nutritionist? Sona says I am ready, Dev asks what? Sona says yes I am ready I will be her personal nutritionist. Dev argues but just now you said.. Sona says what I said before doesn’t matter what I am saying now matters. Dev says I knew you will says yes, how can someone reject me after all I am so handsome. Sona gives him an irritated look. She leaves for Dev’s house.

They reach Dev’s home. Sona says Namaste Ma’am, Ishwari says Namaste beta but who are you? Dev says she is your personal nutritionist. Ishwari asks what nutrition? Dev says yes she will take care of your diet and also she will take care of me.. 😉 Sona says hello mister. Dev says sorry sorry! Ishwari says what Dev you are telling her also. Ishwari says don’t take him seriously, he is just joking.. Sona smiles but she thinks how much he flirts, disgusting!!

Sona sees the reports and prepares a diet chart for Ishwari. While preparing Dev comes and says so how is your work going on? Do you need my help? Sona says no I can do it by myself! Dev says ok tell me if you need me! Sona says hello! Dev smiles and leaves for his office. Sona explains everything to kechu. He says ok doctor didi. Sona says ma’am you have to eat these fruits now. Ishwari says but I love to eat parathas. Sona says no ma’am right now you cant. Sona gets up to leave to her home when Ishwari stops her and says no need of calling me ma’am you can call me aunty. Sona says but.. Ishwari says I told you na you will call me aunty. Sona says ok ma’am I mean Aunty ji. The episode ends!!

Precap:Sona is troubled by some goons…

Guys i hope you liked it, feel free to express your views whether good or bad but do comment. I will try to make it longer next time… till then bye..

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  1. ncy…..

    1. Thanks Tanya

  2. I m in love with this dev…

  3. Difficult to imagine a flirty dev, but liked it

    1. Thanks asmita

  4. Good going dear….
    Plz continue….

    1. Thanks kavya

  5. Accha hai

    1. Thanks partho

  6. Lovely episode..I really like Dev’s comic side

    1. Thanks aarti…

  7. Nice but I literally cant imagine a flirty Dev!

    1. Thanks Naomi 🙂

  8. A new shade or may say rang of Dev is quite different but keep going and I have a suggestion only if u don’t mind that don’t make Dev too much flirt keeping in mind that he is a business man and this is not the nature of a successful businessman…..
    Well looking 4ward 4 it…keep going …

    1. Thanks Shreya, yes I will accept your suggestion, thank you for it, keep reading 🙂

  9. Nyc one… different story…i have a small opinion. dnt take me mistake..
    Dn’t make Dev too flirt…it dosen’t suit him…

    1. Ok dear, anyways thanks..

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