My love story (Devakshi)(KRPKAB) Episode 16


The episode starts with Sona sleeping on the bed. When Elena comes and says ab toh uth ja! Jaana nhi hai kya? Dev ke ghar, kam pe? Sona says Hana uth rahi hu! Sona still feels sleepy and does not get up! When her phone rings. Its Dev! Sona gets up quickly and says hello, Dev says Good morning Sona! Sona greets him as well. Dev says come soon, I can’t wait for you so long! Sona shies. Dev says love you! Sona blushes. Dev says you also say I love you! You never said it! Sona says I.. I.. Elena looks at Sona, Sona says I will talk to you later and cuts the call. Sona blushes. Dev also smiles and nods his head. Elena says oh so if I wake up Sona she does not wake up but if Dev wakes her then she readily gets up. Behen ki koi value hi nhi! Sona says shut up! And she gets ready to go.
At Dixit residence,

Dev is waiting for Sona. Sona enters the house. She is walking when she is pulled by someone. Yes it’s none other than Dev. Sona is about to scream when Dev closes her mouth with his hand. He slowly removes his hand. Sona says Mr.Dixit you? Dev says it’s Dev for you! Sona smiles. Dev tries to go closer to Sona but she says Dev what are you doing? Dev without saying anything goes closer. He leans forward and kisses Sona’s cheeks. Sona feels butterflies in her stomach. She closes her eyes and feels the kiss. Nikki comes from behind and sees them. She coughs, Dev Sona come back to their senses. Nikki says I know you love each other but you should have some privacy at least and she giggles. Sona turns red like tomato. Dev also feels shy but says you go and do your work. Don’t interfere in others matter. Nikki says oh so now sister is interfering! That’s sad and she goes away giggling. Sona says OK I am going. Dev asks where? Sona says in the kitchen of course! Dev says oh yes bye, I am also leaving! Sona asks where? Dev says for office of course! Sona says oh. They both wave hands and say bye to each other. After Dev leaves Sona dances in joy and says I am so happy my love story is finally completed!

Dev is smiling the whole day while working and thinks finally my love story is completed!
The episode ends.

I am sorry for short updates but I am really not getting time, do drop your comments! Till then bye!

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