My love story (Devakshi)(KRPKAB) Episode 15

Sona is shocked looking at the picture! She asks really? I can’t believe this! Rahul? Sona asks from where did you get it? (The picture is of Rahul and her bride, their marriage pic) Dev says he is my business partner’s son. And he is my friend, his parents didn’t allow him to marry a girl of his choice as his marriage was already fixed. Sona is shocked as well as happy. Sona thinks now I can Finally complete my love story! She hugs Dev I am so happy! I am so happy today! Finally I can complete my love story! Dev kisses her forehead and Sona shies. They have dinner and go back home. Sona shows the picture to everyone. Everyone is shocked! Asha says they betrayed us?! Asha calls Rita(Rahul’s mother) and says I can’t believe this you betrayed me! We were best friends! Rita asks but what happened? Asha says Rahul is married! Rita has tears in her eyes. She says I am so sorry Asha, we were always against Rahul’s marriage with any girl other than Sona. But Rahul loves that girl and without our permission he ran away and married with her. And I could not do anything. I am so sorry. She keeps the phone. Asha says now we will have to search a boy for Sona. Elena says she has already found for herself! Sona pinches her. She screams ahh and says I mean we will search.

Precap: Dev-Sona romantic moments
Sorry for the late and short update but the next one will be longer! And please do comment?


  1. Benish

    Finally rahul’s chapter is finished
    But it’s tooo short Maria
    Plzzz post next soon

  2. Ishii

    Aww they are at last together.
    A quick one but a good one.
    Please update next one soon that too longer one.?

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