My love story (Devakshi)(KRPKAB) Episode 14


Recap: Sona tells Dev that her marriage is already fixed.
The episode starts with Dev asking what is his name and where does he live? Sona says his name is Rahul and he stays in Mumbai. Dev asks what is his full name? Sona asks but why? Dev says just tell na! Sona says Rahul Sharma. Last month his family was going to come here for fixing the dates but from that time there is no contact only! They didn’t come also. Dev thinks for a while but is interrupted by Sona. Sona asks what happened? Dev says come with me. Sona asks but where? Dev says just come. Dev takes him to his office. Dev is about to show her a photo when the light goes off! Sona hugs Dev tightly as she is very scared and the photo falls down.

Dev smiles seeing her hugging him. Dev laughs a bit and Sona realizes. She breaks the hug. She asks here I am scared and you are laughing. Dev says you are scared of darkness! Sona says who told I am not afraid! I am brave OK?!Dev says ok meri jaan! Sona asks what did you say? Dev says my jaan! You are my jaan! Sona shies. But remembers about her marriage with Rahul so her smile vanishes. Dev asks what happened? Sona says nothing. Dev understands and asks where has that photo gone? Sona says leave it! Dev is upset thinking that the photo is lost. They take the emergency light and get out of the office. Dev and Sona sit in the car while Dev is upset. Sona says us photo me kya rakha hai?(What is kept in that photo?) Dev silently drives. Sona says stop it Mr.Dixit! I told you my sorrows but you don’t want to share anything with me! Dev says I guess I know Rahul! Sona asks what? Dev says yes! And he is married! Sona says just shut up Mr.Dixit what nonsense are you talking?! Do you even know what are you saying? Sona says I didn’t know that for marrying me you will lie! I hate you! Sona shouts Mr.Dixit!! Dev comes to his senses and realizes that it was just a dream. Sona says my home! Dev says oh yes. He drops her and leaves.

Sona misses Dev. Just then Dev calls her. Sona receives the call. Dev says Miss Bose I am sending you one photo please check! Sona says OK but whose photo is it? Dev says you will come to know but first check! Sona says fine. He cuts the call. Sona checks the phone and is shocked. She realizes that the battery is dead! She says oh no!! After some time Dev calls Sona but the message is heard that it is switched off! He says oh no!! Sona puts the phone on charging. Some time later she sees Dev’s missed call. She calls him back and asks what happened? Dev asks did you see the image? Sona says no actually my battery was dead! Dev says are yaar!! I want you to see the picture and you are making excuses only! Saying so he cuts the phone! Sona says are Mr. Dixit listen!! She realizes that the call has ended! She feels bad of what he said! She decides now I will not see that image at all! She cries recalling his harsh words! Elena says it’s OK it must be something important just check it once. Sona says no let it be! Is that image more important than me?

Dev realizes his mistake and thinks that he did a mistake by talking to her like this. He calls her, but she cuts the call! Dev calls again but Sona again cuts the call, he again calls. Sona receives the call and asks what is your problem Me.Dixit I don’t want to talk to you!! Bye and she cuts the call and cries. Dev thinks now I have to do something special for her. He calls Elena and tells her to bring Sona in the Paradise Restaurant. Elena agrees.
In the evening,
Elena forcefully takes Sona to the restaurant in a white gown. She looks gorgeous. Elena says we will party today. Come let’s go! Sona gives an irritated look! She takes her to the restaurant. Elena says I have to urgently call someone I will be back! Sona says but… Someone comes from behind and gives a chit to Sona. She reads
“Come in the backside of the hotel”

Sona is confused and thinks why is Elena doing like this? She goes behind and sees the whole garden decorated with lights and a dining table in the center. Dev comes from behind and hugs her. Sona is shocked as she turns behind to see him. She has tears in her eyes seeing Dev! Dev cutely says I am sorry jaan! He holds his ears. Sona’s anger melts down. She hugs him tightly and says I am sorry too. I love you Dev. Dev says I love you too! They break their hug and Dev keeps looking at her. Sona asks what happened? Dev says you are looking gorgeous that I can’t take off my eyes from you! Sona shies. He proposes her. And says I want you to become my partner in business, in my parties, dreams, in whatever I do! I want you to become my life partner forever! Will you? Sona has tears in her eyes and she says but Mr. Dixit.. Dev says first of all stop calling me Mr.Dixit call me Dev! And no if’s and buts! I don’t care about that Rahul! Some how I will convince everyone and can go against the whole world just for you! But for that I need your support will you support me? Will you complete my love story? Sona says yes of course and she runs and hugs him tightly and says I am with you and will always be! Because I love you! Dev thinks I will have to tell her Rahul’s truth! They have dinner and after that Dev shows Sona a picture after seeing it Sona is shocked!!! The scene freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: Sona-Rahul confrontation!

Thank you so much for understanding me and supporting me.❤ I will try to update everyday but small episodes if you all support me like this. And sorry for the same Precap. So here was the Maha episode! Hope you all liked it. The entire mystery is not yet revealed! So keep reading! Till then Bye!!

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