My love story (Devakshi)(KRPKAB) Episode 12

The episode starts with Sona reading the message and is shocked. She has tears in her eyes. Elena comes and asks what happened Sona? Sona doesn’t say anything! Elena takes the phone from her and reads the message. Elena says stop it Sona! Till when will you hide your love from him? Will you kill him now? Sona says shut up Elena! Elena says you stop it Sona! You are killing him every day! Every minute! Every second! And now you are killing him!! Sona cries and asks so what can I do? Elena says go and tell him Sona that you love him. Sona says no I don’t. Elena says Sona!!! Don’t lie! Sona says OK Elena I am going! Sona leaves. She runs and finally finds him on the cliff he was about to jump when Sona runs and pulls him and hugs him tightly. Dev hugs her back. Sona comes back to senses and leaves him. Dev asks why did you save me? Don’t you love me?! Sona cries and hugs him again and says I love you? Dev hugs her tightly and kisses her hair. They break the hug and have a lip lock. Sona says but our love story can never be completed! Never! I am sorry she cries and runs away. Dev is shocked. He thinks why is she saying that? Why???

Sona reaches home and cries. Elena consoles her. Elena asks did you confess your love? Sona says yes but our story cannot be completed. Elena says go and tell him the reason. Sona says no I don’t want to! And you also promise me that you will not tell him. But sona, Sona says no! Elena says OK. Just then Dev comes and knocks the door. There is no one in the house except Sona and Elena. Elena opens the door and is shocked to see Dev. Dev says I want to meet Sona. Elena calls Sona. Sona comes out and is shocked to see Dev. She asks you here??? What are you doing here? Dev comes in and grabs her shoulders tightly. Sona screams in pain. Dev asks please tell me the reason. Sona says no it will hurt you. Dev says you are hurting me anyways. He asks Elena. But she says I don’t know. He says I know that you know. Sona cries. The scene freezes.

Precap: Sona tells OK I will tell you the reason! Dev says thank God!

So how was the episode guys? Please do comment! I am getting very less comments. My college has started and from that I am taking time to write so if I get less comments it upsets me a lot! So please comment! If not then I may end it soon!


    • Simplesweety1

      |Registered Member

      Aarti … Please Read My FF … I am Getting Very Less Comments And I Want u Too Comment & Review The Next Episode (6th episode) …. Please Tell na … I Am Very Sad Because Nobody Is Reviewing It … i’ve Got Very Less Comments .. Plz! jabtak mujhe kaafi reviews nahi milte tabtak i’ll not update the 7th episode!

  1. Sumaiya Sumi

    Today only I read all ur ffs
    All were awesome u kneeled it
    Love it to the core ❤ ?
    Pls update next asap

  2. Fatarajo

    |Registered Member

    Hey maria awesome episode dear sorry for late comment was slightly busy yesterday and wow finally sona confessed her love

  3. Sumaiya Sumi

    Hi Maria dr
    B4 I read ur ff u were regular. So I really like that.
    But y u didn’t update next for so long? ? ? ?

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