My love story (Devakshi)(KRPKAB) Episode 10

I guess last episode did not go well with some of you but please try to understand there are hurdles in love stories so please support me I promise later I will not disappoint you. And yes from todays episode I have changed my writing style. So hope you like it! If not then tell me I will continue like my previous style.

So here’s the episode,
Dev is unable to control his anger. He wants to know the reason of Sona’s ignorance.
He thinks “Just because I love him, is she not talking to me?, does it really happen that if someone loves you and you do not then you stop talking to that person?”

Sona: “I cannot do anything I am helpless”, a tear drops from her eyes, “I know you love me a lot and I also do but… I am helpless”

Dev comes to her and politely says Sona?

Sona thinks” why have you come again? The more I try to stay away from you the more you come closer to me! Don’t do this to me please! Don’t make it difficult for me.” She sobs.

She turns back and looks at him cutely. Dev falls for her cute eyes.
Dev: “Sona.. I mean Ms.Bose I just want to know why are you ignoring me? Okay not lovers but we can be friends at least?”
He thinks”One day I will make you realise that you love me!”

Sona: “But I don’t want to be! I don’t love you and I don’t even want to be your friend!”
Dev is shaken by her words, his ears cant hear those words “I don’t love you” He pauses for a second all sounds mute to him only those words echo… But he composes himself and

Dev asks but why? He cant see himself losing her as he loves her a lot!
Sona “I don’t feel necessary to give you the reason. You are no one to me whom I should answer! So please let me do my work!” she says in a harsh voice!

Dev is not able to bear this. A tear drops from his eyes. But he turns and leaves. Sona sees him and starts crying. Its evening,
Sona is ready to leave. She sits on her scooty but then she realises that her tire was punctured! She was worried thinking how will she go home? She searches for an auto rickshaw but is unable to find!

Dev: “May I drop you home?” A car stops near Sona.
Sona refuse to go with him but Dev insists.
Sona thinks “I have to reach early! Dada will be waiting!”
She gets inside the car. There is silence in the car. The car stops as the signal is red.Dev switches on the radio.
Is darde dil ki sifarish ab karde koi yaha
Ki mil jaye se vo baarish jo bhiga de puri tarah… plays

Sona keeps her hand on the button to change the channel, Dev also does the same and unknowingly he keeps finger on Sona’s finger. Sona feels his touch. She looks at him, he does the same they have an eye lock. KRPKAB female track plays…

The scene freezes there…

Precap: Saurav’s birthday! Everyone is very happy except Sona and Dev! Yes Dev is also present there.

So how was the episode? Please share your views. I know it was very sad but the only thing I can say is they will unite soon.
So here’s a surprise! A promo!

Dev is standing on a cliff.Sona screams No Dev…
What will happen next? Will Dev die? Will this story be incomplete? Jaane ke liye padte rahiye!

Please do comment guys and from tomorrow onwards my college will start so I may not be regular! But I will try to be! If you all give me boosting comments I will try to be on time! But I can just say try…

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  1. Madhuri

    nice. she loves him but wt problem.waiting for next epi

    1. Angel20

      Thanks Madhuri. Soon the problem will be revealed.

  2. nice.. but why is sona not saying yes? i mean she loves him too then………..pls answer

    1. Angel20

      Thanks it will be revealed soon.

  3. Very nice dr…. continue writing. Waiting for your next episode..

    1. Angel20

      Thanks anu

  4. Bhoomi

    ? Bichara dev… feeling very sad for him…. Sad one but nice ….

    1. Angel20

      Thanks Bhoomi

  5. Nice episode hope after the promo devakshi will unite awesome promo…

    1. Angel20

      Thanks Tani. Wait for the episode you will come to know!☺

  6. Very nice episode…i felt the love pain of sona…but dont know what prblm she had to hide her feelings…we r eagerly waiting for ur twist…ur writing style is very gud…keep continue ur gud writing…dev love pain also very nice…

    1. Angel20

      Thanks Laxmi

  7. nice episode, i am waiting for the your next episode

    1. Angel20

      Thanks MK

    1. Angel20

      Thanks Partho

  8. Nice episode

    1. Angel20

      Thanks Deeksha

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