My love story (Devakshi)(KRPKAB) Episode 1


So here we go,

A lady is shown holding a girls ear and pulling her to the dining table, she says ma please leave me, the lady says beta first you eat something and then go. Yes the girl is Sona, maa i am getting late. Asha says you roam the whole world and tell them about their diet and you only dont maintain yourself. Bejoy comes and says Asha is saying very right, beta eat something, Sona says ok baba, she sits and eats a sandwitch and rushes out.

Dev comes to the hospital with Ishwari and goes to the nurse. He says hey sweetie where is the doctor can you please tell me? The nurse says hello mister mind your language, he says how can someone mind his language when he sees you, she says shut up and goes, Dev smiles…
The doctor comes and checks Ishwari and says she needs a proper diet plan from a nutritionist. Dev asks then i need the best nutritionist for her. Just then Sona enters the hospital and says Sir i am sorry but today i have to go back home early, so can I? Doctor Mehta says why not? Dr.Mehta says meet Ms.Bose the best nutritionist and Mr.Dev Dixit the famous businessman. They both say hello to each other.

Precap: Dev says i want you Sona, Sona is surprised…

Hope you liked it do drop your valuable comments, till then bye!

Credit to: Maria

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  1. maria plzz make it a bit longer..otherwise its good…nd i guess the precap means something else…waiting for the next one

    1. Maria(Mishalian?)

      Sorry for the short update next one will be long, keep reading… πŸ™‚

  2. wow!!!dev says sweetie to nurse…….lol!!!!!!i hope in this ff u saw us a new colour of dev………update next part soon…..

    1. Maria(Mishalian?)

      Thanks Tanya will update it soon… πŸ™‚

  3. Interesting start….
    Keep going….

    1. Maria(Mishalian?)

      Thanks kavya πŸ™‚

  4. Fatarajo (KRPKAB , EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Wow what an episode what a start haha precap loved it Maria u r too good

    1. Maria(Mishalian?)

      Thank you so much Jo, happy that you liked it.. πŸ™‚

  5. It was quite good but..try writing longer epi… Well I didn’t get about which fault u were talking about …well sorry if I am hurting u but I said what I felt.

    1. Maria(Mishalian?)

      U did not hurt me, “it was not my fault” is my ff’s name thanks I will make it longer next time onwards

  6. Hey it was nice..but plzz make it a bit longer

    1. Maria(Mishalian?)

      Thanks aarti next time it will be longer..

    2. Hey arti diplz post ur ff I had a fast reading of ur episode and I really liked it….plz post ur ff soon

      1. Work in progress dear..

  7. Good one maria…. Flirty dev…. Looks intresting… Post next part soon…. Will u post it daily??

    1. Thanks bhoomi, yes I will post it daily πŸ™‚

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