Our Love Story- Devakshi by Lovely (Part 10)


All were looking at Dev who was drinking water and looking at them while doing so…they stood folding their arms for his Answer…he glanced at Samar who nodded..

He kept the Glass and said..

“..Fine…I agree that whatever I told to Mr. Shankar …IT WAS ALL A LIE!!!!!”…
[???..??????????..sabko shock laga naa..itne emotional part ke baad pata chaka sab booth nikla..but I swear next is fun..]

” But why???”…all yelled..
“..What? Why…Should I have married Sarah and destroy both of ours life??…”.. Dev asked.
“.. Fine..but what if they get to know.. And what about your Twinkle??.. Who is she??…”.. Riya asked.
“.. She…”.. Dev rendered getting up…he took out his laptop.. Went to the search engine.. And then showed them the screen..

“.. Switzerland’s one of the topmost Businesswoman!!!!…”.. All 4 remarked..

” Yes…The one whom I Love…And will soon meet her…So guys get Ready to fly to The city of Bern…”…Dev made everyone know leaving all of their Jaws down on the earth…


[Now back to present when Devakshi are married]

(The same day that I told in part1..just after Devakshi’s marriage)

Dixit Mansion-

(Dadi & Dev’s parents are not at home.. For 5-6 days…reason kuch bhi ho yaar…chalo Manohar & Usha are at a business meet in Chicago and Dadi also joined them..to accompany Usha and Left Devakshi Alone at home..But Nikki had college so she stayed…)

Devakshi’s Room.

Sonawas standing in front of the mirror in a skinny knee length skirt and a crop top..she was setting her straight hair when Felt two strong arms girdling her open belly…she held those arms with a curve on her lips..
” Dev..”..she said to the one who was busy rubbing his nose in her hair..
“Dev..we’ll get late..they must be approaching anytime ..leave me..”.. She said moving away..but Dev pulled her close to him from her waist..” Never..ever I’m gonna leave you “..his words made her simpher.
She wrapped her arms around his neck..
” you look good in what you’ve wore since years…so why did you wore Saree today?”..Dev asked..
“Umm..actually main naa akarsh bartiy neri ban ne ka try kiya..but that’s uncomfortable “.. Sonareplied with a pout.
” haha hahaha.. “..Dev laughed.
” why are you laughing?? “..Sona narrowed her gaze..
” your..your Hindi.. Mrs.Sona Dev Dixit…its adarsh bhartiya naari..not …what you said..haan..akarsh bartiy neri…”..Dev said giggling.
“..wh..whatever…. Don’t make fun of me..at least I’m trying naa..”.. Sonaspoke pushing him and turning being annoyed..
” aww..sholly baby..”..Dev said swaddling her…”but you know I love your Sonatrying to wali Hindi..”..He continued..
He entwined her hands with his and planted a gentle kiss.

Their moment got disturbed when a maid informed about the arrival of media for their interview..
“Come..”.. Dev said forwarding his hand..Sonagave hers with a bright grin on her lovely face..

They came down the stairs hand in hand…
They settled for the interview from the media who was eager to know How did their marriage took place all of a sudden…without any prior celebrations!!..
Devakshi replied to them calmly but didn’t revealed the whole truth..
” So..Mr. And Mrs Dixit…one last question… What do both of you Love in your relationship till now..”..the interviewer asked…
“…Manzil se zyaada safar khoobsurat aur pyaara hai…”.. Dev said with a grin..

“..Our destination is our relationship and our journey is what we love the most..”.. Said Twinkle
“…Our Love story..”.. Devakshi replied with a smile together before wrapping up the interview.

Next scene-
One girl ( Aranya )..and two boys (Sumedh and Sam) were chilling out when Nikki entered..

” Oh Nikki…after so many days girls..you just forgot us”..aranya said hugging her..they came in and settled on the sofa like tomboys… Nikki on the edge of the sofa ..Sam was lying on it..Sumedh was sitting on the table..and aranya on a single-seated couch.

Nikki picked up the packet of chips and crunched it between her teeth…Sumedh switched on the TV…and the Devakshi interview was being broadcasted…

“Hey look…bhai& Bhabhi are there..”.. Sam said getting up..
” Vaise Nikki ..tell us something about your bhai and bhabi yaar…hame toh pata bhi nahi chala ki kab THE Dev Dixit ki shaadi ho gyi!!….Maine kitna wish kiya tha that Dev bhai ki shaadi main we both are gonna rock..afterall bhai ke naam par bas vahi toh hain…and tune kuch nahi bataya…arrgghhh..”…said the fumed Aranya.

“Yaa..Mearia g…tell us something about their love story girl…”.. Sumedh insisted teasing.

“.. Oye..jaa apni Hindi sudhaar…Its Nikki…THE Nikki Dixit…understand..”.. Nikki said throwing a pillow on him…

“.. So…Love story… Hahaha..bhai Bhabhi in start had nothing which can be tagged as A Love Story…. The story began being a Hate story guys…”.. Nikki continued grabbing everyone’s attention..

” Hate Story!!!…. “..All said in a same tone..

” Sharman Zareen wali …ya Surveen Jai vali…which one..”..Sumedh flapped.

“Shut up…Sona Dev wali…idiot ho kya..you continue Nikki ..”.. Sam alleged.

“Guys…you know.. Bhabi has always been very punctual and rises early…[whatever will be in curved bracket is in fb..but Twinkle’s face isn’t visible..]..{…Sona is shown jogging in her tracks wearing a pony tail early morning..}…. And bhai…”..

” uff..”..all aired..

{Dev is shown sleeping clutching his blanket..}

“..Bhabhi is very particular about the places of things.. She always wants things to be on their places..{..Sonaenters her office cabin …she found a pen lying on the table and asked her secretary to keep it in the pen in proper way..in direction…}…and Bhai…God!!..{Dev is shown Throwing all the clothes out of the cupboard trying to find something..}…
Bhabi is quite and peace loving.. And bhai can’t live without loud music…you all know what happens when he gets his drum set!!…”.. Nikki told..

” God Knows how would their equations be??!!!!!….So..so how did they ended up in Love!!????”…Sumedh inquired with curiosity in his eyes.

And Nikki Passed a cute smile…


I know I am late..soooo sorry…but kya karu…I have exams…

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  1. Manya

    Oh my god itna bada shock but chalo it will be more interesting now❤️❤️❤️
    Post soon
    Love love
    And do check my wall??

  2. Awesome episode dear but plzz post next episode soon.

  3. It’s getting more interesting…..u gave me a big shock dear…..but I’m loving it…..❤ let’s see how they feel in love…..aur dev kitna jhoota hai….hum Sab ko pagal bana diya….and we believed it…..???

  4. Madhuri

    Nice I think ur trying ur best to not merge it with original mve story as i too want a different story. Update soon.

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Hey..I know about which movie u r talking.. But understand.. I haven’t seen Darling till date!..and I read the plot on net..only this phase of hero lying to a don’t is similar.. I hope it is different from further parts..

  5. Simplesweety1

    Oh My Holy God! Itna Bada Shock! WTH Yaaaar! *Laughs* Lol! Jo Hum Abhtak Padh Rahe Thhe That All Was A Lie! Noooo Yaaa! I Was Loving It! Anyways, Maza Toh Aayega Kyuki Hume Unki Personalities Aapki FF Mein Exchanged Milengi!Dev Sona Jaisa And Sona Dev Jaisi! Hhaahhaha! It’ll Be Fun To Read That What Happens Next In Your FF! Update Soon Yaaa! Waiting Eagerly!

    P.S: Jab Mein Woh Lie Waala Saara Part Padh Rahi Thhi Tab Mein Confuse Hogayi Thhi Ki Yaha Sona Toh Bubbly Or Cheerful Hai But Writer Ne Toh Shuru Mein Introduction Mein Bola Thha Ki She’ll Be Like Dev ! My Doubts Our Clear Now! 🙂 Loved The Update! Just Update Soon Yaaaaa!

  6. Erina

    Awesome epi my shona but oh my god u were tlking but this surprise awwwww mai budhu ban gyi nd more shocking hmre buddhuram ne mjhe buddhu banaya but what a awesome twist shona seriously I haven’t thought that its all r fake nd it doesn’t have any connection from devakshi lyf .. For ur awesome work ??????????????????nd this for ur surprise ???????well I love surprises but I hvnt imagine this … Nd now I’m eager to know about our cutee couple love story nd I’m loving my NRIsona nd what a solid hindi ?????even I was laughing lyk mad …. Post soon till then take care nd do well in our exam ???
    Loads of love to my shona ??????????❤❤??????????

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