Our Love Story- Devakshi Love (Part 7)


Sonakshi enters the recording room.. “Oh Save me God..I hope I don’t get rejected because of my stupidity.. I have a lot to do for mother..”.. She thought..

She stood facing the mike..with headphones on..the recorder was set..

Lyrics sheet was given.. She took a a long breath..closed her eyes..(she will sing a Hindi song because its an Indian band..which needs an Indian Hindi singer)

Music started..

She sang..

Yaaaraaaan…(at her first note only ..all started appreciating)
Manzilain ruswa hain
Khoya hai raasta
Aaye le  jaaye itni si ilteja..
Yeh  meri zamaanat hai..
Tu meri amaanat hai
..aaaaaa..(wow..gestured the people recording her voice..)

Mujhko iraade de
Kasme de
Vaade de
Meri duaon ke  ishaaron ko sahaare de..
Dil KO theekane
Naye bahaane
Khwabon ki baarishon..  ..

She finished and came out of the recording hall..

She was called in office after sometime..
She entered.. The lavish cabin..
A man was standing with a guitar..from clothes it was clear that he was the same man (accident wala)..facing his back..her eyes fell on the sign Board..DEV DIXIT..(haan haan apna hero hi hai..don’t worry..)

” Hello miss Sonakshi.. Our New female lead …welcome to the band”..
He turned and saw Sona cupping her face…tears gushed her eyes.. Tears of happiness… She came just to get selected in the choir…but was appointed as the female lead…
Deb was smiling at her action..
“..Thank..you..thank you Sir..”.. She said..
“…we are partners now..”.. He said keeping his guitar aside…and came to her..forwarded his hand..” Glad to have a talent like you..Its a pleasure to work with you…”..he continued..he smiled..and said
” come …have a seat …I want to have a talk with you..”
“Yup..”.. She replied..
They sat..Dev on his chair and Sona opposite to him (as in offices)

D:..first of all..I am not your boss..okay..you are my band’s f.lead..we are like partners.. So for that..we should build friendship b/w us like other members.. Not only me..you have to interact.. With all..my manager.. Lyricist.. Asst.manager… And the musicians.. Because its very important for every singer to communicate with the fellow colleagues…
S:…its my pleasure.. And I feel you are right..I promise to give my best..
D:..haan.. I am really impressed.. You have a beautiful voice..Tumne mera song mujhse bhi acha gaya!…(You sang my song even better than me!) ..You have  great potential.. But the main thing is …Training..
S:..yes..I am not trained..but from childhood.. I am singing…
D:..If you were passionate for singing from childhood.. Then why didn’t you opted for that?
S:..Vo..actually…. Actually I don’t have parents.. I am an orphan..A church’s mother had nurtured me..I was 6 months old when she found me..from that day..She and other children with me.. became my only family…I love all of them a lot… I never told her that I wanted to get trained.. Because.. I have seen with how much of difficulty she has grown all of us…so…
D:..oh..I am sorry..
S:…its fine..and I never mind of talking about them..
D:….ohhhkk..so You’ll have to get trained to be perfect…

“I will train you..”.. Dev said after thinking for a while.
.”… Mm..but..You!!!??”..Sonakshi said..
“.. Ya..any problem?”.. He asked
“.. I meant..how will I …pay?”.. She said with her head hanging..
“.. Hmm..payment.. Ab vo toh important hai naa…pay toh Karna padega..(.now that’s important you know.. You will have to pay me..).”.. Dev said standing and leaving the table..
“.. But..I can try only…to pay you to ur mark… You are such a big star…I will have to manage money from somewhere…”.. She said..slowly getting up..
“.. You don’t need to pay money…You will have to do something else than that..”.. He said turning to her..
“.. Dekho..main vaise type ki ladki nahi hoon jaisi tum samajh rahe ho..maana Switzerland main hain toh kya hua…(See..I am not a that type of girl whom you think of me..I am in Switzerland that never means that I am Ready to do anything!..).”.. Sonakshi said taking a step back..
“Hahahaha..And main vaise type ka ladka nahi hoon jaisa tum samajh rahi ho..(you are misunderstanding me)”.. He said laughing at her innocence..
” ..Vo..umm..sorry..then what do you want? “..she said with an innocent face and her twinkling eyes..
“.. You will have to show me whole Bern.. After all I am in world’s most beautiful city”.. He said..
“..A beautiful city with extremely beautiful people..”.. Said the excitedly chirping sonakshi..
“.. Extremely beautiful..”.. Dev murmured looking at her bright face..
“.. What?..did you said anything?”.. She inquired..
“.. Nope..nothing.. we will start from tomorrow..”.. He said..
“.. Tomorrow!”.. She continued…” Isn’t it too early? “..
“.. Not at all…we have our show after 2 months… We are late actually..”.. He said
” oooops..(getting her tongue out..patting her temple)..sorry..”..she said..
“..no problem.. You mail me your address.. I will reach ur place tomorrow.. And after a week..we will sign you..excited to work with you ahead..friends ??”…. He said forwarding his hands…
” sure..Me too..”..she reciprocated

She came out  of his cabin..it was an empty gallery.. She ran shouting in excitement and happiness..Joyfully..
Just then Someone crossed the gallery.. She walked straight silently… She reached the exit..
“Mam..your cycle…it’s in the parking lot…”.. The bodyguard said..
“.. Okay..thanks..”.. She reached her cycle..
She started dancing joyfully with the flowers in her cycle’s basket..(Kuch rang pyaar ke..female…plays)

Deb was returning.. He saw her ..and smiled..she noticed him and widened eyes.. He gestured her –> ??
She gave a innocent smile..

He drove off..and she again started enjoying.. After sometime when she noticed that a small child was noticing her ..she took her cycle and rode off..

Same night-

Dev was standing on terrace.. He wasn’t able to sleep..
“.. What’s happening to me!..I am unable to sleep.. Jab aankhe band karta hoon toh har baar usi ka chehra samne aata hai..(Whenever I close my eyes.. Her face comes in front of me)..I should talk to Dadi..”.. He calls dadi

D:..Hey babes..
Da:..babes nahi dadi hoon..agar ek baby chahiye flirt karne ko toh mere liye bahu le aa..(I am not your babes..I am your Dadi.. If you really wish to have a baby to flirt with.. Then bring a DIL for me..)
D:..kya Dadi..apka bas chale toh kal subah meri shaadi Kara do..(Bebe..you really are so behind my marriage that you can get me married tomorrow morning itself..)
Da:..no no ..I cannot wait till tomorrow morning.. I will get you married the very moment… Leave it..any problem ..itni raat tak jaag kyu raha hai?..(Why are you still awake?)
D:..vo..neend  nahi aa rahi..ek kyaal ko  Mann se nikalne ki koshish raha hoon..but Mann se nilkalti hi nahi..(I am not able sleep..I am trying to get someone off my thoughts.. But her thought is not going out of me!)
Da:..nikalti!!???..(she?)..she is a girl.. Bata mujhe uske baare main..naam , ghar , Indian hai ki Foreigner?..I don’t mind agar foreigner ho toh..dikhti kaisi hai??..Tu usse kab mila?..mujhe sab bata..aur..(tell me about her..her name..house..Is she Indian?.. I don’t mind if she is Foreigner ..Tell me about her looks..How did you both met each other..?.. Tell me everything..)
D:…hold on hold on..We met today morning..(he tells everything)
Da:..ohh..so her sight has captured your heart..!!?
D:..Dadi… We are not good friends also..and aap..aap ko bas  apni bahu chahiye kaise bhi..(you just need a DIL anyhow)
Da:..tu maan  ya na maan..you have fallen in Love with her… Love at first sight..and if you don’t believe.. Ask your heart..closing your eyes..aise khyaal Mann se nikaale nahi dil main basaye jaate hai…
D:..Good night..and apki bahu ko jab aana hoga aa jayegi..theek hai…bye..(when the time will come.. You’ll get your Dil…)

He lays on bed and didn’t realized when he slept..

Sorry for short update but exams are going on..what to do..

Guys thanks to allllllll for your lovely comments.. They made my day but I am thinking to end this ff…I feel that I am not able to entertain you all …you only tell if I should continue or not..

And yes my story is completely mine..I have not copied any of the south Indian movie..its just that 6-8% of mine is a pinch similar to one named Darling… But I trust myself and I know that its my story…if you’ll ask me to continue then you’ll get to know that I haven’t copied anyone’s work…

I hope you all trust me

Love you guys..?

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  2. Yashfeen

    Nyc lyn…”babes nahi dadi hoon..agar baby chahiye flirt krne ko toh mere lye bahu le aa…”mast tha yr pura epi..dadi badia hai yr..cool dadi..n Switzerland reminds me of DDLJ…waiting fr d nxt alo g wid some mre maaza…

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Hey thank youuuu soooo much yashfeen..I’ll post next on 26th …stay tuned

  3. Dhira

    Superb episode why dear y u want to end ur ff continue it is superb and I trust you may be it may resemble but it has ur special touch ??? n I want to ask something r u from south India n which place (u want to tell then only)

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thank you soo much dhira..thanks for trusting me..and no I am not from south..I am from north-east

      1. Dhira

        Oh great plz don’t end it keep posting

  4. Manya

    Plzzz don’t end this u are entertaining all of us plzzz and yeah epi was super se bhi upar ???????????❤️And when will u post the next part and when r ur exams ending Mera toh aaj last tha??

  5. Superb….????❤️???????????…….I really enjoyed reading it……loved it….?????

  6. Aaru

    Amazinggg..luvd it..

  7. Erina

    Yeh lovely mtlb kuch v???? How can u think to stop it ????. Seriously i’m very fun loving grl but u forced me to be angry on u….so don’t u dare to stop it dear(kuch jyada ho gya na ?????)
    Mai itni quriously tmlog ke ff ka wait krti hu aur tmne se koi aisa (here i’m talking about u) kaise bol skta h, plzzz don’t break my heart by stoping this. ?????
    Nd now coming to ur ff it was awesomeeeee dear ?????????? nd i totally trust u so continue dear
    With love

  8. I too c the south Indian film’darling ‘?
    But it was not really like that .I felt I was over enjoyed to read ur ff.?
    Plz post nxt part soooooooon.?

  9. Plz don’t put sona in shristi’s role ?.I don’t wanna her to play the same character.

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