Our Love Story- Devakshi Love (Part 5)


“SUICIDE “..was echoing in His ears…” Is..is she fi..fine..?”..Dev asked worriedly..”noo..I mean she is alive.. But is in coma…” Kshitij replied …Dev was so upset to know about her condition.. He hit the vase beside him..and turned.. Tears gushed out his eyes.. “Its because of me…I am the reason behind all this…I am so sorry Sarah..I never knew that you’ll do something like this…I can never forgive myself…”.. He said crying..
” Because of you??!!..what do you mean?.. “..Kshitij asked ..Dev told everything to him whatever happened..

” so that’s why ..Her father is searching for you..”..Exclaimed Kshitij.. “What???!”.. Dev asked..” Now I understand.. Dev you better go back to your house .Her father is behind you…He assumes you as the reason behind her act and his men are searching for you all around… “..Kshitij told..
” But I am the reason.. “..Dev said..” Don’t worry just go back to your house and please TC of yourself “..kshitij suggested..
” Okay “..Dev said before leaving.

On road..
Dev is driving his car..thinking about Sarah.. He was teary eyed..He reached home.

A Big mansion

He entered and saw Dadi sitting on couch holding her head..as she saw him..she rushed to him and held his shoulders..and worriedly said..
” Beta..beta Nikki Beta dance class gyi thi aur ab tak….”..listening this Dev became hell tensed…”She hasn’t returned since 5 hours and you are telling me now..!! “..he exclaimed.. He grabbed his mobile and called the dance teacher.. He told that she left long back..making him more tensed… He was about to go to search for her just then he gets a call..
(They are only Dev’s talk)
” Who’s this?”..
“What do you mean!!”..

” Tell me damn it..”..
“Don’t you dare harm her….”..
” I am coming… “..
He cuts the call..
” what happened?? “..Dadi asked..” Nothing.. I am going to get her back..Don’t worry ..have your medicines and sleep”..he replied rushing out.

Next scene-

A Big mansion is shown

dev is shown sitting on Sofa along with an elderly man on the opposite side caressing his Gun..they are surrounded by many of black commandos holding rifles.. And Two of them holding a girl..who is trying to free herself… At a corner.. Dev is tensed seeing her and signals her..’I – AM -HERE – DON’T WORRY’

“So you are Dev..Sarah used to talk much about you..but we never met..”…
“..Why have you called me here…leave my sister”.. Dev said in a loud tone.

As he raised his voice.. All guns were pointing him and the Girl..

” hey hey..cool boys..Jamai hain hamare..itni tameez se pesh aa rahe hain hum…(he is my Son in law..we are addressing you so nicely..).you are our SIL..we expect this from you also.. “..He said..(He is Sarah’s Father)

” Tameez (Conduct)..You have kidnapped My sister and expect me to be calm…Is this your conduct to kidnap a girl to call her brother to you??…”..Dev said controlling his anger to save Nikki…(his sis)

“Toh kaat ke laash bhej deta..use tameez kehte…haina..(I should have send her deadbody in pieces to you ..right!)…”.. He said as if it was Normal..

” Don’t dare to harm my Sister.. “..Dev said as an angry young man..

” Cool down my boy.. Sher ki gufa main usipar hamla nahi karte…I have a surprise for you..”..Saying this he signalled something to his commando..He nodded and left..and brought 3 people.. A girl and 2 boys..they are Samar, Diya and Khitij..tied

Dev was shocked to see them also..

“Devvv”.. they shouted..

” What’s this…Why are doing this?”..Dev asked standing up..

“My only daughter is lying like a dead person because of you…I am not gonna leave any one of you..if you will not marry her…I can do anything for her..She loves you like anything that’s why I am not harming you..but I am not gonna leave you even…”.. he said at the top of his anger.

“.. But I had a reason for that…Jitna bura aapko lag raha hai ..itna hi mujhe bhi…But understand I CAN’T MARRY HER “… Dev Shouted…

” Why can’t you….????”..He asked..


“Because what say damn it….(tries cooling).. SEE..I don’t want to force you..If you have a genuine reason then I will think of it..but for me My daughter is the most important.. Get that!”… He said..

” Because I love someone else.. “..
Dev said…

Leaving all his friends and his Sister Shocked… Surprised…Perplexed…


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  1. Dhira

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    1. Hey episode was awesome ?☺️????☺️???……omg……Dev? And yaayy Sona entry……..?☺️

  4. Vinya

    The episode was very interesting…. I have a feeling that sona is finally gonna enter….When will u upload the next episode?……I’m soooo excited to read it….after Dev said that he loves someone, the precap increased the level of excitement in me… I soooo eager to read the next episode…. Sorry for such a long comment….actually I’m not able to express my excitement in words….waiting for ur next episode pls update it soon….

  5. Dhira

    Three long days I have to wait
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    Wow very nice episode. Loved it. It was amazing. Waiting for next one. Post soon and get well soon?

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