Our Love Story- Devakshi Love (Part 4)



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Dev’s POV-
“I Love you.. “.. were the words which blocked me..I somewhere knew that this is going to happen one day.. Sarah is really nice..I am….

He came out of thoughts when Sarah held his hand and said “.. I really love you Dev…”.. Dev was able to see her rose-colored eyes
…with hope to get a YES..
*Rose-colored- with hope…(its a proverb)
” Sarah….is ..is it a joke… I know kshitij asked u to do this right?.. See I caught you”..Dev said misunderstandingly..as he wasn’t sure…”..Dev”..Sarah continued with glassy eyes.. “It …it isn’t a joke Dev…my LOVE ISN’T A JOKE!!..”.. Dev got up hearing this..he went a bit forward..and was now facing her his back…and said “.. Sarah…I don’t Love you”.. He stood still making Sarah glued…she ran and hugged his arm and said like a crazy .” Dev…dev..don’t do this to me plllz…I ..I can’t live without you..I love you..”..”Sarah..I Can’t… ” he was interrupted by her..she held his face and said.. “Am I not beautiful??… Am I ugly…. WHYYYY. CAN’T U LOVE MEEE!!?”… Was the sentence she said before Dev held her shoulder lightly and tried to make her understand “.. Noo..U are beautiful.. Very beautiful but..”.. His mouth was chocked…seeing her tears rolling down her cheeks.. He was feeling
Veryyyyy bad because he was hurting his friend moreover the girl who loves him from the core of her Heart coz he respects Love.
He thought better to leave than dragging the talk and left .
Sarah was now sitting on floor crying her heart out…after sometimes something struck her mind she wiped her tear and left the place running……..

Next scene-

A big Concert hall is shown –Like This

And listen.. Listen the audience is cheering for someone…Dev..dev..dev..dev.…was the word which occupied the whole Concert hall.. Now the stage is shown . There is a boy sitting on a chair (as used by singers) wearing a brown Jacket with white T-shirt and a cowboy necklace (locket) …and jeans with a black guitar in front of an expert band behind.. He lifts his face up a bit ..yes yes he is Dev..Dev dixit the heartbeat of each and every girl present in the concert and me and all those who are reading this he smiles at the audience who were becoming and closes his eyes.. (Music starts to play in BG ..by the band)….
with closed eyes was imagining a girl… Her wet hair..now her big brown and intense eyes with big , long and wet eyelashes shielding her eyes…her rosy- pink , perfect lips….he then sees (imagines) her beautiful face and starts to sing in his breathtaking voice….
D: ..there bin jeena hai aise
Dil dhadaka naa ho jaise
Yeh ishq hai kya duniya ko him samjhaye kaise…
Ab dilon ki raahon main
Hum kuch aisa kar jaayen
Ek duje se bhichde Jo
Bin saans liye hi mar jaayen…..
Oh Khuda
Bata kya lakeeron main likha..
Humane to
Humne toh bas ishq hai kiya………..×2.

(Living without you is like heart without heart beats..
How to explain to this world..
What this love is…
Now let’s do something such in this our love…
If we get seperated…
Let’s die without breathing…
Oh god
Do tell what’s there in lines (in fate)
We have
We have just loved…×2) (Oh khuda of Hero…sung by Amaal Malik…my favorite singer’s bro ???..)(.female parts were sung by a female singer at back..just for those parts..while he used to imagine the girl only )

pyaar ki in raahon mein 
milte hain kitne dariya
laakh toofaano mein bhi dil ko
mil jaata hai zariya

(in the paths of love,
so many oceans are there (to cross),
even in hundreds of thousands of storms,
the heart finds a way, though..)

is dil ke iraadon mein hai itna asar
lehron se kinaaron pe karta hai safar

(there is so much power in the intentions of this heart,
that it travels on the shores with the waves..)

o khuda..
bata de kya lakreeron mein likha..
humne to..
humne to bas ishq hai kiya 

aaj apne rangon se bichhDi hain ye tasveerein
haathon mein kahin TooT rahin hain
mil kar do taqdeerein

(today these pictures are separated from their own colors,
two fates are breaking somewhere in hands,
after meeting..)
duniya ye jeet gayi dil haar gaya..
nahi socha tha mil kar kabhi honge judaa..

(this world has won, and the heart has lost,
I had never thought that we’d be separated after meeting)..

o khuda..
bata de kya lakreeron mein likha
humne to..
humne to bas ishq hai kiya 

(Oh god
Do tell what’s there in lines (in fate)
We have
We have just loved…×2)

He continued ..the show got over after about 1.5 hrs after a chain of songs… In b/w Kunj and the female singer did some duets too…

After the last song ..he came down the stage surrounded by media and journalists and reporters asking numerous questions along with struggling to get rid off His Bouncers…But is it so easy to talk with him…??..mostly Dev used to reply but today he was upset …thinking of her friend (Sarah).
He heeded towards his vanaty and in his vanaty he was thinking about Sarah only.. Coz somewhere he felt a bit restless.. As if something unwell is gonna happen…
All of a sudden he felt someone’s presence and turned to find…he was Khitij.. Breathing heavily… “dev.”.. He breathed..and continued…”..Dev..Dev.. Sarah… She ..tried to Suicide”…”… SUICIDE..” The word echoes..


Heyyy…how was it ..Sorry for the delay I submission this yesterday night at 7pm..but it din got posted today.. I donno how and why??…so I submitted it again..
So how was it???

What will happen next??

Who was the girl??
Is she Sarah??

Is Sarah fine??..or dead??

Does Dev loves Sarah but not confessing due to some secret reason??

How will Sarah’s father who is an underworld Din will react on this??

When will Sona enter??..How??

How will they fall in love??

What’s Dev going to do next??

I know all these questions must be roaming round ur mind..so get ur brains at work…inbox me ur guesses..and stay tuned..

And yes if there’s any1 who wants to talk ..can sned me a private message anytime.. Just not b/w 7am – 11am..as I’ll be in school for exams…rest my time..u can afford..❤❤❤

And yes my thank you ceremony-

Thanks yo all those who liked , read and commented on the hornbook..

PRINCESS – ..thank youuuu.. But sorry dear as sona’s entry will take time..but she’ll enter soon…keep reading..???

SHUBHI- 1st of all…thank you soooo much…and yes about jenny.. In my ff she is neg/pos…that depends on how you take her character.. Till then just remember that she is a cute, sweet , loving girl as Sarah..and in behad also..she isn’t negative yaar..and is she is then too kudos????? to her acting skills.. Plz don’t say sorry..Though its my story but I write 4 u people… Hope u r satisfied now…thanks again..keep reading..??

A DEVAKSHIAN- dearo..thank youuuu.. I love to reply on ur lovely comments.. And I hope ur confusion is clear now..or don’t say that I made u more confused!!!???..coz I know I did..keep reading… Muah??

ERINA- di..thanks for making me ur baby…I love to be ur baby..shona baccha..and don’t worry Sona will enter soon..and yes ur song’s reply-

Tumsa mile Jo koi rehguzar
Duniya se kaun dare..
Chaar kadam kya saari umar
Chaldu main saath tere…

Bin kuch kahe bin kuch sune..
Haathon main haath..????

Fine main toh emotions main beh hi gyi…love u..keep reading..

SIFA- thank youuuu so much..and I hope I reached ur expectations..and if not then surely one day..????


All the silent readers…plz plz plz comment.. May be just a GOOD.. Or a BAD..or KEEP IT UP…or anything like that…but its a humble request to plz encourage by commenting …coz each and every comment MATTERS …and I very well know d importance of a comment as a writer by the person who reads likes/dislikes your Story…

Do comment..
Keep reading..
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