Our Love Story- Devakshi Love (Intro & Part 1)



Our Love Story – devakshi Love (part1 & intro)

Heelooooooo….I am here with my 1st krpkab ( devakshi) ff…Is choti si bacchi ka ye ff padhna zaroor and commenting….
I love the pair like anything…

Ab Intro pehle

Sonakshi Dev Dixit

A famous business woman of Switzerland. She loves her Husband dev more than…..kaise bataau…U read only.

Dev dixit
A famous and successful Indian Rockstar and singer…loves His wife .

Now some more

Maira Sarna – Tunisha Sharma
Dev’s 19yeared Lil sis

(Dev’s Parents are alive but mere ff main agar need Hui toh hi aayenge)

Kunj Sarna

He is sonakshi’s elder brother.. (Remember Sona isn’t Bengali in my ff)
Loves his wife. He and sona handle the whole Sarna empire after Bijoy’s death 3yrs back in an accident (Aasha died while conceiving Sona)he loves Sonakshi .

Twinkle Sarna
kunj’s wife . She shares a special bond with Sonakshi.

Dev’s Friends

Samar – Dev’s best friend and manager
Sarah – Jennifer Winget
A super Model
Kshitij – Rohan Mehra
Samar’s fiance.

And one more character.

Kamal Shankar – Mukesh Ridhi
Sarah’s father and an UNDERWORLD DON!!

Now ab epi…

Lights …




Its a beautiful morning after the night which witnessed the togetherness of two true lovers. Now a big mansion is shown and then a big and lavish room decorated with white candles which were extinguished by now. Now a perfect couple is shown sleeping in each other’s embrace

Devakshi are shown sleeping peacefully …yes yes Devakshi .. As they are one now.

Sonakshi woke up and looks at Dev who was sleeping with a genuine cute smile.
She rubs her fingers on his cheeks and hair and was smiling with red cheeks

[….OMG Sona and blush Am I dreaming… Koi toh pakdo or I will faint] …..(she was thinking about last night)

Sona’s POV-
Just look at him he looks so cute and innocent while he sleeps and uthte hi…oh god…he is such a great Trouble king and a big liar but I love him for that because he is pure at heart and lies to help others..but kaise kaise jhooth bolta hai..he is such a good storyteller (U will get to know)
But I love him.

She gives him a peck on his lips.
“Sote pati ko dekh ke niyat fisal gyi” yes Dev was awake. “U are awake?” She asked surprisingly.
“Yes I am …” Saying this he raised a bit , held her waist and kissed her cheek and before wishing her Good morning.
“U have given urself to the boy whom you trust more than urself… I am glad that I am ur man” Dev said
She wrapped her arms around his neck .
“What can be better than you ….your eyes..your lips..” he continued carassing her face and she closed her eyes in shyness and smiles.
” U drive me more and more crazy for you when you blush…for an instance I thought that will lose you…but you came..thank you for coming into my life, completing me …thank you Sonakshi” he said.
Sona just said “I love you Kunj…I love you and I am blessed to be urs”
They touched eo’s forehead and smiled endlessly.

“Now let me go and take bath” saying this twinkle tried to get up. But Kunj pulled her back.

” sona..!”..
“Let me go…” She pushed him s Lil , wrapped herself in the blanket and went into the bathroom leaving Dev who was wearing his jeans spreading his arms on the bed and smiling.

After sometime Sonakshi came out wearing her purple bathrobe and Dev went inside . And when he came out after having bath wearing jeans with white t-shirt and orange open shirt and was awstruck to see his love …she was applying maskara and light pink lipstick . She was wearing a plane light blue colored Saree with golden border and golden blouse. Her hair were rolled in loose curls.

He came and back hugged her wrapping his arms around her.. And started rubbing his nose on her hair and cheeks…he slides down his palm on her hands and she was standing with a smile and a bit nervousness visible of her face.

All of sudden he started tickling her on her tummy , waist.. And she started laughing trying to free herself (even I do that when someone tickle me ….insaan hi hu yaar)…
“Hehehe…De…dev..don’t hehe..dont do that…hehehe…”
He stopped and started laughing …
“You…romance karte karte… Tum na..”
She tries to beat him but he holds her wrist and pulled her close to him . Slides his hands on her waist And pulled her closer.. She kept her hands on his chest .
“U look stunning..” He whispered in her ears and they touched their foreheads smiling and reminiscing their Love Story.

Ab ye dono toh kuch bolenge nahi toh I will narrate their whole Love story… Yaar writer – cum – narrator hun..thodi toh importance lelun ….


Precap – Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock……..#FLASHBACK..!!

Bekar romance ke liye sorry because its not my cup of tea…

Chalo do since I am not so related to you all..So I want you all to tell me your names ..what’s your age?..what’s your hobby?.. What do you do if yourn’t a scholar?..
And yes do tell if you are an author of any ff..I’ll try my level best to read..

I know my story is far different from what we see on Sony TV at 9:30..
And from the many ffs too..but its an entirely Devakshi love story ff…with suspense…shhhhh..

I will end it at may be 10-15 parts..

I hope you’ll support

Love you
Love urself
Of course

Stay tuned, Keep reading and
PlzPlzPlzPlz do comment.

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  1. Actually bohut maaza ayq prhkr bohut awesome thi??????

  2. Hey this is amazing!! I’m new here too actually I was hesitating to write because I thought there was no one here as young as me.. But finally I found someone who is 13 and such a amazing writer, you just encouraged me to write more! Keep on going its amazing but just one problem I was a little confused when the devakshi scenes ended and started so if you could add something like “devakshi:” or ” at devakshi’s place” it would be awesome other than that perfect!! ?

    1. Manya

      Hey many are young here I am 14 ??

    2. Jiya_Ani

      Awww…Avni dear..I am obliged to know that main tumhare kisi kaam aayi…and it happens Maine bhi jab Twinj ke liye likhna start kiya …then I used to feel hesitant coz I am the youngest there… But time ke saath ho jaati hai aadataadat..and mere samajh nahi aaya ki what you wish related to Devakshi scenes??…

      Wait wait..you mean
      This scene?-
      ‘Sona just said “I love you Kunj…I love you and I am blessed to be urs”
      They touched eo’s forehead and smiled endlessly.

      “Now let me go and take bath” saying this twinkle tried to get up. But Kunj pulled her back.’

      Then I am sorry actually I pasted wrong scene in wrong draft..and din reviewed.. Sorry for that..its completely Devakshi don’t worry…

      I’ll tc from next time and will cont soon..

      Loads and loads of Love????

      1. Ya I was a bit confused in that part, thanks for clarifiying, encouraged by you I’m writing a story on devakshi but with a huge twist so wait up for it 😉 I’m actually 12 about to turn 13 so I guess I am the youngest 🙂 please upload fast I’m waiting!!

    3. Jiya_Ani

      I hope your wait gets over soon..

      1. Avni14

        Your wait is over and my wait depends on you!! Check out my new story Robotic Love, devakshi with a twist!! hope you enjoy it! and please upload fast!!

    4. Jiya_Ani

      Avni I had submitted the hornbook it may get up may be after 10…..do read..
      And I am going to read your post and will comment tooooi..

  3. Aaru

    When I read, I love u Kunj..I was like??but then I thought ki ok..galti to insaan se ho hoti h na..superb episode..
    My name is Aarti n I’m 17 yrs old..I’m a college student UNFORTUNATELY??
    N I write an ff on Devakshi – KRPKAB Devakshi ff n one on Twinj – TEI family ff. Do read it..Mujhe to bas mauka milna chahiye apne ffs ki publicity krne ka, main chauka maar hi deti hoon..

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Hey Aaru di..I know you..I have read your Trip family ff too.. I am Shreya if you remember… And soooooo sorry for the mistake.. Actually I write 3twinj ffs and one devakshi..toh galti ho gyi excitement main…Vaise galat toh nahi hai as sonakshi loves Kunj…bada bhai hai yaar..but jagah galt daldi na Maine baat…hmmmm..

      Thanks arti di..(main sahi hoon na??..bolo bolo?)

      And if you’re 17 and college going then what’s unfortunate in that???..I feel that’s cool dude???
      And baat bolun?..main bhi bilkul mauka haath se jaane nahi deti apne ff promote karne ka…I’ll definitely read..your ff..and will try to comment too..

      Loads and loads of love…???

  4. Awesome ff. Waiting for next episode one request plzz update episode daily …

  5. Manya

    Hey yaar awesome episode ???❤️??❣???and that was a mistake right??ilu Kunj??i am ayushi ?I am 14 and I am too in 9th I love reading novels of durjoy Dutta,watching Bollywood movies,making friends and cooking food and eating that?watching cricket?and I write an ff our impossible love for krishnadasi I hope u will read and enjoy it ?and post soon?

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Hey..hi manya (ayushi)..ya that was a formatting paintbrush mistake.. Sorry for the inconvenience..
      And thanks for replying to my every question.. Nice to find a 9thie here..
      Well honestly I don’t watch Krishnadaasi..in fact I don’t watch daily soaps..I just got fascinated by Devakshi so I am writing for it..I will try to read..and don’t worry..I would love it..??..

      and you’ll get my next post tomorrow early morning.. Its a hornbook… Do read that..its important.

      Love you loads????

      1. Manya

        It’s okay if u don’t watch kd but my ff is totally different.It is a love story of aara ?

  6. Hey, this was superb and dhasu. I loved it Plz continue

  7. Sharica

    Ur ff was nice. Liked it☺. And I am Tina. I am 14 yrs and study in 9th grade. I love to sing, draw and cook. And my, favorite thing is to read the quotations and u may read in my ff as well. I am writing a Devakshi FF ‘KRPKAB’ . But now I am not writing because my exams and tests are lined up but after it ends I am gonna continue it.

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks for commenting sharica..I will try to read the ff as my exams are also going on..still I post as I made the parts ready from before..

      Loads and loads of Love??

  8. Hi I’m Niki, a 13 year old too..?I’m a reader of all ff’s on this page..
    Ur ff was superb.. I liked it so much.??

  9. Hi lovely! The episode was awesome. Keep going dear ??

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Helllooo…thank you sooooo much maleeha..??????????????????????☺☺☺❤??????

      Loads and loads of Love ????

      1. Thanks and ya I forgot to tell. I’m 16 years and I’m college going student☺️

  10. Nice start keep it up….

  11. Yeh lovely awesome one dear. Do continue soon full on exiciteddddddddd for ur next epi. Nd through ur ff know i come to know that u all r babies ?(school going) through ur ff i never felt that. I love to make frnds, love to read all ff posted by all on this tu nd one more thing i loved ur ff and your exicitment to know every one name, hobbies & age. Vse dear sth chalne k lye name ki nhi sath ki jarurat hoti h nd i’m always their ?????

  12. Sakthi

    Cute story dear.i loved devakshi romance..
    I wonder how well u r writing in tis age.
    I also surprised many are kids here.

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Heyyy..thank you soooo much..sakthi.. Nice name..I’ve heard it for the first time..
      And ek baat badadoon apko..bura mat manna..
      But kabhi kabhi passion insaan ke talent KO age boundaries ke andar rehne nahi deta
      What say??..

      You’ll get the hornbook up tomorrow..hope this will make you understand my story nicely.

      Loads and loads of love ???

      1. Sakthi

        Thankyou dear..sakthi is a common name in our place..
        I don’t know hindi dear but in tat line you said talent has no age..its very true dear..

      2. Jiya_Ani

        Fine then I’ll reply in English only from next time..I’ve heard Sakshi and shakti…but sakthi is kind of new to me..Next part is up..do read

  13. RANdomfANCreationz

    OMG I loved the intro a lot and also twinj is here ?? and the story is Super interesting

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Hey fatarjo janemannn…kaisi hai??..
      Mujhe nahi pata if you remember me or not..vaise my name is shreya(lovely).. Naam toh suna hi hoga…??
      Vaise basically Twinj nahi hain..but kya hai naa main hum aadat se majboor wali Twinj fan…toh definitely ek aad scenes toh main daal he dungi…keep reading..

      Loads and loads of love??

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  15. Hey! Its cool. Loved it. My name is Maria and I’m 13 too. You are an amazing writer.??????

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