My Love Story (Bhavika) OS – Part 2 (Bhavika)

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Ok so this is the continuation of my story but its small as its just a kisssaa(I hope u know what is it)



Princess Twinkle was on her way to Royal Charm School in their fairy bus but she was not as happy as A very important person—Prince Kunj was not present…….The bus arrived to RCS she went inside and was walking in the corridor and she saw The board of FunLand (Class-7) she entered and as soon as she did so she heard a shout from Prince Aman which made twinkle turn in a second ,”Today Kunj not came naa,oh maybe he is having work at home.”

She realized that he was teasing her so she moved and sat on her bench with Mahi… Behind them was sitting her other two besties Princess Avni and Princess Chinki.

Chinki signed twinkle to forward ger ear,she did so ….Chinki said,”Twinkle Yuvraj said to me in bus that he likes Mahi and mahi too like him so what do you think should we patch them up?”

“Oh,Of course why not.I and you are not so much lucky but she is so tell her.”said Twinkle.

“Aww you are feeling sad that Kunj didn’t came.” Asked Chinki

“Yes,indeed.”Twinkle replied

Next the girls told mahi about Yuvraj so she was so exited and was waiting for Yuvraj to say. But the day ended in suspense and by the boys teasing Twinkle about Kunj.


Today too Kunj didn’t came….and the boys again teased Twinkle

During 3rd period a boy came and said to Mahi that Yuvi wanna meet her alone …She was so confused and asked what will she say to him.Twinkle replied by saying,”Not a big deal just say that U like him”and somehow convinced her.

In recess Mahi went to Yuvi while The friends of YUHI waited far.
She came back all asked her what happened?? She told that what happened—

Mahi went to Yuvi.He said Mahi I Love You. She said,”I will reply later.”

and then all started to tease her about him.Twinkle felt lonely without Kunj


7:12 am(its just the approx time)

Twinkle saw Kunj entering the bus..

“Hii”, she said but received no reply

the whole time kunj didn’t talked to her.

She thought tht maybe someone told him about her.

They entered the class and all the boys crowded Kunj and probably told him everything about my haal in 2 days

And he didn’t talked to her

In 2nd period a boy came to her and said ,”You know what kunj is dyeing for you.”

In recess she went to the ground with her friends and she was thinking that maybe now it was her turn.And her thought came true.

The boys sent kunj to say me and so did my friends

He was not so comfy but somehow opened his mouth up and said,”Bhavika I Like you”. twinkle too was not ready she just said,Okay,I too like you.” and kunj ran away.

The next four periods they were not even able to meet their eyes and not said a single word.And so on passed the whole day

Twinkle was happy that he said it but felt said that now they are not so comfortable to talk……..Lets see whether they talk

I hope you liked it



  1. Zuha Fatima

    |Registered Member

    Oye hoye Bhavooo😘😘😘So sweet and adorable. But agar ye aap ki life ka kissa hai toh I pray ke yeh sach much ki kahani ban jaaye 😆😆

    Love u Jaan! 💕💕

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  2. SidMin

    |Registered Member

    Aww Bhavika so cute so finally your prince Charming told you that he likes you so sweet 🙂
    And you know what I loved it 🙂

  3. manu

    Oh my god bhavu di finalllllyyyyy he said u and u also said u know when I was reading this my heart beat increased and ya about u were not comfortable with eo to talk was natural it happens and specially the boy didn’t talk much its ok let’s see what happens nxt and ya plz plz plz plz pz plz plz plz plz pzl pzl plz plz plz plz. Plz plz plz plz post further and tell us what happens we all r very curious. Aur itna plz maine aaj tak kabhi kisi ko nhi bola plz batana aage kya hua bye bye and loved it and very happy for u and ya can I know in which clas u r?????plz do tell me

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    |Registered Member

    awesome amazing fabulous cute lovely…..soo mtlb ab finally tumne bhi apni feelings confess kr di h….& don’t worry k ab tum comfortable ni ho baat krne me pehle ki tarah…’s jdt k tumne confess ki h apni feelings ek dusre ko….kuch glt ni kra h…. sorelax….& usse kl fr se baat krna…pehle ki tarah…jo ki thoda mushkil hoga….odd lgega k pehle jese baat krna….bt baat jarur krna…chahe fr koi se bhi topic pr kro…bt baat krna….& last happy for u….soooo soooo happy…..luv u sweetheart…..bhagwan ji se pray h k tum alwayzzz happy raho….& all the best kl k liye…..

  5. dreamer...arundhati

    Bhavu ur finally back…. Seriously kidhar thi
    I missed u so much yaar
    Wonderful piece superb

  6. Shatakshi

    |Registered Member

    Firstly Bhavu
    Thank u so much for providing the links of ur previous episode as I didn’t read it…
    I really missed u
    N yeah u know….I desperately wanted to read ki what happens next….
    Please post soon…
    It was Awesome
    Love u ❤❤

  7. Lovely

    |Registered Member

    ..Hayyee…my cuteuuuu shweetu bhaavu….aakhir kar apke darshan prapt kar saubhagya ka aabhaas hua…

    This was awesome dear..

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