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NOTE : Read the A/N,,Again its a white mail..!! 😀 its must..!!

Guys as the stry starts so i thought to go with this title itself..!! This title suits this story line also..!! Sry raina nd neptu..!! Nd replies for all ur comments is at end plzzz read it..!!

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Episode starts in Sanskar house,,Swara is screaming duet the buring sensation in her tounge..!! SanShu is searching something..!! Swara is waving her hand near her mouth..!! Suddenly SanShu eyes got stuck in a thing..!!

Both ran towards the shelf nd takes the bottle of honey..!! Nd came near Swara..!! They both put their two fingers in the honey bottle..!! Sanskar holds Swara’s chin by one hand..!! Nd SanShu inserts their fingers in her mouth..!!

( i know,,,i know,,,every dirty minds xpected for a kiss but guys Ishu the bacha is also there ok..!! Heheee..!! ) finally Swara bcm normal..!! Nd when reality hits her mind her eyes got widened..!! Its again a attack for her..!! Ishu had already took her fingers out..!! Sanskar’s two full fingers is on her mouth..!!

Sanskar being innocent holds her cheek..!! ” Jamun..!! Hmm..!! Are..!! U ok…!! Na..!! ” asked Sanskar..!! This cuts Swara’s trance..!! She nods Ishu shooks her head..!! She takes out Sanskar hand from Swara mouth..!!

” Jamun are u alright now..!! ” asked Ishu..!! Swara nods..!! ” See papa i told u na dont put chili powder this much..!! But u didnt even listened to me..!! Now see Jamun ko..!! ” said Ishu but interrupted by Swara
..!! ” Ishu no its ok..!! Sanskar did it unknowingly na..!! ”

Said Swara seeing pouting Sanskar..!! But to her another attack..!! Sanskar pecks her cheek..!! Swara again got an attack..!! Nd yet again Sanskar broke trance by saying ” Sorry..!! ” said Sanskar..!! Swara came to sense..!! Nd nods her head..!!

” acha u both go nd sit there..!! I ll make something to eat..!! ” said Swara nd made SanShu turn..!! SanShu nods like a obident kids nd leaves from kitchen..!! On reaching the hall Ishu stands infront of Sanskar..!!

Sanskar smiles nd sits on the sofa..!! Ishu too smiles nd came forwards she stands on Sanskar’s feet..!! He entwinkles her both palms with his..!! Sanskar lifts his legs with Ishu..!! Ishu giggles nd Sanskar laughs..!! Sanskar continues lifting up nd down..!!

( I love this game,,me nd my father used to play this..!! ) Swara made Upma nd came out..!! She stands at the place seeing the father nd daughter playing happily..!! Ishu sees Swara..!! ” Jamun..!! ” Ishu screams nd get down from Sanskar’s feet..!!

Ishu ran to the dineing table..!! She tries to climb the table but she could as she is little..!! Swara smiles nd lifts her..!! She made her sit in the table..!! Ishu sits on the table in indian style..!! Sanskar came to Swara ” hmm..!! Jamun what u made..!! ” asked Sanskar with curiosity..!!

” Haan..!! Haan wait..!! See i made Upma..!! ” said Swara while showing the Upma..!! “Chi…!! ” SanShu said in unison..!! Swara puts her hands in her waist..!! ” Oi tum dono..!! U know with how much affection i made it for u..!! ” said Swara with a pout..!!

” but Jamun we hate Upma..!! ” said SanShu while crossing their hands against their chest..!! ” Ishu,,Sanskar ek baar try karke dekho na apni Jamun ke liye..!! ” said Swara with a Puppy eyes..!! SanShu nods..!! Swara smiles nd serves them Upma..!!

SanShu starts to eat them with ‘YUCK’ reaction..!! Swara giggles but after taking the first bite..!! SanShu looksup at eo..!! ” How is it..!! ” Swara asks with eager eyes..!! SanShu takes the plate in their hands..!!

Sanskar walks towards Swara..!! Ishu walks in the table nd came near Swara..!! ” Kya hua..!! Acha nhi hai kya..!! ” said Swara..!! SanShu looks at eo..!! Nd pecks Swara’s either side cheeks..!! This time not a attack guys now Swara bcm habitual to it..!!

” Jamun hmm…!! U know..!! Ham..!! Ham..!! I didnt..!! Eat a Upma like this in my life..!! Hahaa..!! ” said Sanskar while laughing..!! ” haan Jamun it was superb..!! I like it very much..!! ” said Ishu..!! Swara smiles ” Acha ok..!! Now u both go nd sit..!! ”

Said Swara while making both of them sit..!! Then they ate the with the same Pouting,,Attacks,,Puppy eyes,,Nd Innocence..!! Finally Swara leaves bidding bye SanShu while they pouts nd made puppy eyes..!!

Swara drives her scooty to her mansion..!! She took her bag nd steps in the mansion she was about to step in the stairs a voice came ” Is this is the time to return home madam ji ” a Voice came from hall..!!

Swara gave a pissed of sign..!! Nd turns towards the man who is standing in centre hall..!! “Tell me Swara is this is the time to return ” shouts Shekar..!! ” vo i went to see my Friend..!! ” said Swara looking at the ground..!!

” what ever,, i already told u come home early..!! ” said Shekar..!! ” I m sry,,I forgot..!! I m sleepy..!! ” said Swara nd ran to upstairs without turning..!! ” This girl..!! Now i m doubting is she is really my daughter or not..!!

I have a big kingdom..!! But this girl is working at a convent school..!! She is not listening to my single word also than how she going to listen to me in her marriage stuff..!! I have to keep an eye on her that no boys should come near her..!! Than only she will marry my friend’s son..!! Than my kingdom bcm double powerful..!! ” said Shekar to himself nd went to his room..!!

On Swara room..!! She is lying in the bed after changing herself..!! ” I hate this man..!! Such a money minded..!! Bcz of his this nature i lost my mom also..!! But today i dont know why i m seeing my mom’s nature in Sanskar..!!

I dont know why i went to his house today..!! But heart aches to be with them..!! Instead living in this hell..!! Yes this is really like a hell..!! This man my So called father..!! He deals everything with money..!! Even he tries deal me with money..!! He told me to took care of his sinfull illegal nd legal bussiness..!!

But i m not intrested in this damn..!! Anyways i wont let him interfear in my life..!! ” saying so Swara lays on the bed by covering herself with blanket..!!

Swara enters the staff room..!! Nd sits in her table..!! She can feel some uncomfortable gaze on her..!! She turns nd sees some other teachers are looking at her nd gossiping something about her..!!

“Pari see na this mam..!! She joined yesterday only..!! But see with a day how much she done..!! ” said a lady..!! ” Haan sheela i also saw that yesterday fully she is back of principle..!! ” said pari..!! ” haan u know yesterday night she went to that Sanskar’s house also..!! ”

Said the sheela..!! ” how do u know..!! ” asks pari..!! Swara was till now tolerating their words closed fist..!! ” arey haan pari..!! My house is near that Mad Sanskar’s house only..!! I see her going to his house nd returning late night..!! ”

Said sheela..!! Swara who listening everything calmly till now burst out hearing the word ‘MAD’..!! She stamps her hands on the table nd getsup ” Enough…!! Bohot hogaya apke yeh Bakwass..!! Who are u to speak about my character..!!

And why the hell are u bothering about my whereabouts..!! I can go anywhere at anytime nd can do anything ok..!! U dont have rights to talk about me..!! Rahi baat dare u again say Sanskar is Mad..!! Keep that in ur stupid minds..!!

Nd haan from nxt time i wont speak with my mouth…!! My hands will only speak from the nxt time..!! ” said Swara nd took her bag nd marches out of the room..!! She ran from there but a pair of eyes watches her running with a teary eyes..!!

Swara ran to 9C as the class students are in ground..!! Swara closes the room..!! It is dark all around..!! Swara sat on the bench on leans on the table nd starts to cry..!! She is crying her heart out..!! Suddenly the door bang opened..!!

Swara looksup by the sound..!! She smiles fadely seeing Sanskar standing in the doorstep while poking his hairs..!! Swara runs nd hugs him tightly..!! Nd starts to cry vigorously..!! Sanskar stumbles with her force..!! But he gets steady..!! He dont what is going on..!!

He starts console her without knowing what happened..!! ” Jamun hmm…!! Kya…!! Hua..!! ” said Sanskar..!! Swara didnt said anything..!! She hugs him even more tighter nd hides her herself in his chest..!! Nd cries more..!! Sanskar is poking his hairs..!! But his eyes is showing clearly anger..!!

To be continued…………….

Precap : past revelation..!!

A/N : Another question for today..!!

¡ what if Sanskar is curable..??
¡¡ Past revelation do u want it or not..??

Ok tell me that too nd here is the reply for ur comments..!!

Rosey : di………..!!!! Thank u sooo much for ur comment nd naughty di see he doesnt kiss her..!! Hahaa..!! :-*

Sanu : thank u dear..!! :-*

Pummy : no dear dont worry if u get heart attack na i ll be for u with the doc..!! Nd yeah 2nd sry dear A LOVE STORY BEYOND LOVE suits this more..!! Nd 3rd see i fulfilled ur wish..!! Thank u dear..!! :-*

Rakiba : thank u for the guessing dear..!! Keep guessing hahaa..!! :-*

Neptune : thank uuuuuuu neptu..!! Hmm jataka haan lets wait nd see..!! Nd jamun for swara hmm from where Sanskar will get jamun at night..!! Haahaa..!! Ok ok i m not praising u more..!! 😀

Asha : hai varshu kutty ma..!! Thank u sooo much..!! nd andha KOI MIL GAYA apadina GOT SOMEONE nu artham..!! Nd thank u for the chocos kuttyma..!! Nd did as u said..!! Hmm Biriyani i ll definetly come to ur home for ur handmade biriyani..!! :-*

Febi , angel , independent , sus, rit , soujanya, anu,kajori malik : Thank u friends..!! :-*

Pramudi : thank u dear for reading..!! Nd yeah thank u for ur suggestions dear..!! Will keep it on mind..!! :-*

Gayathri : haahaaaa thank u akka..!! I did as u said for 3rd question but 1st lets see akka..!! Thank u..!! :-*

nd guys nxt epi will be late sry for that..!!

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    Loved this and the previous chapter!!
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    Anyways, SwaSanShu are soooo adorable! Sanskar’s innocence, Swara’s nice and strong nature and Don’s naughtiness is just tooo gooood!
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