My love story with my bestie (episode 2)


My Love story with my bestie….


Sanky and Sammy leave for office..with DP. Anupama goes to temple.. Swara gets busy with puja room work. Ragini says ill come… Swara holds Ragini’s hands and say thank you soo much raguma… Ragini hugs swara and says anything for my Shona…asks you had ice cream with me huh? Swara asks what ice cream? Ragu says you said thanks for ice cream na… Swara nods no.. Ragu asks then? Swara says for making my love story complete.. Ragu says Idiot shut up ok…no more thanks from 1year im hearing your thanks.. Swara says then what I can do…i should be thankful for you married sanky for me na..i know.. Ragu says yea for you..but now i started loving him…he cares for me not like before… Swara hugs her…Ragu hugs back her and say from 1year I was missing your hug…thank you Shona.. Shona smiles… Ragu says ill come Shona…and goes from there…

RagSan’s room…
Ragini comes inside.. See marriage pic and smiles..says it has been 1year sanky…you changed a lot but I could not da..I wanted to bring back your smile I trying it now also..but it’s not full..i know you started liking me..each and every second of my life im falling in love with you..yea when I saw you for first time I fell for you but you were in love with her..i tried to back off but I couldn’t’re my became my bestie…now my wish is to make you my lover…your touch make me lose myself..but when I remember that day I get scared of you sorry scared of your that image..i think I changed you..but still im trying to… I want you to become completely like before who used to smile and laugh..which I fell for I want it back.. She smiles…goes to fresh up and then come back..see Shona with ice cream..say Shona.. Both start having it…

Shona says I know you both not one.. Ragu smiles and say Shona everything will be okay.. She says Ragu..i have some plans.. Ragu asks what? She says honeymoon.. Ragu starts coughing..says Shona.. She says hear it na.. Ragu nods.. She says Sammy was saying about it..sanky won’t come like that only..but Sammy.. Ragu nods no.. She says shut up.. Ragu pouts.. Shona starts laughing and say be like this in front of him..he will definitely go mad ?.. Ragu starts chasing her.. Shona shows tongue and runs from there.. Both reach hall…fall on sofa and laugh… Then hugs.. Together says I love my idiot girl…then laugh..

At office…
Sammy is busy with work… He see Sanky and think of executing his plan..says bro you are gone?.. At lunch time.. Sammy goes to sanky’s cabin..says bro lunch..both sit having food.. Sanky says Sammy Shona is adjusting with everyone na.. Sammy says yea..but.. Sanky asks what? Sammy says I wanted to take her out but madam said I won’t come.. Sanky asks why? Sammy says Ragu .. Sanky says Ragini.. Sammy says both are sister’ didn’t take her out after marriage so Shona said I won’t go bcz Ragu didn’t go.. Sanky says Sammy you know.. Sammy says she is not there now..think of Ragu … Sanky excuses and goes from there.. Sammy says bro you should fall in love with her..else you can’t forget that girl..she is no more in this world..

At home…
Ragu says Anupama I’ll prepare dinner let Shona go out with Sammy.. Anupama replies you should also go out with Sanky.. Ragu nods no..say ma he’ll be busy,.we will go after some days.. Shona says raguma im not going anywhere okay… SanSam come from office..they hear Shona talks… Sanky says Shona we all are going out..Sammy see him with open mouth.. Shona says really…and hugs Ragu..says get ready to flat him?.. Ragu smiles.. AP asks them to fresh up and get ready then.. All four leave for room..

SawSam’s room
Shona start’s jumping on bed saying Ragu is going for candle light dinner…heyyy..sanky said okay… Sammy smiles seeing her..says madam we are also going out..go get ready.. She asks him if I come like this you won’t take me out? He says Shona baby don’t do drama…come with me… Both laugh…then Shona hugs him..say love you raaa..

RagSan’s room..
Ragu comes with coffee and say coffee.. Sanky smiles and takes it..says go get ready..we’re going out.. Ragu asks you said this for Shona na? Sanky smiles and says no..we are going somewhere else not with them..get ready in sari.. Ragu nods ok..goes to get ready.. Ragu smiles and get ready…says sanky is taking me outside..thank you soo much God…it will be best day of my life…yippee… She gets ready in simple saree and jewellery..comes out.. But suddenly she feels like vomiting and goes inside washroom..thinks what happened to me from 2days I feel like vomiting.. Sanky calls her out.. They both come down..

Ap is serving Dp and talking with him about sanky and Ragu going out… Dp tells its good news.. Ragsan come there.. SwaSam come next… Ap tells come early but enjoy your time and dinner out… RagSan move forward.. Suddenly Ragini falls…

All are shocked.. Swara goes to Ragu and start to cry..say raguma..get up.. Sammy asks sanky to take Ragu to bedroom.. Sanky who was shocked bcz of ragu’s sudden fall..take her to room.. Shona runs with him.. Sammy goes to call doctor.. After 1hr doctor comes.. She asks them to go out.. Swara says please doctor aunty.. She nods ok.. All others leave the room.. Doctor checks Ragu and smiles.. Swara asks what happened aunty? Why are you smiling? Doctor replies you’ll also smile after hearing news.. Swara asks what news? Doctor tells you’re sister is pregnant..she is 2.5 months pregnant… Swara asks what? Doctor replies you’re becoming aunt swara.. Swara hugs doctor and says thank you soo much ?.. She runs out and start laughing… Sammy asks Shona what happened? Sanky angrily asks her why she is laughing when Ragini is ill? Ap and Dp asks what happened why you are laughing? Shona says ma and pa you are becoming Dadi and dada.. Sammy you’re becoming uncle… And Sanky you are becoming… Sanky asks what you talking? Shona says im becoming aunty… Sanky and Sammy says you’re married means you’re aunty only .. Shona angrily tells hello for ragu’s child im aunty only..

Sanky and Sammy asks what? Ap tells Swara Ragini is pregnant… Shona says ma Ragu is pregnant..she is 2.5 months pregnant.. Sanky goes inside..see’s Ragu tell him she is weak let her rest.. Shona and Ap come inside..with food and juice.. Ap thanks doctor for goodnews.. Doctor smiles and tell her to take care of Ragini.. Ap asks sanky to know about medicines and leave doctor to home.. Sanky and doctor leave from there.. Doctor gives him medicine slip and goes.. Sanky thinks I did a mistake..i don’t think she will be okay with it..goes to room.. Swara and Ap leave them alone..

Sanky keeps observing Ragu..she gets conscious..see him and say sorry.. He takes plate and start feeding her.. She eats food and keep quiet… He says Ragini you didn’t say me about this… She asks what I didn’t say? He says you’re pregnant… She is fully shocked..touch her stomach and say pregnant.. He says yea you’re pregnant doctor aunty confirmed.. She says im so happy.,ill be mom and you dad..suddenly stops and look at sanky… He asks Ragu you don’t have problem with that incident? She says I have but today I think I shouldn’t have problem with it bcz it giving us this happiness.. He says if you want you can go with abortion..ill say family members something… She slaps him hard and sits crying… He is fully shocked bcz he never saw her angry even when he forced himself on her.. He try’s to hold her hand…she stops and says please can you leave me alone… He goes away from her… She sits in room corner and start crying… He on other end…remembers that night which changed him into devil…

It was December..cold weather.. Ragini is working at kitchen..thinks about Ap’s words Ragini you be here with sanky bcz we can’t send you both on honeymoon even after 8 months we thought of this trip.. Ragini smiles and say he became my bestie…if he don’t love me its okay..I love him forever… Suddenly hears horns and go out… See Sanky near door steps.. He is fully drunk..she gets shocked and says sanky you are drunk… He suddenly falls..she goes and helps him.. Then take him to bedroom.. He goes to washroom and she is standing near window…thinks sanky drunk today..what happened to him? He comes out..see her standing near window.. He goes towards her..bcz of winds suddenly her saree pallu falls.. He see her so… She tries to make it proper..he holds her hand tightly and pulls her near…says you are married to me… She nods yes.. He asks why? She stands still… He says for money? No you have money..then why? She keeps quite.. He pulls her close to him and ask why? She says bcz my parents asked me to… He says okay..and hugs her tightly.. She gets shocked… He forces himself on her… She says please…sanky your are not in senses… He doesn’t listen to her… Finally he consummates marriage.. Yea not in senses…

Sanky gets up and see Ragini sleeping next to him.. Then he see’s himself and her…then room condition and get shocked… He takes his shirt and goes to washroom.. He thinks how can I do this? She is my bestie how can I do it… What she might be thinking about me? She may start hating me… I cant live without her..she is my bestie..she was the one who took care of me even after knowing im not for marriage she was OK with it..i don’t know how will I face her today… He fresh up and go to room…arrange room neatly… Then tries to wake up Ragini…seeing her condition thinks of her pain.. He takes water and sprinkle on her face.. She wakes up..see sanky…and say good morning… He gives her bathrobe..she takes and wear it.. She says ill come and go to washroom.. She thinks sanky I know you’re feeling guilty about night but you don’t have to be..bcz as husband you have that rights.. She comes out after 30 min and go to kitchen.. Then start preparing breakfast.. After a while sanky comes to her.. Try talking with her..seeing her eyes he turns numb… He says sorry…with great difficulty.. She smiles and give him juice…say drink… He does as she told… She smiles seeing him…say sanky go get ready for office… He says im not going… She asks why? He says hospital.. She asks what happened to you? Fever? He hugs her and say you don’t act too smart.. She asks what happened? He keeps starring at her…

Precap: SanRag reason for marriage…

Sorry friends im busy with festival’s ? and relative’s sorry ☹ …

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