My love story with my bestie (episode 1)


My Love story with my bestie….

Gupta’s bungalow…
A room is’s fully covered with Swaragini’s childhood to teenage pics..then there marriage photo.. Vaishnav is standing in front of photos and seeing those with smile.. Dadi comes there calling him…asks him to go bring his sisters.. He replies okay gf.. She smiles and goes from there… He says Dadi you want to see your besties..i want to see them too.. He goes to take bath..

Maheshwari’s bungalow…
SwaSam’s room..
They both are sleeping… Sammy(Samruth) wakes up and see Swara..smiles seeing her sleeping like a baby hugging him.. He kiss for forehead and say good morning Shona.. She smiles hearing him and say good morning Sammy.. He asks Shona baby shower? She says ill go and come back..then you.. He smiles and winks at her.. She nods no… He smiles and lifts her walks to bathroom… She says Ragu…will be coming to call me.. He replies sanky with busy her… She looks at him… Both smile… He says baby you look beautiful in my shirt ? She stare at him..then start smiling and hugs him…

Ragsan’s room..
A girl is shown getting ready in front of mirror.. She smiles seeing the image in mirror.. She is in saree.. Slowly she closes her eyes as she feels someone hugging her from back.. Both are see each other in mirror..say good morning sweetheart..together.. Ragu says bath.. He says you’re looking beautiful don’t want to leave you alone.. She turns his side.. He see her..she blushes.. He slowly lifts her head and kiss her forehead..say don’t blush this much…i may not leave you alone ?.. She smiles and nods ok… He lightly kiss her lips.. She closes her eyes…says sanky .. He leaves her..see her feeling his kissy…with closed eyes… She opens her eyes and blushes.. He says ill come back…you get ready fast and go to kitchen.. She nods ok.. He goes to take bath.. She smiles and gets ready..

SwaSam’s room..
Sammy brings Shona out.. She says ill go and get ready.. He says you got married just 1 week before..but you keep running away from me… She smiles…says you won’t leave me alone for sometime in night..what will all think… He hugs her and says baby you are really… She pouts nd sit on bed.. He sits next to her and say’re soo beautiful…dear.. She takes pillow and hits him..says stop buttering me?.. He smiles and says you’re skin is smooth..if I butter you then I wont be able to hold you also? She stands tries going from there.. He holds her by waist and pulls her towards him..say you won’t love me na.. She smiles..says I love you bestie…i love you more than myself… And hugs him… Both smile…

Ragsan’s room
Sanky comes out after bath..he gets ready..see Ragu sitting near bed.. He asks what happened? She looks at him and say that… He goes near her and asks what? She shows pimple on her nose and say im looking like joker na.. He hugs her and say I love you way you are…you look cute.. She smiles.. He says I love you Ragu… She replies I love you bestie… He smiles and hugs her..says love you too bestie ?… Both smile..say together breakfast…

Precap: Swasam and Ragsan honeymoon planning…
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