Love story begins!!! ( part 30)


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Recap :- adi and siddhu going for honeymoon … On the way some theives attacked them …they escaped and run into the forest ….. Theives are following them…

Story continues……
Adi and siddhu are running … Adi stops and she signs that she can’t run ( she is too tired)
Siddhu :- adi …cmon they are behind us….
They both run….
They found a cave
Siddhu :- adi , come we can hide in that!!
Adi is so weak and she can’t breathe properly…
Siddhu takes her in hand….
They walk inside it and siddhu place adi inside the cave and he went outside to collect some branches of trees to cover the cave .. He get inside….
Inside the cave its full of dark..
Adi becomes worried… She calls..
Adi :- siddhu………….
Siddhu :- don’t worry I am here……
He touched her hand ….
She came closer to him..
Adi :- its full of dark here… I can’t see you…
Siddhu :- shhhh…shhh keep quiet….
They will hear us…

I am going to make fire with these rocks….
Adi :- you!!
Siddhu :- yeah me !! So what??
Adi :- I am 100 % sure that you can’t do this??
Siddhu :- ohh really?? Then you can do it naa.
Adi :- ofcourse yes!!! You know that I lived in a village … I know how to do it…
Give it to me…
Adi take the stones…
She scratch both stones several times…
Adi :- ya now I got it?? Look this woods are not placed properly…
Siddhu smilingly nodded his head….
Adi again tried several times…
Adi :- this is wet stones …it will never light the fire….
She then kept the stones down and she goes to a side of the cave and sits down…
She didn’t looked at siddhu’s face…

She looks Down and sits..
Siddhu takes that stones and he tried first time but it didn’t..
Adi :- ya this I told its wet ….( happy )
Siddhu again tried it was successful..
He light up the fire….
Adi shyingly looks Down….
Siddhu :- hey … Village girl???
Your prediction was wrong….
Adi looks him and smiles ( mocking smile )
After few minutes…

Adi :- how we will go out now if theives are there outside??
Siddhu :- anyways its dark outside its not safe to go outside now there maybe some wild animals outside…
We can sleep here today and tomorrow morning we can find some way and go to home….

Adi nodes…
Adi and siddhu lys down…
When siddhu closes eyes adi looks her and when adi closes eyes siddhu looks
( comment your song for this scene .. Plz guys…plz reply….I want to collect some songs plz )
Sunrays reached in Siddhus eyes…
Siddhu wakes up and mesmerized in adi’s beauty…
Adi wakes up…
That time siddhu turns his face..
Adi :- we can go naa…
Siddhu :- yeah… Come…
He moves the grass and go outside….
Adi come out….
They both look each other….

Precap :- adi is trying to catch the mango .. She is standing in a big rock … She slips and falls in the lake….

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  1. Ohhh siddu adi both r buddu

    1. Why you compliment like that hayathi…
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  2. Superb episode Adi. Love u ??..take care..

    1. Thanks lakshmi…luv u lots…

  3. Nice..missing ur ff so much

    1. Thanks venni… I miss u all also….
      How are you??

  4. I like this song adi,don’t know it suits to this situation or not.

    Main Wari Jawan
    Main Wari Jawan
    Sathhoya Ki Ho Ek Sur Re
    Main Wari Jawan
    Main Wari Jawan
    Dil To Hoya Majboor
    Main Wari Jawan…
    Main Wari Jawan

    Chuliya Tune Lab Se Ankho Ko
    Mannate Puri Tumse Hi
    Main Bari Jawan

    Tu Mile Jahan Mera Jahan Hai Waha
    Rounke Sari Tumse Hi

    Chuliya Tune Lab Se Ankho Ko
    Mannate Puri Tumse Hi
    Tumile Jahan Mera Jahan Hai Waha
    Rounke Sari Tumse Hi…
    Piya O Re Piya…
    Piya Re Piya Re Piya…
    Piya O Re Piya…
    Piya Re Piya Re Piya…
    In Duriyo Ne Nazdiki Yose
    Sauda Koi Kar Liya
    Chupke Nigahone Dil Se Isk Ki Ka
    Wada Koi Kar Liya…
    Main Vari Jawan
    Main Vari Jawan
    Satho Ki Hoya Ek Sur Re
    Sau Sau Tarose Bhar Ke Ye Daman
    Le Chal Mujhe Kahi Dur…

    Piya O Re Piya…
    Piya Re Piya Re Piya…
    Piya O Re Piya…
    Piya Re Piya Re Piya…

    Koi Kami Si Thi Jeene Mein
    Jana Yeh Humne Kahan
    Aise Mile Ho Jaise Humpe
    Ho Mehereban Yeh Khuda

    Main Wari Jawan
    Main Wari Jawan
    Sathhoya Ki Ho Ya Sur Re
    Rab Di Marzi Hai Apna Yeh Milna
    Barsa Hai Hum Pe Uska Noor

    Piya O Re Piya…
    Piya Re Piya Re Piya…

    Piya O Re Piya…
    Piya Re Piya Re Piya…

    1. Your great lakshmi … You know the lyrics byheart….gud keep it up…

  5. Superb adi and the song I prefer manchala ishq wala love shayad Yahi hai pyaar post next update soon will be waiting

  6. Thank you aditi…how are you….you know that upto March my exam is continues…. So I don’t get that much time to update sorry !!!

  7. Awesome episode adi, where u had been, waited so long for this story. ..loving their cute fights…song can be

    Kuchh kam roshan hai roshni
    Kuchh kam gili hain barishein
    Kuchh kam lehrati hai Hawa
    Kuchh kam hai dil mein khwahishen
    Thum sa gaya hai ye want jaise
    Tere liye hi thehra ho jaise
    Hmmmmmmm. ..

    Eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thanks Roma…. How are you ???
      I miss you ??
      Thanks for your support!!
      Luv u

      1. Hi adi dearyyy, I missed you tooooooooo, I’m doing fine, just busy with work and family life as usual…but glad to see you back…plzzzz continue n upload regularly…I love you n your story very much…such a sweeeeeet n heart touching story….love you loads and take care sweetie

  8. *thum sa gaya hai ye waqt jaise…

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