Love story begins!! ( part 3 )


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In night
At tilwari house all are sleeping..
Siddhu , rakesh , Samar are outside the tilwari house gate. .
Siddhu take some pictures from his photos…. It is tilwari house photo….
( fb shows he took photos of tilwari house secretly )
Siddhu :- Samar … Look this is rupeesh’s room…. U have to check there properly…. Don’t make any sound…. Be very very careful.!!!!
Samar :- yes sir,
Rakesh :- sir, can I ask you one think…
Siddhu :- what ??
Rakesh :- sir. … Is there any camera in This house….
Siddhu :- it is there….
Rakesh :- then how……….they will see us ..
Siddhu :- no they can’t ( fb shows When siddhu went to tilwari house he said to a man to get into the house with them secretly and cut the wire of all camera’s)

Siddhu :- so lets move on… Samar u have to go to ruppesh room….and the store room also .
Rakesh u got to rupeesh son’s and daughter’s room….
Then they jumped the gate and saw security sitting in a corner…. Siddhu signs Samar to take chrophom… Samar took a towel and chlorophom and dip towel in chlorophom and give it to siddhu ….. He goes near to the security and press the towel to his face … Security fell unconscious..
They started to move on according to there plan…..
Siddhu goes towards adi’s room….
He open the door using his tool…
Then he get inside.. And close the door silently and moves on to the cupboard which he notices in morning …. He started to open it using tools… He didn’t see a box which was behind him…he goes back and his leg hit on the box and he fell on the bed..which adi was sleeping….siddhu is on the top of adi…adi is sleeping peacefully .. He looks her on ( BG plays romantic song )
Then suddenly light on…… He came back to reality… Just then adi also open her eyes
She is stunned by seeing siddhu on her top…they both stand up and looks on door…
Omg!!! It was all neighbors , mami , mama ,
Adi get more scared……. Siddhu was
thinking how they all came here!!!!!!
Fb shows ( two people saw them jumping the gate of tilwari house … The thought siddhu were theif so they go and call the villagers ( men’s) to catch the theif ……) Fb ends
A elder villager came and catch siddhu’s shoulder and drag him to hall…
Mami came to adi and hold her hand very tightly…. And take her also to the hall
Elder villager :- how dare you !!!
He punched siddhu at his face and many also beat him…
Adi was crying….
Siddharth :- stop enough….
All stop beating him…
Siddharth:- what. ….. U think….u misunderstood me..!!!!
Elder villager :- misunderstood!!!!!!
How dare you saying like that…
This midnight you enter this house without anyone’s permission and enter to a women room this night and………
Siddharth :- no , no , plz understood…
Then Siddharth decided to tell truth that he is a CBI officer and came to scearch evidence…….. He put His hand into His pocket and check the identity card…. But it was not there…
He remembered that he kept it inside the car …..
Siddhu :- plz come with me …. To outside… That time you will understand everything….
Person 1 :- what’s this drama ??!!
Person 2 :- ya he is fooling us…..
Elder villager :- k .. We will come….
Siddhu he rushes out to take the identity card from car…. But as bad luck his car is not there
Samar and rakesh takes it and escaped…
Siddhu was helpless….
Elder villager :- what…. What you want us to see….
Person 1:- I told na it is his new drama…
Person 3 :- ya … U r correct ??
Person 2 :- we should punish him…
Elder villager :- what is use of punishing him… Because of him her ( pointing at adi ) life is spoiled… Who will come to marry her…now..
Siddharth :- oh my god…. Plz try to understand me.!!!!
Person 1 :- dont speak a word …!!! U r a liar…
Elder villager :- I have taken a decision …
Because of him her life is spoiled …. So he will marry adi tommarow…
Everyone stunned…
Mami :- what?? Marry…no no….
No need of that we want to know adi decision also naaa
Mama:- ya you r correct subhadra …. No need of marriage…
Elder villager :- no… It is my decision and I am the elder one…in this village and all used to accept my decision so now also u all want to accept it….. There is no change in my decision…
Elder villager tell to sme people to keep Siddharth with them and don’t let him get escape….
Adi goes to her room and closed the door and cried and she is asking to God….
Adi :- why you are always doing this to me ( crying )….
.why….. Always…….

Mami and mama in there room
Mami :- why don’t you tell him that we will not allow for this marriage…
Mama :- I can’t tell … U know His behavior na if he got angry he will reveal our truth….. Its not a better idea to go against him..
Mami :- no I won’t allow her to marry Siddharth… He is so rich….he belongs to my aparna…
Mami :- do you think that aparna will allow for this marraige with siddhu if adi and siddhu marraige didn’t happen..
Aparna :- yes dad I will…
Aparna was hearing there conversation…
Mami came and cup her face with he hand and said..
I am so happy…..
Aparna :- mom I am ready even now to marry her … You know mom I want my life to enjoy every single moment … Enjoying means we need money … Money means….you get it naaa!!!!
Mami :- I know my dear u r my darling…..
Aparna :- but mom how will we stop this marraige adi and Siddharth ‘ s …
Mami :- dont worry my child I have a idea …
Scene freeses with mami’s evil laugh..

Precap:- aadi walking to the mandap she is coming from upstairs to down…. Some one put oil in stairs and adi steps to it and slips….

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  1. Poor adi oh god all happens in her life only

  2. Guys m srry today’s episode I think it’s little boring… And there is so many spelling mistakes also m really sry for that!!!!!!

  3. don’t be sorry every time. let it be..u r going is not boring

  4. waiting eagerly for the next part…………….

  5. Awesome yaar plzz don’t desperate them and teach a lesson to Miami mama and her daughter I am cannot live without or stry

  6. Awesome yaar plzz don’t desperate them and teach a lesson to Miami mama and her daughter I am mad wid or story keep going

  7. Hi adi dear, It’s quite interesting episode, liked when siddhu fall on top of adi and lost in thoughts and villagers misunderstand this …. but these mama Mami and appu very evil ,they should not spoil our adi’s life… plz continue adi…I’m loving it. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

  8. Thank you guys… So much !!!
    I fell so much happy…… Giving a tight hug for allll
    Thank you for inspiring me….
    Great frendzzz!!!!

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