Love story begins!!! ( part 29)


I am really srry frendz… As I told na my model examzz are going on!!!
Srry… And it is a short update srry for not updating??

Story continues…
It’s morning
Adi and siddhu are ready to go and aarav and arnav is packing their luggage in the car….
Maa and mami and c mami bless adi and siddhu
Maa :- come back soon!!
Adi :- yeah we will…
They both get into the car that time swagy came and said to adi..
Swagy :- adi jiji , send me photos…and enjoy!!!
Then she goes
Siddhu started car and goes reverse..
Adi waves her hand to all…

Adi first be little sad….
Adi :- your family is a lovely family???
Siddhu smiles…
Adi :- how long it is there to railway station.??
Siddhu :- some more long???
After few minutes siddhu stops the car…
Adi :- what happened???
Siddhu signs her to look on the road…
Adi looks to the road …
A big tree fell and road is blocked…
Adi :- ohh what we will do now???
Siddhu :- train is 5 min late ??! We can move it and go….
Siddhu and adi moves out ….
That time some people who are wearing mask came out …
1 man :- give your belongings???
The man is showing knife towards adi and siddhu…
Adi runs toward siddhu ( fears )
Siddhu catches her hand and she moves behind of siddhu…
Adi :- siddhu…..!!
Siddhu :- nthg … Nothg is going to happen!!! Don’t worry I am with you???
Man 2 :- give fast??? Otherwise I will kill you both…..
Siddhu looks them…..
Adi is so frightened….
There is so many theifes around siddhu and adi ….
Man 3 came behind siddhu and catches adi’s shoulder…..
Adi turns with a scream..

Adi :- siddhu…
They both turn….
Man 3 raise hand to snatch adi’s chain..
Siddhu moves adi and punched on the face of the man…
Blood flow from his head he fell unconscious….
Man 2 came towards with knife to stab siddhu ..
Siddhu and adi moves another side..
Siddhu punched him and take the knife from him
So many ones were coming towards them ..
Siddhu shows knife towrd them ..
Then they move backwards..
They run inside the forest..
Siddhu and adi running inside the forest…
Theives were following them …

Scene freezez with showing two sides
One side siddhu and adi running by catching hands..
Otherside theives following them….

Guys plz comment….
I want your support…
Luv you alll….

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    1. Thanks Sara…

  1. O’s really superb episode, waited very long for this, I hope your model exm goes great…all the best dear. …keep it up buddyyy…take care, love you loads

    1. Thanks Roma …..

  2. Oh god what will happend now

    1. Wait and see hayathi….and thanks for reading

  3. Hi Adi.Asusual superb update dear.All the best adi .love u Adi ???.take care…

    1. Thanks lakshmi

  4. Awesome yaar but no precap

    1. Srry Dr…….
      Precap :- forest scene of adi and siddhu…

  5. U are moving this story very well.keep going.

  6. THNXX year!! 4 d upd …Loved d new Track,,,it’s seems some romantic scenes r on d way… properly ,,all d best 4 d xms..Take care ..Keep smiling 😀 😀 …Stay blessed… love u..

    1. Hi Tanya … How are you…
      Miss you lot…
      Luv u lots!!!

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