Love story begins!!! ( part 27 )


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Story continues!!!
Aparna is screaming with pain….
Adi is looking it and smiling….
Maa :- what happened aparna ??
Aparna :- that???
Mami :- I will bring natural medicine???
Maa :- ya its good idea I will also help!!!
Mami , c mami , maa went ….
Arnav :- what happened ?? Oh my god… I know its too paining naa??
Ragy :- ohh arnav plz stop your flirting in this situation???
Arnav :- I am not flirting?? I am just asking her??
Swagy :- don’t you see that she is crying because of pain…then only your asking that is it paining or not???
Aparna is still looking adi……..
Mami calls adi…..

Adi goes to kitchen..
Adi :- mami , did you call me!!!??
Mami :- yeah, adi can you go and take that pot from store room….
Adi :- which pot mami ??
Maa :- adi , it is there on the right side?? You can see a yellow border sand pot…
Adi :- ya I will take it and come.!!!
Adi goes to store room she opens it and full of dust drops on her…….
She coughs….
She then scerch the pot…….
Finally she founds it and when she take the pot and album fell downs….
She took it and when was about to open she hears a mouse sound she takes pot and album and run from there??
Adi goes to kitchen and give pot…
And she goes to room and opens the album…
Album is full of siddhu’s family photo..
Adi :- he is so cute!!!
She then saws a photo and laughs…
It’s the photo which when siddhu is small he is bathing ……
That time siddhu enters and sees adi with album…
Siddhu :- what are you doing with that??
Give it to me !!

He took it and keep it in a suitcase??
He then took a file and about to that time…
Adi :- hey … Look this boy is cut when bathing right??
Siddhu turns and sees his photo which was in album…
Siddhu :- you took it from that ??? Give it to me??
Adi :- I won’t???
Siddhu :- give it to me.!!!
Siddhu keep the file on the table …and goes towards adi…
Adi goes back….
Siddhu :- give it to me!!!
Adi :- I won’t….. If your are brave than me take it from my hand???
Siddhu :- don’t play with me !!/ give it !!.
Adi and siddhu started to run…adi is jumping in bed …..
When she was crossed the table her photo fell down…
Siddhu took it….
Adi fell down by hitting on the table…
She screams…
Siddhu worried for her …

When he sit beside her …adi stands up and took the photo….
Adi :- I told you naa.. Your not that much brave???
When adi was going to cross the bed … Siddhu catches her and pinched her to the bed…..
They both look each other….
They both share an eyelock ( guys comment below a appropriate song for this scene)
Adi laughs……
Siddhu also laughs…
Adi :- it was so fun right??
Siddhu :- yeah!!
Adi :- your smile is so nice ??
siddhu looks her on……
Then they stand up…
Adi smiles…….
She blushes and goes from there!!!
Siddhu :- I think I loves her!! Maa is correct .. Past is past I should forgot it???
Siddhu looks adi …

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  1. Ohhhhh love story begins na

  2. Nice update Adi .About song Tera hone laga hoon song , but i don’t know much about Hindi songs.

    1. Thanks lakshmi… I liked you song selection…!!

  3. Aaaww……. at last Siddu’s falling 4 her..really AWesome yaar,
    fight part is so cool…GOD bless u buddy (Always)….take care

    1. Thanks Tanya…. Luv u!!

  4. Awesome yaar superb superb scene of siddhi and he accepted his love superb plzzzzz update one more plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Thanks aditi … Ya I will update it soon!!

  5. Y arent u writting yaar plzz upload fast…….. V r waiting

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