Love story begins!! ( part 25 )


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Story continues….
Mami crys and tells ..
Mami :- why did you do this adi…. We look u as our daughter then you!!!
Adi feels so hurt and goes to mami and catch her hand!!
Adi :- mami!!
Mami :- leave my hand …. You betrayed us…!!! Go !!!
Siddhu :- adi…. Come..!!
Siddhu holds adi’s hand … And moves..
Adi crys…
siddhu takes her to car and she sits in it…
SO :- siddhu .. You don’t need to come tommarow … I’ll manage things…
I think she is so must be with her!!
Siddhu :- okay sir…
Siddhu get in the car and started it and go to house..
When House reached adi goes to room when she was about to enter room..
Aparna cames and call..
Aparna :- adi ….( angry )
Why you did this …..why you show papa to police……
Adi :- aparna ….
Aparna :- you betrayed us all… Look I won’t leave you…I am going to tell truth to everyone in this house… So you will be kicked out….I’ll show you..
Siddhu hears this all..
Siddhu :- aparna…just a sec come with me…..
Aparna :- who are you ?? You arrested my papa…
Siddhu :- ya to talk about that I told you to come with me….!!!
Aparna goes to siddhu to balcony..
Adi thinks why he is taking aparna..

In balcony …
Aparna :- ya tell me what do you want??
If you leave my papa free I will not tell truth to anyone of this house??
Siddhu :- actually… Your papa is under arrest for smuggling…he will be in jail for few years but….your insisting me .. I will add the murder case to your papa…so he will be in jail for his life time
Aparna :- murder case??
Siddhu :- ya the case which your papa kill adi’s parents.???
Aparna :- no he didn’t??
Siddhu :- I have proper evidences???
If you tell truth to everyone I have to add this case also … So your father will be in jail for life time ….
Siddhu turns to go but…
He is shocked to see adi standing there listening to all there conversation….
Adi crys and runs from there…..

Siddhu runs behind her!!
Siddhu :- adi………
Adi enters room and tries to close that time siddhu catches the door..
Siddhu :- adi…
Adi turns….
Siddhu enters and closes the door…
Siddhu :- adi….
Siddhu touched adi’s shoulder..
Adi turns and hug him tightly…..
(Samjhwan plays in BG )( comment me your favorite song for this scene ??)
Siddhu is shocked… He also hug her back…
Siddhu :- calm down!!! Nothing will happen to you….
Adi :- why you didn’t tell me???
She then realised she is hugging him ..she raised her head and they both shared eyelock…..
Adi moves back….
Siddhu :- adi….don’t be sad….
Adi :- why you didn’t tell me!! They killed my maa and paa…for what??? Why they did this…..
Siddhu :- not now !!? Your so disturbed you have to rest now.???
Adi :- no …. I can’t??? Plz tell me.!!!!!
( crying )
Siddhu :- okay!!! Relax …….
He goes and touches her head…..
Siddhu :- your father was a business man …fb shows ( a man his name is ranawat….
He is a kind …gives money to poor…
All people respect him a lot….. He goes in the path of truth only….
It is adi’s papa…
Then shows adi’s maa her name is durga…
She is a doctor she treats poor people who can not go to hospital because of money problem….
One day ranawat found rupeesh’s ( mama )
Smuggling business through ranawats company..he warns rupeesh …rupeesh told ranawat he will never do it again…
Then after few days he started ..smuggling business…
Ranawat found it and then tells rupeesh he is going to inform police….
Angry rupeesh calls someone and tells them to kill ranawat …he is a obstacle for the business….
Ranawat was going in car that time he saw durga coming from hospital after job… He goes there and pick her……..
They both were going that time a truck came and hit the car several times…
They both died in spot….
Then shows rupeesh is happy to know that ranawat and durga dies… But he is sad that adi is alive….
A lawyer came and telling that they can’t receive ranawat company to their name because there daughter is alive… Ranawat wealth is adi’s…
Lawyer then informs that when adi is 18 years old she can give her wealth to anyone …….
Mama and mami had a evil laugh..
Fb ends…)
Adi is break down…!!!!
Adi :- so they..adopted me to have my fathers wealth.???
Siddhu :- ya….
Adi wipes her tears …
Adi :- they kill my parents?? I won’t leave them…….
She looks siddhu…
Scene freezez…

Guys if its getting bored plz inform me.!!!
Thanks for reading….

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  1. Oh god how can they kill like that yaar in reality also now a days all are maintaining relation ship for money only i hate that type of humilation…
    Ur story was awesome da

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