Love story begins!! ( part 24 )

Guys I am sorry for the late update…
Story continues….

Adi is shocked to see aparna infront of her..
Aparna :- adi…you …here…???
Adi :- aparna…..
Maa :- do you know her aparna.???
Aparna started to speak that time adi interfere and speak…
Adi :- yes maa !! We know…we met yesterday!!!
Maa :- ohhhh!!!
Adi catches aparna’s hand and goes to balcony.. .
Siddhu looks them…..

In balcony…
Aparna forcly take her hand from adi….
Aparna :- what are you doing here???…
Adi :- ya … I bring you here to explain those things ….. Plz listen..??
Aparna :- to listen what???…look he told us that he is the son of Lionel group of companies
But he is not… Why did he lie to us…tell me the answer for that questions first!???
Adi :- I don’t know!!! I ask him several times but he ignores me…. He didn’t tell me when I ask he told me that if he had told a lie there is a reason behind it????
Aparna :- what reason???
Adi :- I don’t know!!!!
Aparna :- why are you lieing adi ??? I know you….. You know that … If we know the truth sometimes it will be great loss for you !!
Your planning something against my family……..your taking revenge against us…
Adi :- what ?? Revenge.?? Aparna your family is my family too…. I am not lieing… I am telling truth???
Aparna :- if your telling truth… If you don’t know .. Then why don’t you come back to our house and tell everything to everyone???
Adi :- that I……..
Aparna :- don’t say that you were afraid of maa??? Your lieing…??
Adi :- aparna plz understand me…I didn’t…
Aparna is about to go that time adi stop…
Adi :- aparna… Plz understand me how can I lie to you….your my sister…
Aparna :- sister??? Who you… I never consider you as my sister… You were just a servent in my house…. I hate you….
You betrayed us all… I am going to call maa and tell everything to her….
I won’t leave you!!!!!!!
Adi hurts so much!!!
Adi :- aparna ………
Aparna goes…
Adi’s tears rolls down ….she crys….
Adi goes to room and close the door…
She crys…
Siddhu :- what happened ??? Did she say anything which hurt you??( worries )
I’ll show her !!
He was about to open the door that time adi stops…
Adi :- no!!!! Ya she hurts me… But if I want to heal that hurt you have to help me!!!
Siddhu :- what do you mean??

Adi :- I want a answer???
Siddhu :- what answer??
Adi :- why you came to mami’s house ?? Why did you tell a lie … Why didnt you tell truth to everyone?? Plz tell… Me
Siddhu tries to ignore her….
Adi :- why are you ignoring me…what I did to you…. She Is telling that I betrayed all… I didn’t ..( crying )…
I want answer???
Please tell me…she sits down and crys….
Siddhu :- okay I will tell first you stop crying!!!
Adi stands up..
Siddhu :- ya its right that I came to your house by fake identity….
I came to investigate a case…
Adi :- case?? Mama’s house ?? What…

Siddhu :- your mama is involved in smuggling business??? We know that but we didn’t get any evidences based on it so I came to house to get some evidences…
Adi :- but…he is a shop owner??
Siddhu :- ya he is.. But he also do this smuggling job behind …
Adi :- so the people came …..
Siddhu :- what??
Adi :- ya!! I saw many times a group of people came to our house and they take some sacks with them….when I ask mami she scolds me and ignores me!!
Siddhu :- do you know where the sacks are kept??
Adi :- ya I know??? But…
Siddhu :- what??
Adi :- tommarow is means …siddhu every month these mens came on 18th..
Siddhu :- ohh my god…so we have to go now itself….
Adi :- if you arrest mama … Officers will kill him…??
Siddhu :- no they never.. If you don’t show me today… Your spoiling many children’s life….
Adi :- childrens life ??
Siddhu :- ya … Your mama is smuggling business consumers are students… Lot of students are reported… This are effecting there future….we don’t have time…
Adi :- ya I will come but you have give me a promise you won’t harm mama.!!!
Siddhu :- ya i am promising to you…
Adi and siddhu goes out and take car they reached tilwari house…..
Adi :- how will we go inside.???
Siddhu :- we have to jump??
Adi :- I can’t jump???
Siddhu :- I’ll help you???
Siddhu helps adi to jump and they both jumped… Because of voice security came there..

Security :- whose there???
Siddhu runs …. He also run behind him…
When security was about to catch siddhu adi take a wooden Log and hit on his head…
Security fell unconscious..
Siddhu :- oh….!! Good act…
Adi :- come!!
She goes to backyard….
She climb in a ladder which is connected to a water tank….
Siddhu :- adi … It’s full of water in the tank…what are you going to do…..
Adi :- come!! I’ll show….
Adi opens the top of tank and get inside the tank..
Siddhu climbd up and shocked to see smuggling packets inside the water tank…
Siddhu :- ya I completed my mission…I’ll call SO ( superior officer )….
He calls SO..
SO :- ya I will be there now!!!

After sometimes..
Outside tilwari house it’s full of police alarm ….
Mama fears and come outside ..
Mama :- wheres that security???
Mama opens the gate!!..
SO :- rupeesh ,, your under arrest..!!
Mama :- what ?? For what. ..
SO :- for doing smuggling business…
Mama :- no… I don’t… .
SO goes back to backyard…
SO :- siddhu .. Come outside…
Siddhu and adi came outside…
Mama is stunned to see adi
Mama :- adi….you!!!
Mami came outside ….and stunned…
Officers take the smuggling packets with them…
Mama :- adi you betrayed us… We look you as our daughter… Then you did this to us….
They take mama with them….
Mami crys..
Mami :- why did you do this adi.???
Adi feels so hurt….

Guys I will update it today itself…
Exhibition works …. Busy srry…
I will update 3 parts In one srry…

Credit to: Adi


  1. Ruby

    ere is a msg from TANIYA to u Adi>>HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U ADI,,,bY D WAY ..where is d party yaar..won’t u give me a treat?? ,,actually l’m foodie,,,(hope u’ll get ur princecharming soon..ha ha..sry 4 pulling ur leg..)..MAY GOD BLESS U ALWAYS.. KEEP SMILING uvery very much 🙂

    tanya told me to give this msg to u on ur birthday but u didn’t came on ur birthday…

    wishes from me too BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY Adi

    • Adi

      Thanks Ruby……where is Tanya … I miss her a lot…….
      Give this msg to her….
      Thanks Tanya……. I am feeling so happy…. Thank you so much…I miss you so much..where are you..???
      I hope you will come soon!!!!

  2. Lakshmi

    Hi adi ,nice episode dear .As u said u will update 3parts , it’s ok no problem ??.when is ur birthday adi ,Belated Happy Birthday ??.

  3. Roma

    O adi it’s superb episode, loved their team work…I was really waiting for this story from loooong time. ..thx for updating it…n thx ruby, from I got to about adi’s bday…happy belated birthday adi my sweeeeeet friend. ..may Allah bless you with lots of success and happiness in the life. .aameen. ..keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  4. aditi

    I am soon happy DAT u posted and a awesome episode I like to kill DAT aparna and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update one more chapter plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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