Love story begins!! ( part 18 )


Guys … I am really sorry.
I know that last part was boring….
I hope that you would like this part….

Siddhu came back to room
Siddhu closes the door that time adi wakes up..
Adi :- you came!!!
Siddhu :- why can’t I come to my room!!
Adi :- where r u sleeping today!!!
Siddhu :- in my bed…!!!
Adi :- what?? It’s mine too…
Siddhu :- excuse me !! What are you talking about???
Adi :- look!!! I am your wife for 6 months so you have to share your bed with me….
Understand !!!
Siddhu :- no I can’t…. You have to sleep on floor…
Adi :- no I can’t…..
Siddhu :- what …?? You used to fight with me that you have to sleep on floor…?? Then what happened to you now!!
Adi :- I don’t remember !!!!
Siddhu :- yeah u don’t remember those things???
Siddhu goes angrily towards cupboard and take mat behind it and lie it on floor.. He is shocked…
Siddhu :- who did this???
Adi :- what ???
Siddhu :- look down to mat;!!
Adi looks Down and laughs….
Mat is full of holes….
Siddhu :- stop it!!! Why you put holes on mat??
Adi :- are you mad !!! I am not cheap as you to do this…( laughs )
Siddhu :- then who did it ???
Adi :- I think it is mouse… Mouse has ate your mat!!!
Siddhu :- mouse!!! I didn’t see any mouse in my room??
Suddenly light goes off….
Adi :- siddhu !! ( scares )
Siddhu :- I am in front of you don’t get afraid???
Adi hear mouse noise and get scared …
Adi :- siddhu mouse!!!
Adi ran towards siddhu….
She didn’t see chair in front of her she hits in it and fell on siddhu .. They both fell on the bed which was near the cupboard!!!
Lights on …..
Adi gets scared and hug siddhu tightly….
Romantic tune plays in BG
Adi raised her head and looks Siddhu…
They share an eyelock….
After few seconds adi breaks eye lock and gets up and stand shyingly…
Adi blushes…siddhu also stands…
Siddhu :- you…..sleep on bed!!
Adi :- so your sleeping down !!!

Siddhu :- no … I am not sleeping down I am also sleeping in my bed… We can divide bed ….
Adi :- how ?? Cutting into two parts ( laughing )
Siddhu :- is it a joke ??
Adi :- ya then what you think???
Siddhu :- oh my god its actually very bad ???
Adi makes agry face…
Adi :- tell me how we are dividing bed…
Siddhu :- by pillows!!
Adi :- pillows…??
Siddhu :- ya we will keep pillows in center … One side mine and other your …
You should not cross the border ??
Adi :- ya I have same to tell you also??
They arrange pillow..
Adi sleeps on right and siddhu on left…
Siddhu :- don’t cross the border !!
Adi :- same to you !!!
They switch off the lights and sleeps….

Mama and swagy apologizing to mami
Atlast mami forgive to them…

Siddhu’s room.
Siddhu wakes up and shocked to see
Adi lies her head on his chest.. And sleep by hugging..
He tries to remove his hand without waking her up…
Adi wakes up and shocked …
She wakes stands up and blushes…
Siddhu stands … Look at adi…then he goes to bathroom…
Adi looks him and smiles….
Adi gets ready and came to hall…
Mami came near her..
Mami :- adi … You have to face a very big problem today…
Adi :- what mami ???
Maa :- adi in our family there is a elder man… He is very important person… He is coming here to see you!!
Maa calls him and say everything… Actually he doesn’t like love marraiges.. He is very angry when he knows it… So you have make him happy….
Adi :- me ?? How maa..
C mami :- its easy… You will make very good tasty food naa… Make the food which he likes….
I am sure that he will appreciate you !!
Maa :- ya its good idea… I knows which food he likes… I will tell you.. Come..
They goes…
Ragy :- bua I won’t allow adi to win… If he doesn’t like food……
I know what to do…

In hall a person enters..
He is tall and has stick in his hand… He has a strictly face……
All greets him..
Maa calls adi there …
Adi goes to hall from kichen …
When adi goes ragy enters kitchen and put lots of chilly powder in cury …
Ragy :- sorry adi…. I m really sorry…
She laughs evil smile…
She then goes..

In hall
Maa :- ji, this is siddhu’s wife… Aaradi.
Man :- aaradi….
Adi looks him….
Mama :- ji, we can eat breakfast it time…
Man nodes…
And goes to dining table..
Maa ask adi to bring food and serve….
Adi goes…
Maa :- ji, aaradhi makes food today for you!!!
Man :- okay…
Adi brings food
She serves Food …..
Maa :- aaradi.. He like cury so much..
Serves him more..
Adi nodes…
Ragy smiles :- its good so he will be taken to hospital.. I am sorry grandpaa…
Adi serves more cury..
Old man eats it…..

(Guess what happens next) ????

Plz comment … Srry for mistakes??

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  1. Plzzzz dont try to insult adi dr plzzzzz dont update like that

    1. Hayathi wait… See what’s going to happen….

  2. awesome episode nw i cannot sleep thinking wat will happen next plzzz update next part also plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Thanks aditi…

    2. Ya sure I will update it now itself…

  3. Adi ur joke is too funny LoL 😀 … loved their fight so much.Awww it was extremely beautiful..Mouse entry was superb…

    #will miss u & ur stry badly from tmr coz l’ll busy for some weeks….hope u’ll continue till then..So stay blessed, ,,,take care….love u…. 🙂 🙂 😀

    1. Thanks Tanya….

    2. I’ll miss you too Tanya…

  4. Adi siddu scenes r nice..

    1. Thanks lahari …

  5. Hmmm. Some story is cooking in ur mind. I am waiting for that. Adi u r becoming so naughty these days.

    1. Thanks manha..

  6. Awesome episode, adi n siddhu fights r soooo cuteeeee. ..can’t wait for the next episode, eagerly waiting, love you loads

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