love story! (akshara-naitik) Episode 2


thank you..priya,fan and yshanmathi…and sorry for posting it late as i have holidays so m lil bit busy wid outings and all..vl be regular frm now enjoy the epi..
recap:naitik-akshara meet in st.francis medical campus they r classmates
epi starts wid the lecture going on in the class akshara is busy writing points varsha and mohit are chit chatting naitik is busy admiring akshara..
varsha:akshi tu kitna likhti hai bas kar na(hw much do you write nw stop na)chal baat kar mujhse(nw talk wid me
akshara:varshu plss dont disturb me during lectures..
mohit:uff akshi varshu wat a bonding hahah and gives hifi to naitik
varsha:naitik u cum in front i want to deal wid dis mohit ke bacche(angry face)
naitik:sure varsha i wouls love to
akshara is tensed hearing it..
naitik sits beside akshara and starts staring her continuosly..akshar is not at all comfortable and give a killer luk to naitik
akshar:naitik plss stop staring me(in full anger)
naitik:wen did i stare u(funny tune plays)
akshara ignores him and concentrates on mistake there hands collide and tum hi ho music plays in bg
naitik smiles they have short eyelock which gets disturb by othjer students noise and they realise lecture is finished
trio heads towards parking area whr naitik’s car is parked
naitik:if u girls want we can drop you
varsha:yes y not

akshara:no need my dadu vl be cuming..
varsha says okay u guys go if shaurya sees u wid us he vl kill you
naitik and mhit are confused..and then naitik speaks okay nw can we head towards nxt step
all others r confused
akshara says kia?(wat)
naitik says i mean friendship
varsha says sure we are friends nw and they all shake hands but akshara doesnt wid naitik as varsha andmohit are busy in talkin naitik comes closer towards akshara and says friends and they shake hands..
here shaurya entry is shown in the college whn he comes in the parking he sees akshara and varsha wid mohit and naitik while akshara and naitik and vry close shaking hands he gets frustrated and slaps naitik hard

akshara is vry much worried and says dadu plss v r just frnds plss dadu..
scene shifts towards a big bunglow name plate masheshwaris whr akshara’s parents are shown and complete family is introduce
nxt scene shifts towards another bunglow name plate as singhania’s whr naitik’s family is introduced
screen freezes on both the families face

guys m not going to focus more on families nw their characters are imp but not that much nw i vl be first showing akshara naitik’s friendship love then main role of family..plss comments plss it will be vry much motivating for me if not i vl not continue if u ppl doesnt lyk it..

Credit to: asra

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