love story! (akshara-naitik) Episode 1

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a girl is shown walking in a campusher hair are flying due to air she is searching for someon and asked a boy do you knw whr is mr sharma’s office(her lips are shown)….she enters a cabin may i come in sir!

her face is revealed she is akshara wearing pink churidaar dress her hair are loose her pinky lips turns and say akshara beti aao(come)
akshara:thankyou sir! wid a smile and takes blessings frm him.
sharma sir:akshara beti you have grown up so soon got admission in this big college for medicine bless you!so hw can i help you?
akshara:thanklyou uncle..oops sorry sir
sharma uncle chuckles
akshara:i want timetable of this semester and my class room no.
sharma sir:okay dis sem time table is pasted ob bulettin u can check and ur room no. is(wandering through some papers)202

akshara:thankyou sir bye…
(sharma sir is princy of the college and akshara’s dad’s bestie and she knws her frm childhood)
akshara moves out of the cabin and see the campus some boys r playing in football court and boys and girls are chit chatting in one corner a boy and girl is kissing passionately….she closes her eyes and moves frm there..bell rings all students started running to there respective classes..
akshara gets nervous and started searching for her class students doesnt see eachother and some of them pushes hershe was about to fell down and closes her eyes someone grabs her she slowly open her and see a smiling face its revealed to be naitik they both are lost in eachother one varsha comes and interrupts akshara kahan thi tu?(where were u?)
they came back in sense and akshara says:varsha m not getting ou class its202 behind naitik a boy is standing and says can i help you beauties he is mohit v r in same room
the trio head towards class room akshara and varsha sit together on last second bench and mohit and naitik sits at last complete situation naitik was checking out akshara and akshara was vry nervous…screen freezes on her tensed face..

precap:akshara and naitik become friends..akshara’s family is shown..
hope u all like it plss leave ur comments..

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  1. Very nice one asra. A very new side of Akshara and Naitik’s love

  2. its nice yar

  3. super

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