Love story of an Agent and Celebrity ( ragsan) Part-1 (The celebrity)

hello everyone how are u all i am back with one more story
its bascially about two childhood friends the one an agent for whom her country is top of all and other an celebrity who hates his stardum will they ever meet?????????????? what will be their love equation?????………………….. what destiny has for them


Mumbai the city of dreams
Its night time but the city seems to be busy the place always crowded with people
The city of dreams makes some people’s life and the one who can’t match the speed of this city fails to get his dream
Some times we don’t understand why it happens that the person we love the most leaves us alone to die in pain and grief I never understood why they say so but I myself keep on saying this
I may sound philosophical but what to do my life is something like that I was standing near the glass window of my lavish house which I built from my own money I feel proud of myself
But I never thought that I would have this life and all thanks to whom myself only but ha a bit credit must go to that jahalli (mad girl) had I been fallen for her no I don’t think so because we were life time enemies but her sudden disappearance from my life made me realise her importance and meaning of love but still I don’t trust that word because it makes me weak and remind me of all those memories that I have with her

She was really a angle who does black magic it may sound funny but she was not less than a vampire who sucked my blood
But idiot she left me to die…………… I am alive leaving a good life but my soul knows that she took my heart with her forcing me to leave a soul less life
I scream that I hate her she doesn’t effect me but truth I love her till today thinking about her I don’t know when I dozed off on sofa holding her memory close to my heart
“sir reporters are here” said my PA I woke up from those sounds
I rubbed my eyes and looks around
“so soon” I said in sleepy tone really why are they here so soon with draggers of their questions then I saw time “oh fish” I said seriously how can I sleep so late and its all because of her I cursed her in head yeah everytime I remember her something like this happens

She tsunami in my life her thought is enough to bring destruction in my life
I could hear some sounds I moved towards the glass window and my eyes fell on my fans who were screaming wishing me
Yeah today was my birthday but I hate this day I don’t know what makes all of them love it
I turned towards my PA
“sir u need to greet all”
“ don’t know what makes them to celebrate the day which I hate” I said and moved towards washroom I could see my PA’s reaction poor guy he didn’t understand anything
And actually when ever I say this all get confused but only my close once and family knows that I hate this day
I got fresh and came out of washroom servants were standing holding my cloths my designer was assisting all
I really don’t wanna all this teartment but what to do I created all this trouble for myself who asked u to become a super star I think I am boosting myself but that’s true
I got ready in three piece black suit I remember how she would have reacted if she was know
“u are looking like a black gorilla” I remember her compliment when I first time worse this color suit on our college fare well day

Oh god I thought of tsunami know sure something would happen
My care taker handed me a designer Rolex watch brand new i kept it aside and took another watch from my wardrobe which no one is allowed to touch
I wore it and moved towards the crowd that was screaming my name
“vinay kapoor happy birthday” all were wishing me I thanked them all and headed towards the reporters who were ready to kill me with their questions I some times feel I talk like her she has many side effects
I took the seat
“sir wish u many happy returns of the day” one reporter said
My day would have been happy but u people are going to spoil it he said in mind
“thank u”
“sir how are u feeling ur new moive rocked at box office its ur another big hit”
“I am feeling great” am I here for receving some award that I should give a big speech
“sir what are ur plans for today”
“I don’t have any idea of that” I said smiling
“Sir why don’t u answer the question which u avoid every time”
“disha right” I said to reporter
“oh u remember my name”
“u remember question na” I said and all laughed

“Sir all wants to know ur fans wants to know that why are u not celebrating ur birthday from some years” she asked
What the hell why should I answer
“because I hate this day” “next question”
“why because u r love left u”
“what do u mean” I asked
“u understand”
“ I don’t”
“u have an incomplete love story”
“it was not a love story”
“then why do u run from the question relating to it”
“its none of ur business”
“it is sir u r fans are eager to know”
i don’t want any mess I left the place in my car
I called my PA
“namish find out how she got to know of all those things ” I said and left the place

Vinay kappor- varun kapoor
Manytha rathore- tejeswi prakash wayangkar
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  1. It’s a awesum and loved ur concept also plz update every thing is fair in love and war

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    Is that reportor tejaswii

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      thank u di the reporter is not tejeswani she is the agent about her is next chaptrr

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    Poonam you are mad at Vinay yaar….. Awesome episode

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      thank u folly and i am not mad at him he’s a big mad and we can’t be mad and mad people
      here i just used his name because that time i was not getting any idea
      oh god u know what my frnd if i start speaking regarding him na the conversation would never stop and i happened

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    fabulous dear…..loved it alot…u portrait vinay character so well…..eagerly waiting for nxt one….tkcr dear…..

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