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Hi guys I think you all know me it’s me abhishek prem mehta the country greatest rock star all go crazy over my voice all cheer for me they love my songs.I have many fans who stand as support for my life my dadi n my sis was very important I can do anything for them but in that list one more person is added too she is my love my life.I became her fan many go crazy over my me but I was crazy with you wanna know with whom the great rockstar fell in love with .how he fell in love to know please zoom down.
It was a beautiful morning I went to a trip to manali,it was the place where I met my better half .I heard a sweet song from somewhere out of blue. I was addicted to that voice.I followed the direction of sweet song but it stopped suddenly.I went further but I couldn’t find so I came back home.the song was continuously lingering in my mind I was thinking who this beautiful voice belonged daily I heard that sweet sing but it stopped before I reached .sometimes I felt the song conveyed a meaning so I recorded it then understood that someone was in deeply love with me n conveyed it SD a song.the song was in Bengali so it took long for me to understand it. But I too fell in love with her so I started singing nxt day as expected she stood before my house n listening to my song.I came out singing n stood before her.she covered her face with a Stoll except eyes n nose.then she opened her eyes n saw me she was running I too ran after her n said I wanna meet you she said evening six at maryclay field I’ll come but if you try to see me I’ll leave n went.I went to maryclay field n was waiting for her.suddenly a voice said welcome Mr abhishek I understood it was her but I didn’t know where she was standing we talked for sometime n she said in going home I too waved bye to her n went home iloved her company most importantly I love her.I was scared to convey my feelings. Day by day we met n talked to each other we were enjoying each others company our feelings too grew strong.I decided to propose her that’s when her friend came n said sir saira wants to give this letter to you lls read it soon nwent.I opened the letter of was written abhishek I love you so much I don’t if you’ll love me back but you were always in my heart I m crazy over you I’m head over heels live with you I love you
Saira your secret admirer n singer.this is not my real name I’ll reveal it once your response is.
I’ll cometmrw to know your answer.I was so happy that she loves me to core.nxt day we both came today she was not hiding in the place she usually hides. She came in front of me my heart fluttered I said to the touch of love everyone becomes a poet n said I wrote a short poem for you pls hear
LOVinG You I’d MY Life.I love you saira said abhi.saira had tears in her eyes she ran to him n hugged him.she asked me will you leave me after seeing my face if you don’t like me wat will I do??abhi said my love for you is true n true love won’t come from appearances.saira hugged him tight.I broke hug n removed the duppata from her face oh my god she was so beautiful she was a heavenly goddess like.she asked me do you still love me??I answered now I love you more she smiled she said her name is pragya n she is an orphan too. I closed her mouth n said I’m there for you so don’t say you’re a orphan OK she nodded after that we both married my dadi liked pragya very much n started pampering her more than me because my fuggi is like a honey that attracts all honey bees even this rockstar too.bye
If you like my love story pls drop your valuable comments everyone.
By your rockstar n fuggi abhishek mehta.

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  1. Saranya24

    Awesome to the core dear????

  2. Nice start

  3. lovely dear. great. awesome work
    the last quote was wonderful

  4. Loved it!!

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  6. Simply super dear…..

  7. Asmithaa

    Superbbbb princess.. Love it..

  8. Wow super ….. feel too much of love in ur os… great ya… keep it up

  9. Lovely os dear…keep writing…..!!!

  10. Princesskrisha

    Thanks saranya di, di,rajesh bhaiya,ani,mini,riya,sugan,aasmitha di,fleena,ashika for commenting sorry not able to reply everyone’s comment pls supporting continuously pls don’t mistake me. Always be happy everyone
    With butterflies princess.

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