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abhi nd pragya were still holding each other hand nd lost in each other eyes… bulbul ask twinkle where is pam . twinki, dont nO . uv wait i will see her nd come . twinki, go fast nd come soon ok. bulbul , oye i think today is very nice day to uv tat u r talking him very nice .. twinkle , oh stop it di . i was just saying i dont have in mood to argue him ok . bul, ok uv u just go know .. uv went nd se abhigya were lost in each other nice whil holding each other hand . uv see pragya nd smile nd say its love smile pam .. surely 1 day u will fall in love with him.. nd start caughing . abhigya came to sense nd leave each other hand . uv , lets go guys they r waiting for us .. abhigya say , yes nd went to dining table . bulbul seat near by dadi , purab seat front of bulbul, in right side of purab uv seat front of uv twinkle seat , abhi seat besides uv nd front of him pragya . nd mitali nd rachna served them nd mitali seat beside of pragya nd rachna front of her. .. dadi ask pragya uv twinki bulbul to have food . bulbul twinki nd uv were looking at pragya, wen pragya eat first bite she just make her face? coz she dont have habitat of food she just eat Chinese food like noodles , sandwiches, burger, pizza mis vegetables nd etc.. like this such type food in Amritsar too she was eating like tat coz bulbul say to make her habit of this food.. rachna ask to pragya , apko acha nhi laga khana. pragya see Twinkle nd bul… twinki in her ears she ask u not like food . pragya , nothing like tat but . mitali , wat but . bulbul say she dont have habit to eat food like this type i mean like this rice , roti , rajma nd this all . abi while seeing pragya eyes ask bulbul , but wat do u mean she dont have habit .. twinkle , let i will tell u bhai .nd say u dont have any problem if i called u bhai nd ask all i mean {raj , akash, abhi & purab } uv , but wat do mean all i am not a your brother ok . i am your sister nd my sister brother only understand.. purab , y u r not her brother . uv , coz i lo… nd stopped in midway nd become quite .. purab smile , nd say i understand bro . abi say wat u understand purab . purab say wat r u talk8ng i dont understand anythink but , pragya twinki bulbul understand , twinkle stare him nd abi say to ok u can caLl me bhai … bulbul see twinkle staring uv nd not disturb nd say i wil tell from childhood of pragya she stayed in hostel of paris so she never came india in vacation too .. so she cant eat indian food. uv interrupted nd say nd cant speak hindi too properly .. abi purab nd mehra all understand y if they if hindi to pam y she use to see bulbul twinkle or uv nd they repeat to her .. dadi , ok now stopped talking nd eat food nd stare pragya nd think , kudi to modern hai par abhi ke type ki toh hai but better than tanu { girl is modern but have abhi type }nd smile at pragya .pragya was just eating but for her tat food are very spice . she eat one bite nd drink water . abi see this nd call robin nd say to bring some sweets in his ears nd robin noded nd went to kitchen nd make gulab jamun nd open fridge nd take rashgola bottle nd bring to abhi .. abhi ask him to keep on table . robin keep nd went .. abhi take 2 small bowl nd give to oragya nd say this gulam jamun nd rasgula . pragya say its rashgula abi , ya but in hindi its rasgula . pragya say in bengali its rashgula. nd i know tat launage . abi , ok but u eat this tat u r just drinking water coz of food is spice .. all mehras nd purab , bulbul , uv nd twinkle smile at them . nd start eating food ..

after finishing food bulbul ask were is wash basin as i wsnt to wash my hands . dadi , purab take her kitchen for washing hand {she tell purab coz mitali nd rachna ent to there room for rest as dadi say abi were talking to pragya so she not disturbed so she ask purab to take Her to kitchen} purab nodded nd take her she thnx him . purab come to frige nd take bottles nd open his cap of bottles nd dring water whil putting tat cap from in his hand water fall downside . bulbul wash her hand ask purab to come . purab nod nd keep bottle on table as robin will clean .bulbul not notice water nd was about slip purab give her hand but she take purab nd lose control nd purab fallen on her . bolna song play from background nd both have eyelock.. abi nd pragya were know became attach in one day only they said there likes , dislikes nd everything about them nd pragya tell her proffession tat she is actoress nd most she do holly woods movies nd sing song nd compose song in hindi nd english . abi, say while listening all this u r all rounder onlt . lragya, wat is all rounder . abi , all rounder mean they can do anything which is impossible too understand . pragya, better understand . nd both smile nd pragya say , tat … m..e you..r number.. . abi, which number . pragya , areey idiot your mobile number they exchange no ,after then she realized she called him idiot . nd abi stare her lovely without showing tat . pragya , sory but i have habit of this i am use to cAll all my friends like sory ..abi laugh nd say u r really buddus nd say i was just joking u can call me anything . pra, ok idiot i will call u idioyt then if my mind chang then i will change your name ok abi, ok , but tell me u know wat is buddhu . pragya say yes y u r asking . abi, coz u dont no hindi na tats why . pragya , ya but i know little only nd from childhood my brother poori nd friends use to call me buddhu but only sometimes .. abi , ok ok {abi think tat she is mentioning uv as poori } pragya , ok abi now i have to go to meet raina so i will see u tomorrow . .. abi , y tomorrow in night only we will meet for dinner nd u will come na. pra , let me think nd i wilk say later . ok abhi noded nd give side hug to pragya nd pragya to give him nd say by. but pragya was about to go but she turn back nd say wait bulbul twinki nd uv remain na . abhi , no buddhu tat uv nd twinkle went already nd bul were went dont no . pra, its ok i will go if she is here then send her by idiot . abi smile say by . pragya turned nd went till door nd see back nd by nd went to raina house . abhi see her going nd after that feel lonely nd went to his room in thought of pragya .. in kitchen .
purab was top on her after fews minutes they come to sense nd bulbul say sorry mr. khanna u were helping me but i only take with me for falling soorry once again . purab , its ok my mistakes to therre i am too sory after tgey stopped saying sory nd they talk sometimes nd feel very happy . purab forward his hand say friends .bul say hmm but y u fotward your hand . purab puzzle . bulbul , i mean this give him side hug nd say in friendship tis is alloweded .. purab nodded after that exchange numbers of each other .

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