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epi 7
In Pragya Room ..
she think yaar i am feeling hungry , go pam nd see in kitchen .. she went to kitchen nd find twinkle, uv were searching something she ask twinki uv wat r u searching .. twinki, pam di we r seeing any grocery is there or not but . pragya , but wat . uv , but there is nothing . oh bulbul came nd say come lets go to restaurant nd we will eat there . uv, but u know is any restaurant . bulbul ,no ylbhai i dont no .uv see to twinkle nd ask u . twinkle ,ya dont know . then he was about see pragya . but pragya first only say i came in Mumbai first time onlh so dont ask me .uv say, who said i am going to ask i was just telling to u tat wat we will do know . bulbul , idea . twinkle , wat . bulBul , there is one house na near by our house . pam nd uv say then wat . bulbul , we will ask them . twinkle , wat , food for eating like allah ke naam se de de baba {for god name give me food } uv laugh nd tell tat meaning to pam nd she too laugh . bulbul in irritated tone , nooo . we will ask them to tell is there is a restaurant nea4 .uv , ok u nd pam go me nd twinkle will wait outside . pragya nd bulbul nodded nd went outside of house uv nd twinkle too follow them .
in MM .

dadi was praying to god he ramji plz send a girl to my abi who will take care of him , who will handle his naughtiness. nd etc .. nd purab just United him with his family he is struggling to find his family nd give him a nice girl … nd tat tanu eyes r on abi property so plz keep tanu far away from my abi . nd do a favour send a angel to my abhi .
There door bell ring . bulbul nd twinkle were continually ringing abhi , purab came downstaire nd say to robin to open door fast . Robin nod nd went to open door dadi come to abi nd give him Prasad but he refused to take nd tell him take or she will punish him. abhi take prasad nd dadi give to purab . purab take iwith force nd eat . Dadi see mitali nd rachna who was coming from kitchen ask her to bring flowers from upside they both nodded nd went. robin open door nd see two modern girl 1 is in short pant nd t-shirt {pragya} nd another is in 3/4 pant nd shirt{ bulbul} . see ask come inside but pragya was about to refused bulbul come inside .. pragya follow her . they stant in middle in front of door nd started seeing house . by looking here nd there … from upside mitali said rachana wat is there in your flowers plate . rachna , wat . mitali , lizard . rachna im fear of lizard thrown flowers downside which flowers fall on bulbul nd pragya . then in next moment bulbul shout she think something fallen on her but pragya stand there only nd try to stop bulbul but bulbul not stopped … while hearing this all mehra came mitali think u gone mitali .nd come downside while running nd rachna follow her . dadi ask wat happened racho y u shouted . rafhna say in my flowers plates there was lizard tats y i shouted nd i thrown call flower down side.bulbul still not stopped she got too much fear tat flowers suddenly come downside but pragya try to stopped but she not stopped all mehras come to bul nd pam . dadi was about ask who u want pragya give tight slap to bulbul but slowly .. bulbul md all get shock .

bulbul became quite nd say sorry . pam too say sory to her wen pragya turn to dadi nd ask about any restaurant near here abhi who is pragya nd mesmerizing in her beauty he want to hug her immediately .. dadi say no in this area no nice Chinese hotel . pragya nod she ask bulbul to come but dadi stopped her nd say u can eat with us nd it seemed u r our new neighbor . pragya refused but dadi instead ed her nd say padusi si padusi ki madad karta hai . {neighbors only help neighbors} bul agreed dadi said to robin to bring food to dining table nd ask to pragya about family nd say , beta tumahari family ko bulaao mujhe lagta hai ki woh bahar hai. pam not understand nd say wat . dadi not understand pragya means . then bulbul say pam she means to call oir family nd she think tat our family is outside . pam, oh but grand ma we only four came me , she , my sister nd my friend but pur family not came . dadi ok call them . pragya , thnx nd went to call them narrated every tbing happened in inside . bulbul already went dining table .. they three came inside twinkle nd uv went nd pragya. get call from leela she say that she will call u later they going to eat dinner while walking she was talking on phone she cut call nd see upside bumped to our hero abhi wen she was about fall abi hold her from waist they have eyelock mitali nd rachna see them nd say how nice jodi like rab ne bana di jodi rachna click photo of them . nd went without d

doing disturb .. abhigya were still in each other arm . tanu came from outside nd see abigya like in tat position got angry nd was about to say but she remember abi is angry on her without telling any she went .. abghigya were still in tat positiln they came sense wen pragya mobile ring . befor pam take call cut . pragya say sorry nd thnx abi say its ok by the way miss wat is your. name . pam , pragya taneja nd your mr. abhi, abhishek mehra .. nice to meet u pam , same 2 u . abi said without thinking can we friends nd forwardhand . pragya say without thinking yes nd forward her hand they shaked hand lost in there eyes ..

episode end . sory for mintake nd i was write mor but i am feeling very sleepy gn guys have sweet dream meet u tomorrow . nd plz comments

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