love story of abhigya episode 6


thnx for comments and one thing leela having her house in Mumbai too now lets start story
epi 6
In mumbai ,
pragya , bulbul, uv and twinkle were going to there house . bulbul feel weird she think . y i am feeling weird like someone very close to me going come nd think about purab, tears rolled from her eye..she think purab missing u so much .
screen shift to in party

abhi to purab , purab yr from yesterday we r celebrating friendship day so lets go home fresh up nd after that we wil go to restaurant ok. purab , ya abi lets go
abi nd purab seat in car abi is driving car purab seat on next to abi while driving abhi to purab
abi , purab iwill not drop u at your home .
pur,y abhi. abi, purab u come with me in MM nd u there itself fresh up nd we will go directly ok . purab, ok nice idea .
screen shift to in pragya car

pragya driver get call nd he attend call nd speak nd say ok ok i will come immediately ok i will there as soon as
u dont take tension .. then he cut call nd stopped car . pragya ask y u stopping car . driver sa6 that he has to go immediately to hospital tat he wife have label pain . nd from here hospital is near can i go . pragya , ofcourse go kaka , nd driver come outside from car nd went hospital . uv said pam i will drive car , pragya stopped him nd say seat there only i will drive she came nd seat on driving seat then pragya start driving she ask if its right route know . uv say yes . bul nd twinki they were busy in talking they not realized that driver went , pragya was driving.
after tat traffic singal came pragya stopped the car nd then abi car stopped near pragya car .. abi feel conection nd turn to pragya car but that time pragya turn back nd saying bul twinki how much u will speak coz of your talk my head is paining . uv said not yours my too paining. they both stopped talk coz nd they both pouts there face . then pragya feel some connection nd turn to abhi side but tat time purab call him nd abi turn . purab , where r u lost from past 5 minutes i am calling u . abi , sory yr 8 was thinking something ..
pam nd abi both think who might ve he / she … aisa yeh ishq hai play from background … ……. …….

then after 1 minutes pragya start driving then abi too were pragya go abi was following her , wen she take turn abi to take turn nd finally she reached her home nd abi car went little front nd stopped .. abhi said , purab come lets go .
pragya to uv Twinkle nd bul , come lets go they all came outside
purab nd abi too came outside abi turn back nd can see only pragya backside … purab too turn nd see bulbul nd mesmerizing in her beauty nd feel some connection in her nd him . then purab said to abhi, abi see which house {pointed to pragya house} was close this much year now going to open . abi , ya u r right but tat house is very nice from out nd in .. purab, yaa , wen we came here live tattime we want to go inside of tat house right . abi , s but after tat complete our wish too . nd u remember from backside gate we broken there window nd went inside . purab, ya after tat seeing beautiful house we repair that window .. nd start laughing .. bulbul turn nd se who is laughing like mad , she see abhi nd went there . nd bumped for fun nd see upside nd say sory sory nd ask hey u r rockstar right . abi , ya i am abi the rockstar. purab were lost in her . she said , i am your big fan can i get your autograph abhi say , y only autograph we can take selfie tooo nd i am not wrong u r bulbul luthra right . she say yes nd take selfie nd abi give her autograph . she see purab was staring her wen she was about to speak .uv come there nd say choti lets go pam is waiting nd purab not realized wat uv say .. uv say to abi i am aslo your fan . can i get selfie abi say , yes ofcourse uv tell one minutes nd call twinkle there she ask wat re donkey y u call me here . uv feel embrace but abhi smile . uv say to twinkle see your fav rockstar , she see her nd start jumping nd say i am your big big fan nd can i get autograph abi say yes nd they all take selfie nd twinkle say wen r u doing concert. abi say soon. purab came to sense nd see pragya who was talking on phone he excuse to abi nd went pragya .

pragya was talking to leela tat they reached safe here . nd after few minutes h she cuts call nd see uv twinkle bulbul was not there . then she turn back nd find uv bulbul twinkle were talking to man {she cant see abhi coz abi back was facing her } then she was about to go there purab came there nd say Hiiiii . pragya reply hii . purab, r u new here .pragya, ya. purabsaid tat your friends r talking to my friend . but they were talking tat s y i came here , u dont have any problem na , she say no problem . purab, by the way miss wat is your name pam, pragya taneja nd say your . purab miss pragya . nd pam ask once again wat is your name . he come to sense nd say purab khanna . pragya too remain poori nd is he is my brother then think no he is mr. khanna not taneja . purab tell today is friendship day can u bee my friends nd forward his hand . pragya, ofcourse nd she too offer her hand they both shake hand ..nd purab tie friendship band nd pragya say wait nd went to her car open door form inside take band nd tie on his wrist.. after they both exchange each other name ..

purab say by to pragya nd went to abi . but still she was looking to purab nd think how sweet he is .. then she call twinkle , bul nd uv nd say u 3 come i am going inside pragya went inside nd abi turned back nd ask to uv who is she .uv , she is our group leader pragya . nd twinkle is her sister nd me and bulbul are her bestfriend . abi say ok nd think pragya nice name . purab come there nd say come bro lets fresh up . purab intro uv to purab . they three talk nd ask bul, nd twinki to go inside they both nodded nd went inside but bulbul started thinking about purab , nd in pragya room she started thinking about purab nd abi ..

uv say bye to them nd say we will meet afterward . abi nd purab nodded Nd went inside .

Inside of mm
. dadi say to abhi nd purab got ready fast nd come to do dinner . abi say but we r going ib restaurant . purab to say same . dadi, abi purab i make your favorite dishes so come nd eat .. after someday u can go ok .. abi nd purab nodded nd went fresh up screen shifted to pragya room she was talking to raina tat they reached to mumbai raina say to her come to sets tomorrow .. she say ok nd cut call nd small smile came to her face but coz of whom coz of purab abhi or her new daily soup ofcourse coz of purab nd abi smile came to her on face
screen shift ed abhigya nd rabul smiling face nd twinkle nd uv face

percap : abhigya meeting

thnx guys for comment nd sory for any mistake nd one thing remain to say pragya is singer too she use to sing English hindi songs
nd thnx once againto all ??

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