love story of abhigya episode 5


Thnx for comments lets start story

Amritsar in prGya room

Pragya was unpacking her stuff and keeping in cupboard . then one by one she taking and keeping in cupboard . while keeping sge notice something in cupboard nd its seemed that is photo album . she take that album and see and that is her nd purab childhood photo when there were 3 yr old , tgen she turn pic , that is wen prapur {pragya and purab} were eating chocolate , then once again she turn tat is prapur kissing twinkle. then turn tat is her whole family mom dad twinkle prapur
whike seeing tears were rolling from her eyes , then she kept album in cupboard, and said y god u separate me from my poori y u did this to me that is y i hate u this much ,first u separate my dad form my mom,me and twinki after tat aslo i nothing say but u separate me from my brother , i hate u god i hate u.nd start crying

screen shift to Mumbai in abhi room
abi was seating on bed and thinking coz of tanu i lost my dream contract y she did this 2 me , and think how badly i scold her, shall i ask sory 2 her. then think no no abi dont ask sory wat is your mistake shedid mistake she should say sory .he thought were disturb by knock of door , he say come in , purab came inside and say what doing abi
abi ,nothing yaar y u came here
pur, y u dont like that shall i go back

nd was about to leave abi say ye dramebaaz just sit here i just doing fun withu nd u got angry {and pouts his face }
pur, now u dramebaaz i was to doing fun and start laughing nd ask abi r u have any tension
abi, sache dost ko hi pata chalta hsi ki uska dost tension mein {true friends only know his friend in tension }

pur, wat u have tension nd dont say that u r taking tension for tat tanu for scolding her badly
abi, u r right tat only i have tension
pur, i am telling uabi she isnot your type girl , sory to say but surely one day she will destroy u
abi , pur just stop it y u think like tat

pur, abi try to understand she is very selfish u know that how she behave tO dadi nd she only coming to u for any work and if she want money for shopping nd u very well know tat nd {before complete that sentence abi cut in} abi, purab stop it yaar r u in your sense to talk tat
pur,ok u dont take wat i say but one day u surely u will understand wat i am saying is r8ght
abhi, purab {purab cut in} pur,abi let forget it nd come we will do party abi, y today in festival . pur, no u forget tomorrow is friendship day so lets go

Abi, ya forget lets celebrate on 12 clock today nd give hi_ fi
purab nd abi informed to dadi they r going to celebrate friendship day they will become late tonight . dadi, ok come soon but dont drink and drive nd purab i am giving responsible of abi to u he will not drunk and drive
abi , dont take tension budiya i will not drink. dadi, abi{ abhi cut in},plz if u started your lectures that wil n9t finish till morning and say by nd went
dadi pray to god , babaji plz give my abi to married a girl who will handle him
screen shift to amritsar
bulbul get call from one of producer raina and tell her something

bulbul get happy nd say but u should call her not me mam . raina, iya i know but i dont have her number too that is y bul, its ok i will inform pam but u know wat she cant speak hindi properly raina, bul dont worry i will handle nd for me she is perfect for my new serial md u know sunny leone she too dont no hindi properly then aslo she do hindi movies . bulbul, ya u r right but she has to come Mumbai na coz for serial there wil set of serial
raina, ya right nd wen r u coming your holiday r going to finish . bul, ya right i am going tomorrow but i will bring pam too . raina , ok bye nd inform her about me . bul, ok
then bulbul run to taneja mansion and cal everyoneall came and leela ask her , wat happened y u came while running . bul, good news . pam, wat is tat . bul , narrate tat all conversation between her nd raina . all get happy but pam say no . leela , y u have to do this. pam, mom then i have 2 go mumbai na . leela, then wat problem in tat . u know u did many super hit film . nd for me u have 2 do to accept it . bul, ya pam accept it dear . twinkle, ya pam di accept it . all start forcing her finally she accept nd said,but 1 conditions . uv from backside , nd wat is tat pam, u and twinkle had to come with me nd bulbul nd i know bulbul to going Mumbai.twinkle, ya i will come pam di . uv , ok i aslo not have problem i too have work there . lela , nd tatfinal u four r going . all 4 say yes
but leela will miss pam but she not show but pragya understandbut flr her mom she will do this
leela ,ok my children just pack your stuff . uv say ok come bul will go . bul, ya , nd i will tell raina u agreed for new daily soap . nd call raina nd say pam has agreed . raina , ok u come tomorrow by. bul,by

In evening
preetu Came mm nd call dadi
dadi came nd greet her nd ask wat u will take tea or coffee . pre, nothing ,but i came to say i not got any simple girl for abi . but all r modern tat is y i not take . dadi ,its ok no problem wen u get just come to me ok .pre, ok now i will go i have to go home too . dadi , ok
preetu went nd dadi say to god , plz babaji send one nice girl for my abi who will control him .

In morning , tanejaand luthra came to airport for sendoff ceremony?
pam say by to leela anita nd all .

pam hug leela nd say i will miss u mom .leela ,me too . then break hug nd after that hug anita md say i will miss u too . anita, me too darling now dont spoil your mood . leela , ya she is right but pam beta dont wear short dressed in Mumbai u know how atmosphere ऑ mumba8 , nd i am not saying to u aslo bul, twinki understand . all 3 in chorus , yes mother india nd they listen announcment and tell by and went inside ..

after few hr they reached Mumbai airport .. pam, bul, twi, uv came outside of airport pam nd bul kept her leg outside of airport
In party were purab abi came
wen pam and bul keep leg outside of airport
purab nd abi see backside like someone very closed to going to come there . abi ask purabu feel anything like someone is coming .
puab, ya abi u r right
abi , who will she/ he . purab, i think she … abhi , i am confused . purab, me too but leave tat nd enjoy party . abi , ya enjoy .. but were confused
in outside

u v and twinkle start there fight i mean to say nok_joke … pam nd bul try to stopped them but they not stopped . pragz nd bul see there car driver nd drag uv nd twinkle inside in car but they no stoped
both became very irritated

screen shift to confused abhi nd puran nd tensed pragz nd bulbul v

Epi end here

sory for spelling mistakes nd if its bore nd once again i thnx to all

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