love story of abhigya episode 11


Thank you all my friends . . Lets start story without bak bak .

All couple were dancing …. like rabul , twiraj, nd abhigya nd other .. they all were lost in each other eye’s … .song over nd all coUple came to sense nd part each other . Abhi went to twinkle, side . uv went to bulbul side nd pragya went to purab abhi side . Then twinkle say to herself
arrey abhi come to my side . Then pragya di went to purab side , nd tat idiot uv went to bulbul side then were ishould go here or there . Hey babaji mujhe rasta dekhaeye . Bulbul come say heymad y r u talking your self see all r watching u .. purab came nd say , ya y r u talking alonely . If u want to talk then talk to me .. uv came nd say leave her purab this idiot like this only . Purab , but . Uv cuted nd say i said leave her yaar . Bulbul , hey my idiot bhai y r u saying leave her leave her like purab is catching twinkle hand . Twinki , yaa bul is right first u use your brain . Hmm nd went form there .. bupbul , haa byay bay she too went .. uv kept his hand on head nd say , wat i said wrong . Purab , leave her she is like this only na hmm . .. abhi ce nd said , all the girls r like this only . Hey na purab .. purab , abi u r right dont no y girls show this much attitude .. uv , except pragya , but she both how show ing attitude . I am thinking like breaking both attitude purab , ya right .. abhi , before u both will trying to break there attitude na first of all they both will break your each nd every bones of your body uv nd purab said , exactly right .. just leave her . She is like this only … abhi , know shut up .. nd ask uv wat r u doing nowadays .uv, nothing y . abhi , imean to say , wat work doing u. . Uv , yano iam not doing any work . Purab , then just seating simply . Nd who will earn money … uv , arey abhi purab mein kuch nhi karta but my mom is business women in Amritsar she only not allowed to come office .. purab nd abhi , business nd women wow ..uv , not my mom but pragya mom too .. … purab , wow nd my mom to was business .. abi , really u not say me . Purab , no yaar i forget to tell only ..
screen shifted to pragya ..

pragya was drinking soft drink . From backside waiter was coming nd pragya turned back nd by mistake juice spilled on pragya waiter , sorry mam sorry . Pragya, its ok no problem ..its my mistake . She ask waier to go . Pragya see here nd there for washroom . .. then she see purab nd went to purab nd tapped his back nd purab turned nd say wat u want pragz .. if tgere is any problem . Pragya , no problem but just show washroom tat waiter spilled juice on me. . Abhi , how dare he were is his mind .. uv , leave tat abhi i am sure she only turned back nd by mistake fall on pragya . Abi , who . Uv arey waiter . Abhi , r u out of your mind or wat how can waiter fall on pragya . Uv , sorry sorry imean . To say abhi interrupted .. understand leave tat … pragya said loudly can u show me washroom if your bakwass talk finish … purab , k k dont shout i will tell u go here then go straight nd in left side only my room u there only go ..pragya, thank nd went .. she entered in room tat room was very dark then she take her mobile torch nd see there is door she went to door nd open ya tat is washroom . Then she lean nd come to washroom nd her mobile fall on down nd break nd say oh no y this happened now only .. y tat idiot switch off light nd start search switch of light nd finally she find nd on tat then she bend down nd take mobile one by one i mean battery then tat mobile , baxk cover nd all … then she stand uo nd was about to go she say .oh no forget to switch off light nd turned back nd was shock to see here nd there lots of photo s frame of childhood pragya she said , y my here is my photos nd start seeing each nd evry photo then last she see upside of bed there is big frame she see tat nd was shocked too see tat frame is bulbul nd his .. nd said purab means wat wait then near bed she see small frames nd she take tat nd see whole family photo , her purab twinkle leela ,.then another her purab uv twinkle nd bul .. she think mean purab my brother yAaa ,but y he not said meee ..pragya r u idiot he only dont no you r his sister oh my brother nd omb nd start jumping nd start telling i got my brotger yipeee maa will happy soo much nd bulbul her loce of life will get her. …..
oh no pragya just control yourself nd do wat your mind say nd went to outside of room nd went to purab first she catch his hand drag him to his room purab look at her puzzles nd all . Abhi , hey chashmish where u taking him .. pragya , in his room today i am not going to leave him … abhi , but wat he did yaar .. pragya , nothing did but i am happy today ,. Abi , in this way poor how u r catching his hand .. pragya , areey u just wait five minutes .. arrey poori mote u r too much fat .. purab , me fat how . Abhi , how nd stopped pragya nd said wat u r doing just .. pragya , rockstar give me my side i am very .. na soo dont spoil my mood dear … purab , hey but tell me y u call me fat .. pragya , coz u r fat i am dragging u but with force .. better than u abhi is i can drag him but u r soo much fat . Abhi, see purab i am slim she now only saud . Bulbul , hey rockstar purab is not fat ok .. abhi , ya i know i wasjust accompanying pragz right . Pragya say right then she said come purab there is big suprise for u . Purab , arey but guest . Are here how can i come . Pragya , this much went to stage nd purab abhi looked puzzled …
screen freeze to pragya happy face nd rabhi confused face

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