love story of abhigya episode 10


hey thnx guys . i am happy nd nowdays i am very happy .guys i reach 10 episode coz of your love only but not happy for 10 episode there is another reason i will share to u all tomorrow nd little happy for 10 epi
for now lets start story
purab ask abi to come i have to do arrangement .abhi , then come . abhi said 2 pragya bul uv nd twinki tat we will see u at night so plz come all ok . they four nodded ..purab said abi i will go nd take my car ok u just wait here. abi, come soon man . purab nodded nd went . bul to pragya, pragz now i will go to my room tat i ak feeling very tired so i will go . pragya , ok go .. uv nd twinkle were looking in each other eyes pam see tat nd ask uv nd twinkle , In heart there r very weird feeling right . uv nd twinkle said yes .. without realized wat she said . twinkle , ya pam di feeling very weird say while looking in uv eyes. pragya, really . then y both r u each other eyes tell me .they both come to sense Nd uv say kya yaar pam to bhi. twinkle, wat is this di. y u r asking like this . pragya, without fighting u both were looking in each eyes . uv nd twinkle, nothing like tat i am going by. pra , byeeee . Nd laugh nd went to her room nd started to decided wat to wear she take her one dress nd say this short i think i should wear some thing else then she started searching nd after few minutes she take white t-shirt black leather jacket nd red colour jeans . She went to washroom nd come after few minutes nd started decided wat to wear then after tat she take black shoes with small heel . Nd went front of mirror nd touch up makeup . Abhi in his room , abi to himself , areey this much i have dreeses but no uses of this . Wat should i wear nd start seeing one by one nd finally find white shirl nd black jeans nd went to washroom nd change nd come outside nd come front of mirrors nd combing hairs . After half nd hours, pragya were ready to go purab house . abi already went for helping purab after abhi bulbul uv nd twinkle went in there car. nd obly pragya remain coz she went to meet raina as raina having some work . … she meet raina nd ready to go purab house. . but she call purab nd ask address of hpuse . purab said pragz i have send to bulbul mobile . na .pragya, arey bulbul uv nd twinki came na there nd i remain so i dont have .. purab , ok i will {wen he was about to complete sentence }someone push him nd his mobile fell down .. nd start shouting on tat person he is none other than waiter?

pragya from tgere , hello hello purab hello idiot damn it nd kick her car .. then she call abhi nd ask him address but abhi start questioning her more . abi , where r u buddhu i am waiting u from half nd hr u said na tat u will come after half nd hour then y this much time u r taking plz come soon yaar y u r not speaking , speak something dear i really missing u . then realized wat he said this much to pragya in one day after her coming nd not said this much to tanu aslo {one thing remain purab not invited taliya}. pragya , ye idiot just stop how much u will speak let me speak yaar .i call u for tat send me purab house address.

abi, but bulbul have na ask her .pragya got more irk nd say idiot i am here for some work nd tat bulbul is there so can i take just give or i will . 1st time abi was this much shocked coz pahili bar pragya say lIke tat .. abhi , tgen tell me whatu will do if i not give u address . pragta because quite dont no wat to say. abi, tell me na wat u will do . pragya, i will…i will haa i will break my car only … plz abi tell me na here to much dark . abi , ok , ok i will send u . pragya , thnx nd by . after few second she receive massage nd take her car nd think if i reach na there then i will not leave tat pura b hmm . nd think one second pragya u came here only yesterday nd purab is not your best friend to tat u will speak him like tat better u keep quite nd control yourself . nd then think about abhi nd smile , whatever u said i like tat dont know wat is this?? ?? nd blush .. while thinking she reached purab house .she enter in house nd find there r only purab abhi bulbul twinkle uv nd three four friends of purab ……

she came to purab nd say hey purab nice decorations . purab , thank you dear but i am really sorry because of tat waiter my mobile fell nd break . pragya , oh it s ok . purab , who give u address . pragya was about say abi interrupted nd say me abi the rockstar ?. purab , oh ok . nd went from tgere . abi so miss pragya taneja nd pragya turn nd abi mesmerizing in her beauty usual she use wear short dress but today she wear jeans tshirt nd jacket . pragya too were mesmerizing in abhi beauty in bkth mind , how beautiful she is looking nd cute too .?? how handsome he is looking nd muahaa ??. they both came sense from purab i mean purab announced tat this is very special party as ususal right then guys just enjoy evrybody nd think this your freedom do howmuch u want enjoy dance nd drink but dont drink highly tat u trouble me ok . all laughed purab , oh dj wale bhaiya start your dj .

all were enjoying , dancing . waiter came to abhigya nd give wine abhi take md. pragya said she want soft drink . abi said pragya drink na yaar u r not drinking then dont drink . pragya ,no i drink but sometimes nd i have promise maa i will not drink in party nd all . abhi remain tat he too promise dadi he will not drink nd kept his glass on tray bs mee too want soft drink . pragya , areey drink na coz of me u rnot drinking dont spoil your coz of me ok . abi, no yaar i too promise dadi na so now only i remain nd tat tanu always force me to drink ..pragya, tanu ? abi , oh she is my girl friend sorry . pragya feel jealous while listening her name nd say where she i want to meet her . abi ,noo dont meet her u know she is very selfish nd how she manipulate me like tat she wil do black magic on u nd soon i am going to do break up wirh her u dont take tension .pragya , hey y u r thinking tat coz of her i will take tension . nd abhi cuted nd say plz we will talk this later first i want 2 enjoy party nd see how many couple r dancing . pragya , they all r in relationship. abi , no i mean to say they r doing couple dance so come nd forward her nd she give nd they both started dancing very romantically. purab see her from backside nd smile nd tell made for each other .

percap: waiter spilled juice on pragya . pragya ask purab where is washroom . purab tell her to go in his room . pragya went to his room nd switch on light nd shocked

epi end here
guys sory for not updating episode but busy in school work yaar as monesha say scold our school is right guys this school’s are giving too much work . so not upload nd today i am happy coz on independence day i sing song yeh mere vatan ke logo nd sing very well nd all were telling u sing lata mangeshwar song but u were singing like asha bhosle i very very happy u know onething when i started seeing kkb i got inspired from shabir nd sriti .nd thinm do become singer like abhi . sorry if bored u byy guys see u tomorrow???

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