love story of abhigya episode 1 and 2 combined


thnx for comments .. lets start Epi without bak bak ..

One girl was speaking on phone while walking and after she finish call and enter in big house which is like palace then she start shouting by aunty aunty where r u aunty
one beautiful lady came form upstairs and tell stopped shouting bulbul,, ya she is our bulbul ..
and that lady is leela taneja .

bulbul,ok i will stopped shouting just tell me she going to come yaar how many year has passed we did not see her
ya she is right maa we did not see her too and she too not come to vacation too ,one girl say from backside and she is none other than twinkle taneja
and they both continuously talking not given chance to speak leela . at leas5 she shout and say stop it girl
leela, how much u both will speak just give me chance to speak yA i know that your friend is not here but u used call her Skype na then what is your problem
twinkle, ya it right but we want to see her front of our eyes no in mobile phone.

bulbul , why she is not coming yaarhow much year passe only giving hopes and nothing else??
leela: u both na how she was in desperate when my purab lost u know na how she was attach to purab tat is y i keep her in hostel {said in teary eyes}bulbul twinkle have tear in eyes but they not show and console leela.
Afterwards leela said to bulbul & twinki that your best sister is going to come after 2 / 3 days they both became happy and start jumping …
screenshift to MM
one boy was sleping peacefully .. and dreaming about his Princess . he has small smile in his face. another boy came inside to room to wake first boy and start telling abhi wake up yaar abhi its 8:30 wake yaar{first boy was none other than our cute abhi and another boy is purab }
abhi, plz purab let me sleep for 5 minutes yaarplz
pu, no just wake or i wil cal dadi

abi , ok call her i dont have fear of anyone while pulling blanket he say
dadi who listen everything form outside of room ,come inside and take full bottle of water and poured water on his face,abi immediately wake up and while rubbing eyes he say dadi it not fair chothey bacheko yese utate hai kya apko paap lagega {dadi why u r waking small child like this u will sin by u r own hand} .
dadi got irked and pulled his ears and said stop your lecture now come to down for breakfast abi, say okay okay just leave ears or u will break my ears , dadi said , stop ur nonsence and come down abi, okay budiya dadi went and abi see how purab is laughing on him and say him y r u laughing like mad person purab, while seeing your morning situation in morning dadi and afternoon evening night tanu ha ha ha poor boy
abi said ya u r right ok just tell me how is your mission purab , which mission? abi , arey idiot to find your beloved sister and family that only i am telling , purab , same no clue about them but i will try

abi , okay but can u give me promise
pur, what promise u want for me said without any clueless
abi, plz purab just Promise me first
pura , okay promise and keep hand on his hand
abi, purab u r my best friend and i want u to marry alia ,coz i have full trust on u . u will give her all happiness nd she loves u plz
while listning from purabface his smile vanished he think what u did abi i loved only my chatter box my bulbul from m6 childhood how can i betrayal her coz she too love me i have 2 tell u about my loved

abi, hey purab where u lost
purab, sory abi but i want to tell u imp thing
Abi, why r u asking permission just tell
purab , actually abi while he was about to say but abi phone ring and abi picked and say ok i will on 10 clock . after that abi said purab i have to urgent in office .pura, sai its ok u go i have smework

abi said ok and went to fresh up
screen shift to alia room
alia wat u will think abi will ask purab to marry u
alia, ofcourse my darling tanu he will yese bhi woh mere baat ko mana nahi kar sakte hai {and however he wil not say to me }
{yA guys alia is using abi for getting purab after that she want all property on her name} & tanu too
tnu, ya this is right say while smiling
alia, ok tna now i am going to shopping ok bye
tanu, wait alia i too want come ..

alia , ok come fast i am waiting downside
screen shift to in abi room while combing his here he think abi wat happen 2 u u r dreaming about random girls that u loved her and she u abi u just loved tanu ok dont think other thing
screen shift to amritsar luthra and taneja r gathered in hall
anita , leela wen pam is going to come lela was about say but one handsom boy say from backside after 2/ 3 days mom
leela, uv ce seAt here u became late t
u v , ya sory leela ma i was busy
twinki , what u and busy impossible

uv , hey u chipkali just shut up i am not talking to u
bul, ye uv bhai chup why u r calling her chipkali{female lizard } u r chipkala {male lizard}
u v hey u bul u r my sister not her u should come to my side
bul, no i m ok with twinki
twinkl, bul thnx and muahaa and show her tongue to uv and after this they all start fighting and anita and leela try to stoped them but they three shaitan not listen to both so they both more irked nd leave from there
afterwards they stoped fight one call came uv . uv picked call nd telling swt hear wen r u coming come darling soon yaar missing u lot baby
while hearing swt heart darling baby twinki feel jealous but not show and went from there while murmring somethink
other side from call , ya just on your Skype
uv on his Skype and one beautiful girl came who is wearing short pant till her thai and t_ shirt ya she is none other than our pragya
uv , where r u now pam

pra, ya inside in flight tomorrow night i will be ther
uv, kya but tu toh do theen din ke baad aa rahi thi na
pragya not understand what he was speaking but she understand little bit wat he was speaking but she not say anything
uv ,what happened y u r auite tell me wat i say pra , idiot u know i cant understand hindi proper jusy say in english uv, hey sory i forget and i said that u wadls coming After 2/ 3 days na but u tomorrow only coming
pra , its suprise to give u but i tell u
uv ok pra , ok by but dont tell anyone ok by on flight is going to fly now by
uv laugh and say by

percap : pragya bulbul twinkle and uv come to mumbai , purab and oragya meeting abhi and bulbul bumped eachother amd twinkle u uv nok jokes

i upload this on 1: 30 am dont no when it will published
guy sory for any mistakes and i know its boring but slow it will became intresting when abhigya will meet And sorry once again if i waste your time and all comments are accepted byee and gn

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