love story of abhigya epi 3/4


thnx for comment s and saranya i will really try to updates without confusion lets start epi
screen shift to mumbai
recording studio
abhi finish his recording and was talking to some people its seemed that they were joking . at that that tanu come to stadio she search for abi but not get that why she ask abi pa
tanu : payal where is your abi sir
payal in mind aa gayi chudail
tanu : hey were r u lost idiot

payal got irk amd tell : he is talking with producers in cabin
tnu ; first u speak properly to me otherwise i will kicked u out this office understand while saying this she went to met abi and then she directly enter in cabin and ask abi to come outside
abi ; wait tanu i am talking to them about concert .
tanu; no abi come fast that will become afterward aslo
abi ; try to understand yaar , tanu ; no abi come immediately , when abi going to speak she hold his and drag him outside
abhi got angry and say ; wat the hell with u tanu this is my important concert y u drag me outside
tanu ; abi just listen to me that your friend rishab {producer of ad} he take another girl for ad instead of me .
abi got more angry and say ; then wat can i do tanu u will get another ad to na and for this thing u drag me here u know how much important ro me this concerts abhi start scolding her very badly and tanu to start there argument
screen shift to in cabin

producer ; u dont think he is taking to much time for coming i have to go my flight is there .. payal ; sir just second bhai will come i mean sir will come now producer ; only 2 minutes i am waiting after this i have to catch my flight. Payal ; thnx sir wait i will call him . payal take her m9bile and call abhi but he not picked she once again try but he did not picked{guys abhi phone is silent mood coz no one will disturb him while meeting } .. producer: miss,payal call him fast or i will go my flight is there after 1 hr
payal, wait sir i will go and call him , payal went outside and search abhi but she did not find him . producer see watch and come outside of cabin and see payal and call her and tell miss payal its seemed your boss is not intresting in this contract so tell him that i have to go urgent and nd cant miss my flight so i am going , producer was going outside and payal was trying to stopped him. payal , sir plz plz sir just a minutes abhi bhai will come
but producer seat in his car and went .
payal come inside of office and went to her cabin and was shocked to see abhi and tanu in her cabin and say
payal, bhai u here wat r u doibg here i was searching u madly and u were fighting here with tanu
abi , what happened

payal, dont ask wat happened producer went
abi was shocked and tell , omg i totally forget about him coz of your foolishness i lost my contract tanu
tanu, coz of me u r saying this ia { abi cut in } abi shouted nd say just shut up, tanu got fear and think tanu u gone u know how much important this contract to abi ..
when abi is going to cntnu but purab came in cabin and tell abi
purab, abhi abhi just clam down dont shout this much that your other employees asking to me y u r shouting just stop it
abi , coz of her i lost my contract and u know how much important this to me
purab ,just relax he say me that after 2 months he going to come so after that we will fixed ok abi nodded And purab said now come . abi tell ok and was about to outside of cabin stopped near soor and turn back and say to tanu , after this wat happened u shouldnot come here understand
tanu nodded in fear andwent out and abhi purab went to home
screen shift to amristar in night
its seemed that taneja are sleeping lets them sleep we will come tomorrow morning
next Morning

leela went Gurdwara as usual
one girl enter to twinkle room and start waking her up and telling twinki get up twinki
twinki , oh my babaji why feeling like pam di voice is this
{ya she is none than pragya she came in morning itself }
pra, ya its me
twinki , ya whatever then she realized and get up and see pragya tgere and shout oh my babaji pam came she hugged her tightly and pragya too response
twinki ,really u came i am dreaming or wat wen u came pam went i will call mom , when twinkle was about to get up pragya push her on bed and say wait chatter box how much u will get excited . Twinkle, arrey tu chup kar di. pra, what did u said choop kal di twinkle laugh amd said di its chup kar means shut up pra, oh u know my hindi problem. twinkle,its ok but dont take tension i will teach u hindi ok . Pragya, yes teacher . U can teach me . Twinkle, okay form today your classes will start. Both start laughing hardly and while laughing hug each other after few minutes break hug
Twinkle said , di i will get fresh now ok u just wait here pragya, no i am going to meet bulbul uv and anita maa… twinkle , anita maa and bulbul is ok but why r u meeting that donkey . Pragya, twinkle dont said like that he is my brother u dont have any rights . Twinkle pouts and went to take bath . After that pragya went to meet bulbul pragya enter in luthra mansion and anita see one girl with short dresses and then she realized sje is prag6a . She went to pragya and hug her and say how r u baby . How much time u taken to come . Pragya .fine maa what about u nowday looking s*xy . Now dont take tension i am here only . And once again both hug …. bulbul nd uv come from backside of pragya and see her mother was hugging girl . They camt see pragya face . After that pragya break hug and say where is uv and bulbul .. anita , they went to Gurdwara with leela . Pragya, ok i will go there meet them i cant wait to see them .. saying this she turn back and bulbul was shock to see pragya except uv .and shout Pam and run and hug her , pam too hug her back .while hugging bulbul say
bulbul,pam finally u came now dont go there
pam, ya know i am not going

after that pragya hug uv and how r u handsome
uv , fine baby and break hug
leela came to gave Prashad to anita and directly come front of anita without noticing pragya … anita take it and say
anita, leela just turn back .and see who is there
leela, why and who is there
anita, just turn
leela turn and was shock to see pragya and while seeing her eyes get filled and immediately hug her tightly till 15 minutes they not break hug after that pragya break hug and say
pam, i miss u mom i miss u so much
leela , i miss u too beta,but how u came today u were about coMe after 2/ 3 days na
pam , y u dont like my suprise shall i go back and cone after 2/ 3 days{tell in teasing mood } leela hold her ears and pragya start shouting nd saying
pam, mom just leave my ears
leela, dont repeat it okay now i am not going to allowed u to go back paris
pam, ok
twinkle came to luthra mansion nd start talking to evry one all were very happy

but twinkle said , maa me bulbul and pam di r going to shopping and u and anita maa should come
anita , what is our work there twinkle
pam, yes u all come will do family shopping ..
uv interrupted , and what about me girls
twinkle , u should drive car i mean to say driver
before twinjle say pam interrupted , twinki shut up uv u come with mewe will go in different car .
bulbul , pam its not fair u should come with us
uv , thnx now pam is with me right pam
pragya , right

screen shift to mehra mansion
in dadi room

purab came to dadi nd say whole incident happened in office
dadi got shocked nd say purab from first only i am saying thath tanu is upto something but abi not listen me .now see wat happened today
purab , u r right but first make tanu to go outof abi life .
dadi , u r right and they both think something and after few minutes dadi say idea
purab, wat is that
dadi, wait purab. dadi take her mobile and call one lady and say plz preetu ji bring some photos of some simple girl for my abi marriage . preetu, ok i will bring
Dadi , ok come today in evening and cut call
purab , wat a idea dadi u r superb dadi andhug her nd break hug

sory guys i cant add percap but i will surely give .. plz comment and thnx to all reader
sory if its bore and happy friendship day 2 all nd happy sister day 2 all my sis ?gn

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