Hi guys
So lets catch some scene from last epi
Sanskar went to malasiya with nikitha there he meets dp n they find a man who gave the records frm his company n sold, it sanskar goes to that person n dishoom dishoom he say the truth it is what we saw last epi n ya the truth which he is hiding we will see today
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So lets start
San; will u say the truth or not

Person; I sold those record to local gangster because he kidnapped my sis n I had to save my sis so I had to what he odred me to do otherwise
San; otherwise
Pers; he told he will rap* my sis n she is only the family I hav
Sank ; hmmmm what is that ganster’s name
Person; raa………rajat
Sanky ;mmmmmmmm
Sanky comes out of the cabin n shows dp the timer its exactly 2 mins
Dp asks nikitha who is he
Nikitha ; he is an ex-raw agent he was fired from raw office because he killed 2 people n he injured 53 people
Dp ; what

Nik; sssssssssss
They leave frm there
Sanky , nikitha n dp sit in a van dp tells the that rajat is a serial killer n he killed 5 police officer
Sank ; hmmmmm
They get down only sanky n nikitha
They enter a bazzar they ask if there is any one who could make fake passport
They show money which is filled in a bag
They ask in many stalls but get disappointed
They start to return suddenly a boy nearly 13 to 14 yrs calls them n says I can get u fake passport

Nikitha n sanky start to follow him the boy take them near an old building they take many turns n
They reach the place where rajat lives the enter the godown sanky asks can u give fake passport
they say keep the money n go
Sanky does not agrees he beats them black n blue they say pls leave me
sanky; where is rajat
one person says ; he is in the room
they go to that room sanky sees that rajat is forcing a girl he beats him n ties him with a rope n asks

him why did he ask the asthma pump records
rajat; pee…………………….peter asked me he told he will give me 3 crore
sanky nikitha come with me
nikitha n sanky goes to dp n ask fr a car at that the girl who was forced by rajat comes running n says
I know where he is that rajat had send me there once we shouls take rajat ‘s help if we want to meet

they go to rajat sanky asks rajat to call peter
rjat calls peter n says; peter there r 2 girl imported frm india
peter; send them
nikitha , sanky,dp n that girl go to a mall nikitha changes herself from an professional outfit to an
s*xy outfit does some dark make up she wears a locket which has gps n an watch with camera
they leave frm there n a car is shown which comes n stop before nikitha n that girl
nikitha n that girl gets into that car

recap; sanky gets the truth that why that old man got so much power to kil those men
guys more 1 epi n swara’s entry …..can’t wait

plssss do comment as my sis told if i don’t get above 20 comment she will not give her lapi so pllsssssss do comment
mujhpe daaya kardo

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  1. KrsytleS

    awsm Dr … waiting for next part

  2. DivzS

    Waiting for sanskaar’s shocked face.. Any possible way.. This series is just too good to stop reading!! Plz update soon..

    1. Himani

      Ya sure Dr nxt epi will be full of swasan

  3. Khushiii

    Awesome updat asap

    1. Himani

      Yes khushii I will try my best to update it soon

  4. Nice

  5. Super awesome…. Eagerly waiting

  6. Wonderful Himani!
    And I dnt kno what will happen…the comments u kno…hope u get 20 comments..,
    Fingers crossed!

    1. Himani

      thanks n sorry fr replying late i was buzy

    2. Himani

      thanks n sorry fr replying late i was buzy n how r u

  7. Aahana

    amazing……………….eagerly waiting for next episode….
    and really soorrryyyyy for being late….

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