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Recap ; conversation between sanskar and head

[Guy in this sanskar looks same when swara forgets her memory in serial]
Head; luv
San; he is dead
Head; no he is not dead
San; I killed him
Head; no see only u know about him n if u really loved ur wife then u know where u hav to come
[head goes frm there n sanskar thinks about it ]
Nxt day
Sanskar goes to the raw office there he meets head n he sees the video[it’s the same video ]
Sanskar is shocked as he thought that he was dead
San; he alone can’t kill these many people
[ guys do u remember that there was girl her name is nikitha not arushi n there was man too with them in raw office]

That man = man
Man ; so what do u want to say he has taken help of someone
San ; it is not possible fr a 35 yr guy also n he is 60 to 65 yrs old hmmmmm….
Head ; so what do u think sanky
San ; hav u checked what is there in that asthma pump
Man; so u guess
San ; not guess I am sure mr .whatever , n ya head I can’t work with him I hav some rules
Man ; sir u can’t do like that he is an ex raw agent
Head ; we can’t do any thing becauz only he knows about luv n sankar u would need a raw agent below him / her only u can go to malasiya so nikitha r u ready
Niki; yess sir
Sanskar n nikitha goes to malasiya
There they met the malasiyan police he is also an indian his name is mr .durgaprasad so he comes as the malasiyan police wants to catch that person behind the problem
So here is the scene
Nikitha ;myself nikitha
Dp ; myself durga Prasad u can call me dp n who is that tall man
Nikitha ;he is my assistant mr ;sanskar maheshwari
Dp is a very friendly n comedy person in this
Dp ; ohhh hello mr assistant
San; hello

They get seated in a police cab n dp gives small remote like structure to nikitha n says ;this is a gps tracker as ur new here n if u want any help pls press this button .
Sanky takes that remote and presses that button in nxt 3 mins the malasiyan police arrives there n dp says sir that was by mistake
Dp says to sanky ; why sir do u want me to leave this job
Sanky ;no i was checking that ur telling is the truth or not
They were going in the cab suddenly sanky asks did u get the results fr the lab
Sanky ; hmmm show the result
He checks the report he gets to know that there is something in the powder which activates the cells of the body he asks dp that its ditto of the real asthma pump how did they get the records dp says we found a man 6 months back who leaked this information from the company
Sanky ; where is he ? did u get the information why he leaked the information
Dp ; no sir

They see that the man arguing with the police he doesn’t answers the question asked by the police so sanky asks can he talk to the culprit dp says sir no u can’t as when even can’t bring out the answers what will u do sanky says only 2 min dp allows him to do
He goes inside n locks door
Sanky ; why did u leak the record
Man ; no I didn’t
There is an lamp sanky breakes its wire n insert it in the mouth of culprit n goes near the switch n s sir I will say the truth

Precap ; truth out n fighting dishoom dishoom……………………………………………….

Guys I am really sorry I really forgot to post it n nxt will on Friday or Saturday as my results r out n its not up to my expectations so my posts will be mostly on Saturnday or Sunday n if I get leave I will upload on weekdays n I really thank to the people who hav commented n I know there are some silent readers I just thank them who hav read the this ff n ya I will surely add raglak as I don’t want to be ditto of the movie love u guys …………………………………..

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