Hi guys this is my second attempt if u find any mistake plss forgive me

In malasiya
A man around his mid 60’s went to INDIAN EMBASSY which is in malasiya
He gave his passport n visa he was checked by security at that time some beep sound was heard
So the security asked
Secu; sir can u pls show what’s in ur pocket
The man takes an asthma pump n shows that to the security
Security allows him to go inside

The man goes inside first he goes in and sees camera which is fixed ,he throws his passport n his visa
Then takes his asthma pump n pumps it inside his mouth
[asthma pump shows some time like a stop clock fr 5 min] He stands there fr nxt few second
Then a security comes and taps his shoulder the man kicks him
Like this almost 20 people r injured n 5 r killed by that old man
That old was about to shoot an girl [that asthma pump shows 00:00 n the man fall’s down] The people around him comes n check him he is dead
This is recorded in camera n the video is shown in indian raw office
The head n the case holder r discussing that with another girl
Head; arushi stop that video
[the head finds a tattoo of heart with an arrow in the old man’s head n says ;luv] Head says we hav to call agent ;sanskar maheshwari

RECAP;ARUSHI; sir we don’t know where he is ??????he was an x raw agent
Case holder; sir we can’t take him ????he killed 2 people
Head; so what only he can solve this case n arushi every raw agent’s location is
Updated in 15 days check it

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  1. This is a story of movie na…

    1. Himani

      Yaa i liked that movie so wanted that in swasan style

      1. Mica

        waaaa.. SwaSan!!!! YAY! ty soo much Himani.. love it love it..

  2. Deeksha

    Update soon dear….. It is awesome!!!!!

    1. Himani

      Yaa sure my exams r going so tdy or tmrw i will update

    1. Himani

      Thank uYaa i liked that movie so wanted that in swasan style

  3. Interesting

    1. Himani

      Wait dr there are many twist

  4. Malika

    Very nice

  5. Irumugan right
    luv to know the character of nayanthara i hope it is ragini

    1. Himani

      Yes i liked it veey much so wanted that in swaragini but its a pure swasan ff i will surely write an ragsan ff

  6. Mica

    interesting… update soon.. ty

    1. Himani

      There r many twist n turn dr n i will try my best to update it soon

  7. Kakali

    Woohhooo interesting…. waiting for Sanskar… thnk u..

    1. Himani

      Thank u kakali

  8. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Interesting concept dear.. Keep it up… Waiting for nxt…
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Himani

      yaa sure tdy or tmr i will surely update

  9. Asha

    himani akka that nice of you that you are writing irumugan actually i did not see the movie but my friend said me the hearing the story itself i enjoyed a lot now reading it in swasan version will be very nice so i am waiting for ur update…

    1. Himani

      yaa asha i liked that movie very much so writing it in swasan version

  10. Himani!!!!
    My girl toooooo gooood!!!
    Post sooon dea!
    Love ya?

    1. Himani

      yaa laddoo u too update it soon dear n all the best fr ur exam

  11. Sanjanaagrawal

    Can u tell me the name of movie , nice …

    1. Himani

      irumugan its an tamil movie

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