My Love Story chapter 1

Hey guys! So Very less people commented on my ff. It actually Made me loose Confidence about this ff! But my friends supported me and everyone who Commented thank u! I’m starting my ff today!! And Guys I Have this Confusion between pairs Cause I want everyone to read my ff! If I choose only one pair the people who Like the other pair Won’t Read it!!! So Hope u understand! Let’s start

3 years After All the drama happend Thinks Sanchi..                                       Sanchi: hello everyone My name is Sanchi Mishra. I’m a Famous successful doctor. I’m curently married and have 2 kids. I remember when I first started my Internship and all the troubles me and my husband had to go through.. she sighs and laughs. I remember always thinking that I’m gonna be Having an breakdown in roads and living on roads! Thankfuly I Got over the twists and turns in my life. And I’m so happy. I’m going to tell u my story, Between me and my husbands Love story and My life…. And U will soon know who is my Dear husband. Sanchi gets into flashback

2017….             Sanchi is sitting on a chair. She is putting her long loop earrings on. She smiles. She stands up. She is wearing a black crop top and some jeans. She has her hair in a ponytail. Sunny ( Sanchi’s brother) comes in her room.                                 Sunny: Di Maa is calling. Cmon u will be late.                                                       Sanchi: Ok I’m coming sunny..     she gets her Cute bag and luggage. She comes into living room.                  Jaya is standing with there. Sanchi touches jaya’s feet. Jaya smiles.       Jaya Does The aarti And gives Sanchi prasad. Sanchi eats it.                                    Jaya: Beta I hope u became an successful doctor. Keep On studying and stay away from naughty boys. Jaya winks.    Sanchi blushes.                    Sanchi: don’t worry Maa I will. She smiles at her and kisses her forehead. She goes to sunny. Sunny is a bit teary and Hugs Her.                                Sanchi: Dont worry my sunny. I’ll come here when I can. And u can always call me. Jaya is a bit teary as well. Pragya and Isha enter. Pragya is Wearing an top and overalls with her hair Open. While Isha is wearing an dress.   Ip: Hello Jaya aunty And they hug her. Jaya smiles. Hello My Beautiful gurls. U be safe too and study well. The 3 smile and wave good bye. Sanchi starts Crying an bit. Pragya And Isha hug her and they get into Taxi.                        Isha: Guys what do u want to achieve in College? I’m so exicted to meet hot guys and flirt with them..                         Pragya: eww Isha! I want to be popular! Being popular is Awsome and makes life easier. What about u Sanchi.       Sanchi blushes. Sanchi says I want it became an successful doctor And meet my Prince Charming.. And start my love story.. pragay and Isha tease her.  Sanchi From 3 years After is giving Voiceover. Sanchi Voiceover: Sanchi laughs… I remember when I use to Love/ be obsessed with love stories and wanted to start mine. I was so Exicted for my internship. Oh little did I know what was Going to happen in my life that will change my life forever. My everything.. The episode ends on Sanchi Smiling. Here’s an Quote if the day. Remember this Always.  

precap: First Day Of college. Sanchi meets Kabir And Veer.  

Guys I hope u guys enjoyed the first episode! I know it was boring but in start it will be boring. Please do share ur Thoughts. And keep on smiling?❤️

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  1. nice one
    please keep writing
    waiting for your next part

  2. Anu88

    So so amazing and outstanding episode yaar…….. eagerly waiting for the next part yaar…
    ….post soon yaar…… u dear……

  3. Anee

    Awsome dear voice over Concept mind blowing…enjoyed a lot.

  4. Swethaa

    its very good and please don’t loose your confidence dear

  5. i liked the story and your thought that if you reveal the pair then other pair fans don’t read ..its valid but after reading when they get to know that their fav pair is not lead then they left disappointed dear..
    its just my thought don’t feel bad if i hurt you..for the story sake its kk..i definitely give like..time nahi milta itna comment karne ki

  6. Its nice…. The quotation u gave is true

  7. Amazing episode but really short pls try to make it a bit long …..cant wait for the next part pls post the next one soon…….
    I dont know if u know this or not but our charming and handsome hunk VIKRAM SAKHALKAR aka DR.KABIR is gonna appear in one of the bollywood movie VODKA DIARIES which is gonna release in 19 January 2018. In film VIKRAM will play the role of Mayuk.
    I think his role is really a very short one or might be not so important character. But I am really exited to see him in the movie…..

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thank u so much dear for the information. I knew that he is in vodka diaries but didn’t knew the release date. Thank u so much ☺☺

    2. Thanks for informing

    3. Sanveer

      Omg really?? That’s great news!!!! Thanks for informing❤️

  8. Are exited for his film?

    1. S I am excited

  9. Priyanshipp

    Amazing concept dear. I loved Voice over concept but I also agree with kavya . But it’s ok for the sake of story and pls post soon. Don’t get disappointed we will support u. Take care ☺☺

  10. Amazing one
    Post nxt part asap

  11. Hey. Nice update. Please continue to write. And whichever pair you choose I will definitely read your ff. Because I love both the pairs. So please keep writing. Waiting for the next.

  12. Dhruviii

    Awsmm and sey i didnt comment on last part as i m out of town…i rarely can read any ff…after sometime i will comment regular

  13. Awsm dear

  14. Riyarocks

    Sanveer…I really want to know ur real name…of course sanveer to hoga nhi?& haan I have also commented on your intro….time mile toh flashback me jaake padhlena???amazing start…I’m super excited to know what’s ur nxt move…hehe…bye…tc

    1. Sanveer

      My real name is Anmol. I’m an Girl btw! And thank u so much dear! I always smile when I see ur comments!

  15. Amaz epi yaar nd rahi baat pair ki to suspense bina story kaisi?hehe.. Nd dear jo bhi pair ho u r one of my fav. Sanveerian u always support kanchi as well as sanveer .. ??.. U always support who deserves the most.. Untill fandom..??..nd i genuinely respect u a lott nd lovee u too??.. Plzz post nxt asap.. I m always their 4 u….bye good nit☺☺

    1. Sanveer

      Thank u soooo much!!! That means a lot to me❤️ Ur always Commenting positive stuff for all my ffs!! And I’ll post next one asap

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