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“It’s all over”. That was all Sana could utter after what she had encountered.

“What’s Over?”, said Mark which reflected his usual arrogance and a firm attitude that has always been an inseparable part of his personality.

Sana was speechless as she was not able to recover from what occurred a few minutes ago. That injury to her heart could only let her to crave and mourn but she somehow gathered ,the shattered pieces of her heart and some anger too. She wanted to shoot that moron with her words or with a gun if she could find one at that moment.

“Whatever existed between us! On how many girls have you bumped on since we hooked up?”

“You kicked off very implication of your love, care, sentiments and feelings from my heart with that lubricious act.”

“Come on, there was nothing serious between two of us and that’s not a new thing! You know, that I’m a handsome chap and each & every girl of your age admires me and has a strong longing for me somewhere in her dreams.” Said mark proudly.

Sana deeply regretted that moment when she had fantasized Mark sitting beside her ex-paramour Sam.

Mark was right.

Deep blue eyes, silky hairs on a fair glistening face, an unusual charm, adorable height and a magnetic personality made him the heartthrob of that college and a new topic for gossiping over the coffee.

That handsome youth was every girl’s fantasy and Sana too was infatuated by him. She dumped her boyfriend when fortunately she got a “yes” in exchange of the proposal which she put forth reluctantly in front of Mark.

“Yes, you’re right! That’s not a new thing. You’ve been cheating me the day we landed into this baseless relationship.”

She was about to burst out but felt, that the guy was not worth it.

Mark admitted, “you’re not the most beautiful kind of all for whom I’ll lock up myself or turn up to celibacy. Let me remind you, it was you who approached me. Leave me if you wish!”

Sana disgusted, “you’re not worth it!”

She cursed every road, monument, building, etc that felled on her way while driving to a destination she had no idea of. She cursed that damn moment when her eyes entertained the scene of a handsome youth who was actually a bas*ard and a blo*dy Casanova. She wasted three years of her life in making love to a guy whose feelings were a social service.

Red lights turned on, she pushed the breaks. On the other side of the road was a beautiful flower shop and Sana could clearly witness what was happening inside through the transparent glass window. Meanwhile, her eyes caught a boy in his early teens roaming around the shop searching for something.

“What are you looking for?”

The boy turned to the voice and saw a lady in her mid 20s peeping over him.

He answered, “I’m looking for the best one that could please my girl, but can’t decide. Either a single rose will do or I’ll have to buy a whole bouquet!”

Lady thought for a while and turned to the guy, “Let me narrate you a short story. Hope that will help you a little bit.”

“There was a guy of your age , he too searched a lot of shops throughout the city to buy the most amusing gift that could appeal to the girl he wanted to impress, and that was his first time. The girl never saw that guy , though the guy used to hover around her whole day long!” That girl, to whom he was going to propose to, didn’t even know his name , though the guy used to hover around her whole day long!”

Lady took a sigh for a second which multiplied the curiousness of that little lad at the flower shop. He uttered, “What next?”

“The guy went to the girl with a beautifully wrapped box!”

“Oh, so there was a ring inside, right?”, The boy interrupted.

“Let me finish first!”

“He handed over the box to the girl and did not utter even a single word that could reveal the mystery behind that box or his unexpected appearance in front of the girl to whom the guy was a stranger. Puzzled at this gesture and not knowing what to say or to ask, she simply took the box, unwrapped it and peeped inside the box.”

The lady’s eyes were wandering as if looking up for something, her words were falling out with her lips at a rhythmic pace. She was telling all these stuff with an immense interest and devotion, it seemed as if her story has remained an untold saga since the world came into existence, an epic that needs to be recorded in golden words. Her words at that time were more poetic and her narration was juicier than any other established writer or poet in the whole literary world.

The boy at the flower shop could not choose but listen. His eyes were telling the curiousness of his heart, which was shouting aloud to let the boy himself unwrap the contents within the protagonist of the lady’s epic, ‘the box’.

She started again, “the girl peeped inside the box and there was a note lying there!”

“A piece of paper, now you’re kidding me! The girl must have hit him hard on his face. A piece of paper can’t win anybody’s heart!” The adolescent remarked again.

“Words can do!” Lady continued, “the contents of the paper were,

“I searched a lot but did not find anything

That’s worthier than these two

You cannot choose but rely upon these two

If somebody else could gift you

Something worthier than these two

Than I’ll destroy these two;

because, they belong to you and

what will I do of these two

without you.

“ ‘My heart and my life ‘, are those two!”

“I love you!”

For a moment, a strange silence surrounded the whole arena, both the creatures: the lady and the lad could not hear the buzz of the busy traffic , they got lost somewhere in the contents of the paper.

The adolescent smiled and said “I know what I’ve to do!”

“By the way who were the two?” The boy inquired.

The girl was “Sana”! said the lady.

“Who?” asked the teenager with raised eyebrows.

“You don’t know her!”

“Indeed! How would I know her, she is a character of your story or maybe one of your friends.” Said the boy.

Somebody called out the adolescent. He got in a hurry but did not forget to raise one more query, “And the adorable guy who wrote that note?”

The voice calling out for that boy grew louder. The teenager left in a hurry and cried “good bye young lady and thank you very much!”

The lady was standing still at the transparent front door of the flower shop. With her hands raise and eyes filled with tears lady whispered “Sam”!

Red lights went off and the traffic started buzzing at its original pace once again.

The End.

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  3. If i say awesome,it’ll be less for this tremendous creation..Sana is really a big FOOL.One shouldn’t justify anything by it’s upper look.. My sister read it too & she also like it..Thanks for share ur talent with us..

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  5. That’s really awesome 🙂
    We know the real worth of any person when they are not around us..

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