Its Just another normal morning. Hrudaya is packing lunch for her husband Anand and Son Aditya. She got a message beep in her mobile and try to spare some seconds to look at it. Oh my god …… what is this message? She is in traumatized state. Her body is not at all moving ,in 5 mins she got back to her normal stage and back to work. Still in mind how could he message me like that.

Suddenly she heard some argument from her in-laws and came out of her thoughts. Anand and his dad are arguing with each other in some matter. Hrudaya asked Anand not to argue with his father as it is waste of time. Anand shouted at her ….. Be in your limits … who are u and I know what kind of person are you by the message you received from your friend.

Hrudaya became statue and unknowingly tears started flowing on her cheeks. She has no answer. She is in a situation where she has no answer and ended up as culprit without her knowledge and mistake.

Anand said I saw that message and how can u do this to me Hrudi.

Sanjay is my childhood friend that’s it nothing more than that. Please let me know find out and please don’t conclude anything wrong about that Anand.

Sanjay is Hrudaya school friend and neighbor. Their families were friends since 20 years. Sanjay loves Hrudaya. Sanjay proposed Hrudaya but he never met after proposing and never been in contact in mails or in mobile. Hrudaya too likes sanjay but she is not sure whether she loves him . Hrudaya looked for him for 2 years and later she met Anand in her MBA project and both started loving and got married. This is all happened 7 years back.

Just 6 months back Hrudaya met Sanjay in facebook and they are talking to each other … Sanjay told I missed you but still you are my best friend. They started messaging and Even Anand is aware of this. As Hrudaya never hides anything with Anand. Anand knows Sanjay likes or loves Hrudi but he trusts Hrudi .Sanjay always messages Hrudi that he missed her and it was his mistake .

One day Hrudi asked Now you say that you missed me but what happened at that time when you proposed and left me. I tried for you for 2 years but no contact. Sanjay……….this is life and I can’t wait for someone who is irresponsible and not serious about me. Anand is good guy and I liked him very much. Even I told everything about you when he proposed me.

So on casual chatting is going on between Sanjay and Hrudi. Every day Sanjay says I really missed you. But Hrudi never answered this. They met for coffee twice and even Anand is aware of it.

But the message Hrudi received today is shocking.

Sanjay messaged Hrudi : You are in my dreams where I hug you and Kiss you.

This is the message which Hrudi received in her mobile in the morning. Erroneously Anand saw it. Poor Hrudi knew nothing about this and was normal.

Now Hrudi don’t know what to do ….. He called Sanjay and shouted at him what’s this message and how dare you could message me like that. But Sanjay told what message and what …

Hrudi and Anand started for office leaving Aditya at playschool. Hrudi unabled to control her tears and started asking Anand how to prove my innocence, I am sorry and I don’t know this. Why he messaged this to me. Anand never spoke or replied.

Meanwhile Sanjay called Hrudi and told I am sorry, I didn’t message you .. My friend messaged this to his girlfriend from my phone as his sms offer has to be recharged. Hrudhi didn’t believed this and Even Anand. Hrudi continuously messaging Anand from her office but never got a reply from him.

Evening it’s time to leave Hrudi heart is pounding …Anand came to pick her. But he didn’t look at Hrudi nor spoke a word. Hrudi tears if collected can be small pond. Meanwhile in Fm Radio …. Song started Tum Bewafa ……………

Once after their dinner and in their bed Hrudi again started this conversation but Anand said please stop this… and he slept. Oh Hrudi her struggle for proving innocence is impossible. She wept for the whole night but everything in vain as she can’t tell to anyone.

3 days it’s been like that and Anand is leaving for Chennai on some work the next night. So Hrudi spoke to Anand earlier night. How can I prove my innocence and please give me a chance.

Anand Spoke… I never said that I don’t believe you but the message disturbed me a lot… It’s your fault that you gave leniency to Sanjay. I am worried about that. Today I saw your message and you told this .Will you tell this to me if I didn’t see that message will ever show me that sms. How can I believe that this kind of message you received for the first time?

No Anand… I swear this is first time I received such kind of message. I never spoke anything which gave him a chance to misbehave. Even I am puzzled to receive this. He is continuously calling me but even I am not responding to his calls.

Hrudi … it’s your wish to talk to him or not but please stop this topic now. I trust you and know about it but please stop discussing this…

Anand please Anand Believe me… I never did anything as you thought…Please Anand I never loved anyone as I love you. You know that I don’t hide anything from you. If I really want to cheat how will share everything with you. I should have hide Sanjay matter. But I shared each and every situation. Please don’t imagine anything wrong … its quite embarrassing and insulting Anand ……

Anand remained Silent but his heart is still not accepting that message.

Hrudi told its your side to accept me as earlier or your wish to suspect me. Anything is fine because Sanjay is my friend and I received the message. Wrong is on my side. I happily accept your decision … But I can say only one thing…. You’re the only one whom I love forever and ever.

Later in the morning she called Sanjay and warned him not to call her again and disturb her. Sanjay plan got ruined. He thought this message may bring splits in Hrudi‘s marital life. Anand may suspect her and He can create distance between. But unfortunately he couldn’t succeed in it. Sanjay planned to get Hrudi like this………………

A real love is that who knows all about you but … Still loves you. Love of Anand and Hrudi is so strong that some situations may create disturbances between them but could never separate them.

Sanjay succeeded in creating disturbances but unable to get Hrudi’s love. Now Sanjay is trying to create some issues and problems for Hrudi as he needs vengeance. He tried to exploit her in face book with wrong messages on her wall. He tried to meet her and wants to talk to her and plan to continue his friendship. But Hrudi is not a kid to be cheated again.

Hrudi is excited about telling the happy news to Anand. She is planning how to tell him. Hrudi got confirmed that she conceived. She wants tell this to Anand.

Here Sanjay is planning to create disturbances and trouble Hrudi’s family life. Sanjay is sending messages to Hrudi and apologizing her. But Hrudi determined not to talk to Sanjay.

Anand came from Chennai and went to office. Hrudi is on leave and she planned surprise dinner for Anand. She dropped Aditya in her parent’s place and did minor shopping. Cameback cooked Anand’s favorite dishes. She dressed herself so beautifully and waiting for Anand. Anand came home and started staring at Hrudi as she is looking elegant. She asked Anand to get fresh and she arranged the table. She lit the candles and turned off the lights and played Mohd Rafi’s melodies which are Anand’s favorite. She kept a slip on Anand’s plate …

Anand …. We have a new guest in our life . thanks for that.. from Mom of new guest Hrudi …

Anand is extremely happy and he forget all the things happened just a week back. Sanjay created situations deliberately to show Anand that Hrudi is meeting him and she wants him in his life. But Anand Never believed it as he Hrudi never hide anything ….

Poor Hrudi never know about this and Anand Never told her. Anand now confirmed that these are all the games of Sanjay to disturb their life and he repented to hurt Hrudi….

Sanjay thought of Kidnapping Hrudi and take her away with him to some place .He started in his car and on the way he met with an accident and admitted in hospital and he had fracture in his leg and suggested to be in bed for one month.

Anand got a very good offer in Switzerland .

Anand and Hrudi are excited to start their new life in new place.

For any relation …. Though many disturbances and issues raises True love covers like a shield and protects the loved ones.

The End.

Credit to: Shro


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