Today, My parents showed me another photograph of a girl. They had been in search of a Bride for me. After seeing the pic , I went into my room. I sat quietly holding pillow in my hands. I began to think again about the marriage. I always wanted to fall in love , share magical moments with my lover and then one fine day tie the knot of marriage with her. But there was something inside me which always stopped me to do that. That was the story of my 2 classmates Sanjana and Mohit. The story went as follow….. My class mates Sanjana and Mohit had been knowing each other since childhood. They lived in same colony, Jagruti Vihar, New Delhi . They were good friends and studied in same school.Mohit was very naughty and chubby guy. He mingled with everyone at ease, but on other side Sanjana was shy and simple girl. But still they both were very close to each other and shared almost everything together. I could still recollect the days when I saw them sitting on stairs and sharing each others lunch box.I always liked the bond between them, they always found time for each other. There was something very interesting in them; whenever I looked at them, I always wished that they would remain same way forever, connected with each other. They never allowed anyone else to come in between their friendships although many people tried to create difference to break the bond between them, that indeed was really strong. They sometime made silent conversation in sign language when they wanted to talk in crowd. They had superb understanding. School teachers also admired the fact that one side they competed against each other to get first rank and on other side they remained friends apart from their educational competitiveness. Generally, Mohit won the chase of getting first rank. They were great inspiration to other; they were considered another name of ‘friendship’. Slowly time passed and we all finished our Intermediate (12th class).

And now it was time to get ready to make a clear choice for our future. They both took admission in same College for their engineering also. They still remained special to one another. In college, Mohit opted for Civil engineering and Sanjana for Electrical. I believed, it was first time that they thought or did something different . I also joined in same college and opted for mechanical. This was when we three came together and formed our group. But I always knew that I was an ‘Extra’ in their lives. In college also they continued their friendship in same manner as it was earlier. We 3 used to meet together during lunch time in canteen, and to share our day to day problems, issues, concerns, family problem, future goals etc… Mohit once told he wanted to get a job in reputed Construction company, as he always wanted to build beautiful building and construct lovely house. This was his dream. Sanjana showed her interest to pursue MBA after engineering from any reputed college. They both respected, admired and liked each other dreams. But, The only definite thing about time is, it changes. 3 years passed as no time and It was our final year…… One day Mohit received a phone call from sanjana (Below is conversation detail which Mohit shared with me once)

Mohit :- ‘Hello..’ Sanjana:- ‘Hi Mohit, This is Sanjana’ Mohit:- ‘ O hi sanju, ya tell me …’ Sanjana:- ‘ I wanna meet you yaar ‘ Mohit :- ‘ hmm fine, where ?’ Sanjana:- ‘ Same place …’ (Mohit understood the location with no doubt, as they generally met there to discuss on general ongoing of life. It was a same old school building a km away from their locality. ) Mohit:- ‘ At what time ? Sanjana:- ‘If possible , now’ Mohit:- ‘Ok sure give me half an hour , I will come there ‘ Sanjana, :- ‘Fine , I will wait for you …..’ Sanjana was waiting behind the staircase of that Old school . She was tensed. Mohit came running there as he thought he was late . Mohit :- ‘Hey hi, what happened you looked tensed, tell me’ Sanjana :- ‘ Let’s sit first ‘ They sat on staircase . Sanjana started-’ Mohit, My parents are looking for a groom, they are planning for my marriage’ ‘So what’s wrong in that , every parent have this concern for their daughter, It’s Good right ?’ Mohit said. Sanjana:- ‘No, yaar I love someone else. And till date I haven’t expressed my feeling to him’ Mohit :- ‘ Hey who’s that, you didn’t tell me anything about him. I understand, you don’t consider me your friend . Otherwise You would have told me earlier.’ Mohit said dolefully. Sanjana:- ’Not that yaar, actually this marriage talk and all has made me realize that I want to marry that Guy. I have been also unaware of my feeling for him.’ Mohit :- ‘ Ok baba , tell me I will talk to him , I am with you. Don’t worry and Tell me his name. Do I know him ? Is he from our college ? Sanjana :- Yes , You know him. ‘Vikas ?’ Mohit prompted in between. Sanjana :- No…. Before Mohit could make any other guess , Sanjana gathered some courage and said , ’ It’s You ‘ Mohit didn’t believe what he heard just now. ‘What !!! Me…..??’ he screamed loudly. Mohit:- ‘No baba , No. Sanju, You are my best friend, in fact the only friend But I haven’t imagined you as my Lover or my wife. No yaar. I don’t love you in that way .” Sanjana:- (Surprisingly as she was expecting a definite ‘Yes’ from his side) But why? I know you since childhood , we are no less than each other in any sphere of life. I think we can continue and make a good couple. I love you yaar. Please don’t reject me like this . Mohit :- I am not rejecting you, but what you are expecting , can’t happen. I have other view on marriage, love, wife, etc …. Sanjana:- ‘Do you love someone ? If not then why can’t me?’ Mohit:- ‘No I don’t love any one right now . But I will tell you a fact , I always imagined a girls who would come into my life suddenly and set everything right for me. I always wanted to marry someone I haven’t seen till date and just surrender myself to her so that she can add colors to my life with her charm. I never imagined you in that way. So please don’t take me wrong. You are a nice girl , You will surely find someone good for you.”

Sanjana had tears in her eyes while listening all this . She came close to Mohit, kissed on his forehead and said in low voice- ‘All the best , May you get girl of your life’ But you will definitely remember me. Bye.’ Sanjana left from there in silence. Mohit stood there and realized that he broke her heart. But didn’t feel any guilt or regret as he was very much sure on the choice of his life. Time passed and there was almost no contact between them for few days. After 15 days Mohit received a call . Mohit:- ‘ Hello ….who is this ?’ “Hello Mohit . I am Nita, Sanjana Mother’s. Can you come to NBH Hospital?” Mohit :- ‘what happened Aunty?’ Nita:- ‘ Sanjana jumped off from building, she attempted suicide. She is in hospital ‘ There was a long silence. Mohit was shocked for a while , he didn’t understand what to do ..? He immediately left for the Hospital with no delay. Sanjana was immediately admitted in ICU, her condition seemed to be critical. Mohit reached and sat beside her mother and tried to Console her. Doctor came out after examining Sanjana. ‘How is she doctor saab’? Ms Nita asked. She is out of danger now.But …She lost her legs, I am sorry for that But she won’t be able to walk now.’ Nita and Mohit were stunned . This was like moment of grief for them. Nita cried a lot. Really Life became miserable for them. Days passed by, Sanjana came home on wheelchair. She went into depression. She spent her days constantly staring walls and speaking to none. She became like Living death body. Doctor said ‘She is in depression, and due to this she doesn’t react to things, Please try to keep her happy. This will only help her to come out from depression’ I used to visit her house regularly and try my best to keep her happy. Here on one side I was supporting her to gain her confidence and make a fresh start to her life. And On other side, After a year from this Incident, Mohit got job in a reputed company. After that he married to a Punjabi girl Nalini who also worked in same company. She was almost same kind of girl which Mohit always dreamt of. I didn’t tell this to Sanjana. Mohit almost forgot about his best friend Sanjana , who now was on the wheel chair. Sanjana couldn’t take the rejection by Mohit and attempted suicide. He never went to see her anytime. He always thought it wasn’t his fault at all. He never asked Sanjana to love him, he never asked her to attempt suicide. Mohit was happy in his life. He achieved almost all thing which he expected from life. He believed in his happiness and was happy to be married to Nalini.

One Night around 2:00 am Mohit heard Nalini’s voice, she was talking to someone on her mobile. He observed that Nalini was talking to someone in very soft voice. Mohit didn’t utter a single word and ignored. But same continued for few weeks. He wanted to know to who Nalini talked late night once, she believed, Mohit went sleeping.Next Morning, when Nalini went to wash room, he grabbed her cell phone and checked the call listing. He finds a Name ‘ Anshu’ to who she used to call in night. Mohit stored this number and kept the Nalini’ cell at same place before she came. He sensed something suspicious, so he decided to follow up on this . In his investigation, he came know that ‘Anshu ‘ is none other than his boss ‘Anshuman Sahay’. And Nalini-Anshuman had been in affair with each other for last 2 months. Mohit couldn’t take this and decided to settle the matter. He was very angry with Nalini. He immediately went to her ( she was in bedroom reading magazine) ….. Mohit:- ‘Who is this Anshu ‘ ? He shouted on Nalini. She was shocked to hear that. Nalini :-’ No I don’t know any Anshu .what are you saying ?’ She replied in fear Mohit:- ‘ I know he is that bas**rd Anshuman and you have an affair with him for last 2 months.’ Their argument continued for more than 2 hours , Nalini tried to defend herself but Mohit was not willing to listen to her. Next day, Nalini went a bit early to office. She left a small note for Mohit.‘ I am going to office early for some urgent work . We will talk in evening.Today everything will be settled’. In office, Nalini directly went to Anshuman’s cabin and recited him the whole story. Anshuman said- ‘ Nalini , I love you, if you also love me then leave Mohit and come with me, I will give you all the thing which you always wanted . I am crazy about you and want you at any cost.’Choosing Anshuman was wise choice for Nalini . She will get everything from him, Money, luxury, everything which she had been dreaming of . Taking the advantage of the situation, Nalini went close to him, held his hand and said- ‘ Even I love you Anshuman , I don’t know why I married Mohit, That was probably the biggest mistake of my life. I want to leave him . I always loved you but didn’t expressed’ ‘Ok fine, so today’s Evening I will come to your house and talk to Mohit to file divorce with You. If he agrees it’s fine or else I will see him then. Now nothing can come between you and me. ‘ Anshuman added. Here Mohit was waiting for Nalini to settle down the matter. He decided to talk to her and explains the importance of their love. Nalini reached home, Mohit went near to her and said- ‘ I am sorry, I behaved very badly yesterday I love you and let’s start all over again, I mean You and me are both made for each other so why don’t you love me I will keep you happy always Believe me…..’ Before Nalini could say any word. There was knock on a door. Mohit opened the door. He was surprised to see Anshuman on Door. He called him inside. After sitting on chair Anshuman told about his love and affair with Nalini. He said :- ‘ I want you to give divorce to Nalini and set her free. she doesn’t like you. I want to marry her after you give her divorce, I don’t want anything wrong happen to anyone of us. so Please listen to me and do as I say .’ Mohit rushed toward Anshuman and grabbed his collar. ‘ How dare you come to my home and talking about my wife? Leave, otherwise I will forget that you are my colleague.’ Mohit added angrily. ‘You can ask to Nalini , to who she wants. If she says it’s you I will leave now. Or else you have to go away from our lives. Because at any cost I will get her” Anshuman replied with same anger in his tone. Mohit looked at Nalini , who was silent witness of all that was going through. ‘Why are you standing like a statue ? Tell Him that you love me and want me ‘ Nalini in low voice said-’ Mohit I don’t love you. It’s decision time, I don’t want to cheat you , but I love Anshuman.’

Mohit didn’t believe this. He went crazy after hearing that. He went into kitchen and grabbed the knife. He wanted to finish Anshuman now. In this act of anger, a little quarrel broke out between the two and Mohit killed Anshuman with that knife. Anshuman fell down on the floor, blood was pouring out of his stomach. He was dead. Mohit murdered Anshuman . Nalini rushed towards Anshuman body and started screaming and crying. Mohit now realized that ‘Nalini never loved him’ .He didn’t know what to do now. He left everything as it was and ran away from the place of incident. Later , when Police arrived on the location, they found Nalini lying on floor in sub conscious state. Lady constable sprinkled some water on her face and made her to come back to normality. When police asked about the detail , she narrated then the whole story. She told police, that Mohit did all this things and ran way from the spot. After 3 days, Mohit was arrested and was under police custody , behind the bars. In Jail, sitting alone at the corner Mohit now recollected and realized that how he rejected the most appropriate proposal for his life, Sanjana.He now began to realize his mistake for not accepting Sanjana as his life partner. His desire to have Beautiful and mod wife brought him to this stage. He cried now and regretted for what he has done to his all time school friend and best mate ever ‘sanjana’ “I am sorry sanjana” he said in grief. He’s now remembering her and crying . But really it was too late. The twosome who always stayed together, who shared everything, who was source of inspiration to other now were at such a position, One was on wheel chair and other behind the bars. I have seen all these happening and my heart cries for both of them. Still Today also I ask to myself some questions * What was Sanjana’s fault ? ‘ She just loved her childhood mate thinking that they would be perfect couple together and what she received in return ‘ Wheelchair and depression for whole life’ * Why Mohit didn’t accept Sanjana ‘ Just to have someone coming from no where to change his life and add colors to it.’ * Why Nalini cheated Mohit ? ‘To have a secure and promising life with luxury and money involved ‘ * ‘Why we think, what we have are less important. * Why our heart and mind cheat us and make us believe on thing which we are not aware of.?’ This is purely the case of expectation in love. We handle love very carelessly. We want more on everything, but forget the simple rule of love- ‘Never expect, just believe in love’

The End.

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