Some Love stories live forever…Part 3 by Rosa

Hello peeps so here I am with the tyird part of the story.And plzz do read the authors note at the end because I need your suggestions.

Anika had gained conciousness but she was still feeling weak,Shivaay was hell tired with waking all nights and other works but he was happy that his Anika was fine.Shivaay had already decided that he would confess his feelings to Anika as she got well for doing it now may stress her.Shivaay opened Anika’s room door only to find her struggling to sit up he immediately ran upto her and helped her sit up and said in an annoyed tone”Why do you have to sit up all on your own?You could have called me if you needed anything.”Saying so he started adjusting her bed and took out the food he had brought.Seeing his lovely gesture Anika just smiled and held his hand and said”Why do you have to do this for me,you could’ve asked Omru or Soumya to bring in food??”
“Because….you are my….”Shivaay started but Anika stopped him in between and sadly said”….I’m your Responsibility”saying so she looked down.Shivaay lifted her head and moved her strand of hair on her head and lovingly said”No Anika not my responsibility….you are my wife yes Anika you are Mrs.Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi,you are the one who has taught me what true love is,you are the one with whom I can share all my sorrows and worries,you are the one who has courage to argue wit me,only you can bear my daily tantrums……you are someone more than just my wife….you are my best friend.”Hearing him call her his wife and best friend Anika could no longer hold her emotions and hugged Shivaay and started sobbing “Uh……..Anika you are wetting my shirt”Shivaay complained.Anika looked at him and gave a weak smile,Shivaay continued”And dare not cry in front of me if I ever get to see tears in your eyes they have to be of joy and not of pain”Anika just nodded after that ShivIka lovingly fed each other.
Shivaay and other family members requested the doctor to allow Anika to go home as even Anika was not feeling good there.The doctors allowed them but told them to be careful and come for regular checkups as her wounds were fresh.
Shivaay went to Anika’s room and said”Congrats Mrs.Oberoi we will be leaving soon you don’t have to stay in this Murgi Ka Darbaana anymore we will go back to Oberoi Mansion…..your home…..our home.”Anika smiled at him and kept on looking in his kanji eyes.But they were interrupted by a voice which said”Not so soon brother-in-law we yet have scores to settle.” Anika looked at the owner of the voice and whispered”Bhai….”
To be continued……

Authors note.
So guys reason why I asked you to read this part is that since Shivika have already realized there feelings towards each other and their story is moving in flashback already so there would be no cute nok-jhoks and that would make this ff quite monotonous to read.So I have decided to introduce Anika’s brother as a young 17-18 year old who would have a parallel love story,though main focus will be on ShivIka yet some cute nok-jhoks would only make this ff intresting and also different from serial.So plz help me with the actors here are some of the choices I have for parallel lead but if you have any other teen actors in mind most welcome.
1.Siddharth Nigam
2.Faisal Khan
4.Vishal Jetwa
5.Namit Shah
1.Reem Sameer Shaikh
2.Tunisha Sharma
3.Roshni Wallia
4.Jannat Zubair Rahmani
5.Avneet Kaur
And yes all of them are friends and may have small roles but parallel leads are to be decided by you guys.
Keep reading!!!!!
Keep loving ShivIka,RumAya and GauKara

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  1. Nita D

    Nice update….plz don’t tell me too choose between these…all of them are my favourite….I have seen the shows in which they have acted….they guys are fab….

    1. Nita D

      Accha chalo I have zeroed down to two pairs….both are at same level for me…


  2. Excellent

  3. Superbbbb.. Nd I go with siddarth nd reem.. Waiting for the nxt..

  4. Zerahmalik

    Superb episode…
    Waiting for next one…

  5. Rosa18

    Thanx all of you I am unable to thank all personally bcuz of net problem but all ur comments mean a lot to me.And yeah NitaD they all are my fav that is why I chose them and all will have a role in it.But Rosal and Reemarth are my fav.

  6. Awesome…

  7. Nice one dear..

  8. Amayaa

    Siddhartha nd reem
    Sid is my favourite
    I liked him as ashoka too
    Nd reem in maharana pratap

  9. Aryaraju

    Good one ?

  10. Rosa18

    So guyss Reemarth win I guess So possibly Siddharth Nigam would be playing the role of Siddharth Anika’s brother and Reem Shaikh would be playing the role of Tridha Kumari Sharma Yeah she will be the cousin of Gauri.

  11. faisal khan plzz

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