Some Love stories live forever…Part 2 by Rosa

Recap:Ansh begins to read the book on shivika.

Anika lay there as a lifeless body.Her eyes were open but they were expressionless,though the tiredness of a 10 hour critical operation was clearly visible on her face.She could hear,feel and see people but could not respond.It had been two days since Shivaay had brought her lifeless shot body to the hospital.Doctors had already lost hope of her recovering since the bullet had gone right past her chest and she had a swollen artery.
Shivaay was breaking moment by moment seeing his lifeline there.Pinky came and said to him”Its all my mistake I did not trust Anika when she told me about Kamini and always wanted her to leave you”.Shivaay started sobbing on her shoulder and kept on sayiing that it was not her mistake but Pinky was inconsolable,she was loosing her daughter…yes she considered Anika her daughter now.

Shivaay slowly got up from hard plastic chairs and went and sat near Anika.He held her hand and began”Anika I never realised your worth,I thought you did not deserve me,mom hated you,yet you stood by me in all phases of our so called marriage.You considered me your friend and told me about Ranveer and Kamini the very first day but I betrayed you still you took the bullet on you which was meant for me Why?Anika Why?Answer me….you don’t want to answer fine I will tell you that is because you love me yes that is the truth accept it Mrs.Oberoi.Stop staring me like this get up throw water on me,break my head but get up.okay I’m sorry I did not confess first but yes I love you more than myself.Anika you are my life,my better half,my world….”Saying so he burried his hed near her when Anika moved her finger.His head shot up with the sensation and he looked at her as she slowly moved her eyes.He was very happy and ran to call the doctor.
To be continued…….

Authors note.
So here is the next part IK it has been long but somehow I have managed to write here so plzz comment if you lyk.
Keep loving ShivIka,GauKara and RuMaya.

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  2. Hey Rosa….
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    Thanx Aisha,Dini,Bhavna,Banita,Lilly for ur support I will surely try to update asap.

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    Nice episode….but plz make it more longer….

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    Hi Rosa…. I just read both the parts… And i must say its different. I am active more in Ipkknd page and yhm page. And i am a huge fan of shivika. I have written 3 ffs on Ishra and Arshi.And i loved the update… Its awesome. So i am entering this fam too ?

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