Some Love stories live forever…Part 1 by Rosa

Hello everyone this is Rosa here .I am a big ishqbaaz fan.And this is my first ff.So do comment and tell if you like it.

Love me thoda aur…
“So Mr.Ansh Singh Oberoi welcome to Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar.Let us talk about love.Has love ever happened to you?”Aksed RJ Sid.

“No sid I am afraid to fall in love and loose my loved ones.”Replied Ansh.”What are you saying?the great ASO is afraid to fall in love.”Inquired a confused RJ.Ansh took. a deep breath and said “Have you ever read Hamari Adhuri kahani”
“The best selling love novel by shivika,who has not”
“Well Shivika is my sister”Ansh replied all teary eyed.Sid gave him a tissue and asked “But that story has a happy ending

How finally anika breaks the great wall of shivaay and then makes him hers and the live happily ever after.””No that is only the first part the second part Ishq Saccha Vohi Jisko Milti Nahin Manzilen was also started by shivi dii but before she could finalize the draft she met with other shock of loosing he fiance and had to be sent to rehabillation centre.”Saying so ansh pulled out a book and showed it to sid.”Would you mind reading it out to the nation?”Asked sid.

Ansh just nodded.Sid played the next add got up and brought two cups of coffe.after settled down.Ansh began”so this story starts from where the last after confession”

Authoer note.
So that is my first part do comment if you want me to continue it,

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  1. Amazing…. eagerly waiting for next…

    1. Rosa18

      Thanx lily
      will post the next part soon

  2. Nita D

    Wow interesting….shivika’ love story through a book, read by his son….

    1. Rosa18

      Thanx nita
      will post the next chapter soon

  3. Amazing post next part soon

    1. Rosa18

      Thanx shivika
      will post the next chapter soon

  4. Thedreamsoul

    A new concept , good luck rosa and I liked it , update soon

    1. Rosa18

      Thanx the dreamsoul
      will post the next chapter soon

  5. It sounds interesting…looking forward to read the nxt part..update asap!

    1. Rosa18

      ThanX bhavna
      will post the next chapter soon

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  7. Shivika

    The concept is from a novel……can love happen twice…..nd i really love it…..interesting yr…..would love to read ur ff further

    1. Rosa18

      Yaa the starting is from can love happen twice but I can’t include that in my ff since the ploy is different.

  8. Archisha

    That is very good. Hope you post soon

  9. Great start… Waiting for the next update…

  10. Jerry_36


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