Love Stories….Episode 3


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Title: Breakup

“I‘ll be in ten minutes, you just wait at our spot!” and the line went dead.

All Rashi could interpret was a blunt, discouraging piece of hostile phrase. Out of all the most romantic and fanciful evenings they had spent at the same place, this one seemed to be amiss and Rashi could just feel the rawness in the air. Even though the climate seemed completely acknowledgeable, her instincts strongly suggested there’s a cyclone showing up and not just another romantic chilly drizzle!

It’s even before the expected time, Shrey had showed up. The usual confab was carried for a good two minutes and Rashi could clearly sense something was really wrong or at the least not-so-correct. Shrey was not behaving like ‘her Shrey’, who she usually called him. She gave a thumbs-up to her so called instincts and made up her mind to get him clarified. Even before she could open her already trembling lips, Shrey started to spit out.

“I’m on a purpose to meet you this evening Rashi”. Rashi was stupefied to hear her name called out in such a hoarse way. It was always a darling or at least a sweetheart following her name but this sounded too gravelly than he had intended to. All she could do was putting up a frown over her discolored face and mutter a “Huh?”. The sky was equally cheesed off to drape itself with the thick dark clouds and was ready to push them off its fringe in any moment.

“Rashi, this really is an important matter, and you must understand what I’m going to say”.

“Just shoot out Shrey….whatever it is”, was the retorted reply from her half-lost-in-thought heart.

“Rashi this thing can’t be happening anymore, we have to give up.”

“We whaaat???” she said that but it was almost a whisper which she herself couldn’t hear. A million things were going in her head right then, but she was not getting on what thought she had to land on.

“Yes, I can’t do this Rashi…I just don’t think it would work out for both of us”.

Slowly she began to understand what he’s exactly trying to say. Everything was falling in place correctly. He, making up arguments for every minuscule discussion, always asking her to give up, he not being the same ‘he’ since the past few days. But Rashi just convinced herself every time, thinking everything could set itself right, the very next moment. But it became irreparable by the time she realized the factual truth that he was building up a barrier between them; which was stronger than the love she has developed within for him, only making the wall highly impassable.

Rashi still wasn’t sure what the inner sense for his words was. She managed to say, “Shrey please be direct to me, just don’t make it difficult.”

Shrey, understanding her mental position, moved a step away and slowly put out the the deadly truth. “Rashi I’m not in love with u anymore, And I don’t want to cheat myself and indirectly cheat you thinking it’s still the same Thing! So let’s end it here”.

The world around was breaking itself into a million pieces and each one was piercing her heart in every hidden corner possible. The pain was so excruciating that she rather wanted her breath to give away, than undergoing it. She was trying terribly hard to get in charge of herself, trying to compose herself but the hurt was too deep that it could take a zillion lives to completely get cured. This was the cyclone she realized, was not the one to do anything with the nature but with her own disintegrating life. The expected downpour started it’s show, teasing her that it was not her evening anymore like the earlier ones. Every other thing around started to drench just like her; but the irony was, she also had turned out to be a lifeless being just like the immovable benches and the rugged road beneath, on realizing the fact.

“I’m really sorry Rashi but this is the truth.” He was equally doused by the violent rain. He caught her arm and started to run for a shelter around. But Rashi just snapped it out and suddenly became vigorous outwardly, veiling

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