Love Stories….Episode 1


Hello guys i am going to share some beautiful love stories with you all…. this is inspired by shows like YEH H AASHIQUI,PYAAR TUNE KYA KIA,TWIST WALA LOVE.Small beautiful love stories… hope u all like it…. please share ur opinion.


She looked around the room, students were busy doing experiments, mixing the chemicals and noting down the readings of the burette and the test tube. She gasped her breath and thought,”What interest do they find in measuring amount of chemicals reacting with certain amount of another chemicals,taking the readings and finally concluding what they already knew!!! It was so boring”.

Practical labs did seldom excite her. She loved theory classes because she could atleast sleep through it without being noticed by the teacher but in lab she had to be attentive and she hated that. It was her third day in the college and here she was doing chemistry experiments. She had thought that she would be at least spared in the college but it turned out to be the other way round. Beside her was standing a boy from some other class. She looked at him, he was absorbed in doing the experiments. She turned away and stared out of the window.

”Aren’t you interested in the experiment?”asked a voice from behind. She turned back and saw the boy was looking at her and smiling.

She retorted”I am never interested.”

He said,”Oh! That’s nice,what’s your name?”

”Puja” I replied,”and yours?”

“Rahul”, he said. Thus started their conversation and within 15 minutes, they had discussed it all. He was from Lucknow and she was from Patna. They discussed their likes, dislikes ,about their siblings and many more things. Now they chattered away gaily unware of the fact that the teacher was staring them from far behind. Finally the teacher came and said”I find you two more interested in talking than doing the experiments.So,I think it would be more apt for you two to get out of the lab and in the next class perform these experiments all over again”.

They walked out of the class. She was so happy,the punishment was a blessing in disguise. She asked”Feeling hungry?”.

He said “Yes!” They exchanged a smile and went to the café and ordered an ice cream each.

She said”Thankfully we were asked to get out,it was so boring there.”

He nodded his head in support. Then they saw a boy proposing to a girl in the café. The girl blushed and accepted the proposal. All present there clapped and so did they.

Puja said”It was so cute.”

Rahul said,”Everything seems beautiful in the beginning,you face the reality after some time has elapsed.”

Puja wasn’t expecting such an answer. She asked”Have you been in love?”

He looked into her eyes and said”Yes!”

She was happy to know this and poked him to tell his story. Finally Rahul gave up and consented to tell his story.

He said”I was in class 6 when the teacher ordered us to sit according to our roll numbers and I was made to sit beside her.”

“What was her name?”Puja asked.

”Ridhi Aggarwal”he said.

Then he continued,”She was so introvert at that time. Seldom we talked. I was spellbound by her simplicity and cuteness.I had fallen in love with her. From class 6 we used to sit together and it continued till we were in class 10. I felt blessed that my roll number preceded hers. I used to ask her for her copy so that I could talk to her. I used to stare at her with my side glances and she was completely unaware of that.Every morning I woke up happily to go to school,just to sit beside her and see her.It made me so happy.I will never forget that feeling.”

Puja looked at him and could see that he was completely lost in his memories.She thought,”It would be better not to interrupt him with my stupid questions”and she let him continue.

Rahul continued with his story”When I was in class 10,I thought of telling her about what I felt about her but never had the courage to do so. I think my presence didn’t matter much to her but to me it was only her presence that mattered. We were not very good friends and neither did I ever try to befriend her friends to convey my feelings indirectly to her.”

“Days dragged away and soon the day came which I feared. Our class 10 came to end and now she was to be shifted to the girls branch of the school and I would stay back there without her. I felt terrible, but couldn’t stop her. She had to go and she went away. It was so terrible sitting in the class without her beside me and every time I felt so I cursed the school of making such stupid rules of transferring the girls to another building after class 10.

Whatsoever ,days passed by and now I had completed my class 12,had qualified an engineering examination and got admitted to a prestigious engineering college.But she still occupied my mind with her memories.How badly I wished I could get a glimpse of her.It had been two years since I saw her.”

“Now that I was in the college I came to know about this facebook stuff, made an account and searched for and finally after 15 min of search found her. She had put profile picture of Barbie,but I thought she was prettier than the doll. Instantly I sent her friend request and to my amazement it was accepted instantly.I looked at my chat box,she was online. At that moment my happiness knew no bounds.My heart was dancing on a rhythm of its own. Quickly I messaged her’Hi!’,but got no reply. I was about to log out when the chat box showed red.

I opened and saw her message’Hi Rahul, sorry for the late reply,net connection was real slow.’

I replied’It’s ok! How are you?’

It was the first day of our facebook conversation.After that day we chatted regularly and I was quick in giving her my number saying she could contact me if she wanted to.But she never called.Then one day I asked her to meet me the next time I visited Lucknow.She hesitated but soon I persuaded her and she agreed. Months passed and now it was time for me to go back home,holidays had just begun.

While I was putting my luggage in the train,my cell vibrated.I took it out from my pocket and saw there was a message. As I read it,I couldn’t thank God less.It was a message from Riddhi and in it she wrote’It is my number,wish you a happy journey!’ My happiness knew no bounds. I felt like dancing in the train,sing aloud and just go crazy.

The next morning I reached my grandmother’s place .Soon I received a message from her again’We can meet tomorrow if you want at 5 in the evening near Big bazaar,Patil road.’ It was unbelievable for me. Just the thought that she had agreed to meet me made me ecstatic. The very next morning I left for Lucknow telling my grandmother that I had some important errands to do.And I didn’t tell lie.It was important,actually very important for me. I waited for the evening to come soon.I was so childish.

Finally at 5 in the evening ,I reached the place and waited for her to arrive. I was carelessly looking around when I caught a glimpse of her and really she made me breathless. She was walking down the road towards me.She looked amazing.I could stand there eternally just to see her walking towards me. She looked so pretty,so innocent. I was still staring her when she came and greeted me with a ‘Hi’. I shook hands with her.It was so beautiful to have her hands in mine,her soft hand, I felt like not leaving it but couldn’t do so.

Soon her friend too emerged from behind and greeted me. Her friend asked me to come to her house. I felt a little awkward and was bemused what to do. Riddhi gave me a soothing look and said it was completely ok. How could I reject it now. We three went to her friend’s house and were treated well by Aunty. The other girl,named Riya was her best friend and with special care she made me be at ease in her house.

We talked about our school life and how life had changed thereafter.Meanwhile , I was less interested in the talks and more interested in looking at her.She had an aura of quietness,peace and freshness around her.The way she gave little smiles to me in between the talks took my breath away.I was so happy.Few hours gone i decided to leave. “

“That day proved to be a turning point and we started talking and texting endlessly.One day she said’Do you like me?’
I wasn’t expecting this question from her and was confused,but couldn’t help my feelings and said,’In between the talks we shared,the numerous calls and messages,the moments we laughed together I fell for you. Yes,I like you and love you. What would you answer if I ask the same question.’

She said she needed a little time to think over it. Two days after came her reply ‘You can change your facebook relationship status,you have my consent.’ I thought for a while ‘Does it mean yes?’ Ofcourse it does ,said my inner voice. Puja,that day was the happiest moment of life,i was so happy and was singing around the room and happily told my mother about it.

After teasing for a while my mother hugged me and said ‘But be a little careful with your heart my son ,its very delicate.’ I nodded my head. From that day we both woke up at 5 in the morning and wished each other good morning. We shared everything our life comprised of.Her best friend was also happy to know now we were together. But the day came when I had to leave for my college.I wanted to meet her but couldn’t. “

“Our talks continued when I reached my hostel.I used to share with her everything. Starting from what I had for lunch ,dinner,to how the teacher scolded me and even about how my friends teased me with a girl in the class. She too heard patiently and our talks were endless.”

“One day there was some network problem and I couldn’t reply her messages.When I called her she was furious and scolded me for about half an hour.But I was happy.You know why? Because I thought my messages meant something to her, she attached importance to it and waited for it. Thinking this made me smile. After apologizing to her,I made her laugh the full day with my petty jokes and in the night when our talk finally ended she was still laughing. I was doing what I wanted to,I was the reason for her to smile.”

“Puja,those were the beautiful months of my life , cherishable for ever and will never perish from my memories.But I hate the brevity of happiness. “

Now Puja interrupted,”What happened after that? Your story was so beautiful till now!!”

Rahul said”For few days I had begun to sense something awkward in her behavior. She was not rude but she was not polite.She was not impatient,but she was neither at peace. She never complained but was neither happy.I was perplexed.We begun to talk less,she begun to share less.I couldn’t bring myself to decipher the reason for this change in her.

One day I asked her’Are you happy in this relationship?’ Her reply was a blunt NO. I said nothing more and consented for her to leave. We seldom talked after that.I never asked her the reason and she never told me the reason.I was afraid of losing her and at the same time wanted to let her go because I wanted her happy, with me or without me,doesn’t matter. Now her presence in my life reduced to a mere green light in my facebook chat box. I cried my heart out, but there was nothing I could do about it. I waited for her to return to me but she never did.

Few months after that I came to know she had found her love in a boy who was my classmate and so hers too and they were happy together. I was happy for her, though the news shattered my heart to pieces.I remembered my mother had said to take care of my heart but I had failed to do so. The light had gone out of life.I had already pictured a life with her in my thoughts ,but it could never be painted in reality.”

Puja looked at him and thought,”Why did she leave him without giving him any reason? How could she break the heart of a boy who loved her immensely?”

Rahul sat there in complete silence.He was walking back in the lanes of memory,reliving every moment he thought he had forgotten.

Finally Puja broke the silence”That was sad but this doesn’t mean u can’t have another girl in your life.Just give it to one who can mend it forever and be careful in choosing the right girl next time.”

Rahul gave her a smile and winked at her “Would you help me in finding one?”

Puja smiled back and said”Yes!”

Meanwhile God ,sitting above in his heavenly abode was watching his children. He saw these two and gave a twinkling smile and said”I think I can be of a little help to you two!”

Back to earth Rahul said”You told you don’t like these practical classes. I am having a practical class tomorrow evening and what about you?”

Puja said gaily,”Even I am having a practical class tomorrow, I think it would be better to sacrifice it for an ice cream together again in the evening. What do you say?”

Rahul said,”As u wish mam!!”

Thus both departed.But here, there is a confusion.Was it the end of a story or the beginning of a new one? I don’t know.The one sitting above has already worked out his plan on that!!!!!!!!

The End.

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