love is still alive ~ OS (by shona)


Hey guys…… shona here…… wd an os…… as a surprise for laddooo’s birthday….. toh wish u a very very very very happy vala birthday…… hope u lyk it……

A day i opened my Facebook account…… as usual lots of requests….. i saw d list nd accept d pps whom i knw nd others r still pending…… but wait my eyes falls on one name KUNJ SARNA…… aaaaaandddd he is sooo handsome yrrr i opened his account as i get attracted to him…… nd fish he is damn cute yrr…… each nd every pic nd posts ahhhh m fallingggggg…… falling in love ? well after seeing his profile “completely”…… i thought to accept but wait noo i don’t knw him but i think i should take diz as a chance to knw him….. but what if he is a flirt or a typical “chedu” type bndaa…… urghhhh war btwn brain nd heart it happens all d tym……
No i don’t want diz request to be pending only 2 optns r der “accept or delete” and and and aaaandddd i delete it as always my mind wins…… ya ya i m feelingless emotionless i thought practical always….. no reason m lyk diz only since childhood….. “twinkle taneja emotionless bndiiii nvr understands anyone feelings” boys who thinks they love me says diz alwaysssss…… not my mistake yrr i nvr feel for any1….. neverrrr…… leave it…… nxt day again his request diz tym widout thinking a scnd tym i deleted his request yes i literally did dat i don’t want my heart to win over my mind…… dn again his request again i deleted it dn again nd again nd again nd again nd again……. huhhh after deleting around 70 tyms i accepted…… nd as i accepted his request his msgs starts…… hii.. how’zz u….. gudmrng.. gudevng.. gudnyt….. etc etc….. After sooooooooo many msgs i replied….. we start chatting he msgd me every day nd i started replying….. we became friends i asked him why he sent me friend request nd msgd me u did it wd every girl or i m spcl….. first he didn’t reply dn i msg him wht happen say smthng….. he replied “u r special….. i knw u already…. when i saw u first tym i fell in love wd u” i asked “i didn’t meet wd u…. when u saw me??” He replied “u remember u save a little girl she was about to hit by d car but u pull her on tym dn she starts crying

T: don’t cry u r alive
G(sobbing): i was crying bcoz my mumma is lost somewhere
T: ohhh….. but ur mumma is not lost buddhu u lost…..
G(confused): really i thought my mumma lost…..
T: okay tell me ur mumma’s mobile number…… u knew or not…..
G(happily): yaa i knw…..
T: dn tell me so dat i’ll call ur mumma nd inform her dat her angel is here nd she’ll come running fast…..

Dn she told u a number nd u inform her mumma she came nd take her child wd her…… all d tym i was der only i saw d whole incident nd after dat i started following u….. but u don’t knw anything….. i love u twinkle….. i really love u” after reading all diz i was shocked literally my heart stopped beating as if everything freezes for a second it was mixed feelings but i knw it was not d feeling of love my hands starts shaking whn i was typing….. 5 min left but i didn’t replied dn he again msgd me “it’s ok i knw u don’t knw me well i don’t want ur answer now don’t think too much i’ll tell when i want to knw” i replied shockingly “ohh when u want to hear d answer u’ll tell me….. but i was about to say noo bcoz i don’t love u” he replied “i knw dat…… dat’s y i tell u i don’t want answer now…. i knw 1 day u’ll definitely fall for me dat day i’ll tell u to answer me” i said “u sounds sooo confident” he replied “yes i m…… i believe in power of love” we talked for smtym slowly we became close friends we exchange our numbers started sharing our secrets…… we told eo each nd everything happen in a whole day….. it became our everyday routine…… now we r habitual of eo….. we talked on call nd meet many tyms…… i saw his love for me….. kunj loves me he cared for me alot….. everything is going lyk diz only….. he is expecting love from me but i m not ready to accept dat i started loving him…… yes i started loving him….. but dat tym i don’t knw dat i was in love…… one day he call me “twinkle…. i got my job” i said “wow kunj i m soo happy for u” he said “but…… i have to go delhi for training session for 3 months” i was sad listening diz but i didn’t realize diz kunj continued “twinkle….. do u love me??” He finally asked to me….. he wanted to knw my answer….. he loves me alot but…. i replied “i don’t” he smile sadly yup we were in a phone call but i knw him….. he said “i thought u love me….. i saw in ur eyes….. i think u r not accepting dat u love me” i replied “may be….. m not sure” he said “tomorrow i m going out for 3 months….. no phone call no chit-chatting if u missed me dat means u love me…… today is 28 after 3 months same day i’ll ask u same question(u love me??) last tym nd u have to answer honestly” i replied “done” but as he cut d call i started thinking how will i live for 3 months widout even talking to him i already started missing him…… as days pass it’s difficult for me to live widout him…… i started feeling suffocating stressed but i knew it’s all bcoz i was missing him….. bcoz i love him….. yess…. i love kunj….. i was just waiting for 3 months to pass….. but it is really difficult for me to live each day waiting for him….. i want him to come right now i want to tell him how much i love him….. as days passes my curiosity to see him increases nd i couldn’t tolerate it any more but i have no optn i have to wait…… 3 months passed nd d day finally came….. i was waiting for him but he didn’t came d day reached at it’s end but he didn’t came….. is he forget me?? Or he don’t love me anymore?? Negative thoughts started to roam in my mind…..

dn suddenly my phone ring i saw d name flashing “KUNJ” i happily picked up his call….. “twinkle” was d word he said but….. “i love u” i said widout wasting a single second he didn’t reply i think he was smiling i can feel it…… I continued “kunj i really love u…… love u sooooooooo soooooo much i wanna spend my whole lyf wd u….. i m soo happy dat u call me why won’t u come to meet me i was waiting for u since morning i thought u forget me u find some1 else….. i’ll kill u if u leave me now….. u hear dat kunj….. say naa…. y r u not saying anything” he said “if u give me chance to speak dn i’ll say naa” i hit my head wd my hand nd thought “stupid twinkle” but kunj hear dat even i don’t knw how “don’t u dare to call stupid to urself” i shockingly said “hawww kunj….. u knw me very well….. achaa i wanna meet u now” he said “now…. i think u r at ur home right now” i replied “soo what u can’t do such small thing for me” he said “okay” nd disconnect d call…… i thought to open d gate of balcony so dat kunj will able to come in but as i turn i find kunj der i get happy run nd jump on him nd give him a bone crashing hug….. he did d same wd me…… we break d hug nd he kissed me on my forehead cupping my face….. i said “not bad kunj sarna super fast haa” he said “coz i knw u very well ur wishes ur wants……” before he will complete i kissed him on lips it was a passionate one full of love nd a deep kiss i don’t want to break it but my phone rang…… we break d kiss nd i said to kunj “u’ll not leave me naa” he said “go pick up d phone” it was not d answer but i saw tears in his eyes…… i goes toward my bed where my cell is nd saw chinki’s name as i pick up chinki said “twinkle…. kunj meet wd an accident he was crossing d road hurriedly outside ur home only but got badly hit by d car….. i saw him nd take him to d hospital….. he is….. he is dead now nd his dead body is in hospital come fast m here only” she cuts d phone i started breathing heavily sweating badly tears was coming from my eyes…. i don’t want to turn my face but i have to look so i turn towards balcony nd no one was der i noticed gate of balcony was closed from inside i turned towards d door it was also closed from inside……. i looked here nd der in whole room kunj was nowhere….. i was shivering badly when smthng strikes in my mind nd i rushed towards d hospital……. asked receptionist nd reaches to icu where he was…… i ran inside doctors tried to stop me but i don’t listen….. i saw kunj lying on d icu bed…… a doctor came to me nd said “look he is dead….. we r shifting him from icu….. wait for smtym we will handover u d dead body….. plz leave d icu now……. no one is allowed in d icu” i move slowly looking at kunj only but i feel dizzy nd fell on d floor itself……. “kunj” was d last word i said wd tears in my eyes…… yes last word….. i got sudden attack nd died in d icu only…… i m wd my kunj now……. we r dead but our love is still alive……. alive in every couple….. every LOYAL couple….. who r dedicated towards der loved once….. we meet in earth but heaven made us together….. together forever…… Where no fear of death no fear of society….. religion…. age…. colour….. anything any1 nothing…… only u nd ur loved once…… twinkle nd kunj…… i love u kunj…… kunj back hug me nd whisper i love u too my love……

##screen freezes##

Clapping…… ????
Happy ending……
Sad ending……
Up to u……
But i wanna knw through ur comments…….
Nd if it’s boring plzz forgive me…… it’s general concept i tried to portrayed it in my style……
Comment u lyk or not…..
Love u all…..
Bubyee….. ??

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  1. nice…loved it

  2. Sameera

    Wow yar shona tussi kaamal kar ditta seriously awesome yaar
    Plz post ur both ff nah plshh ???

  3. I want a happy Ending please….
    The story is so good…Emotional…

  4. Hey shona
    payal hear
    os was awesome
    well i am a silently reader and also from indore only….
    Your ff unconditional love is fab pls post it asap..
    luv u…bye

  5. Hey shonaa awesome OS…loved it to core…I’m the silent reader of your ff Unconditional love twinj which is one of my favorite ffs…I’m missing this ff like hell…please try to post this ff soon…plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz????????????it’s my request…I can’t wait any more for it…plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post it soon…

  6. It was so sweet episode shonaa……..ya I was literally crying at the end but still it was a wonderful episode

  7. Ayu

    Emotional one! N me started crying as always??
    I loved it though…it was a sad ending…but nicely written!
    Keep going gurl n i want more??

  8. Ranabulbul

    Hwy shona hey shona …hohoooooo ….
    Wt an is with sad and happy ending both ….
    Apna ff bhi post kr do I am dying to read it di plz plz plz post ur ff na
    And keep writing these os for us

  9. Tara

    oh shonaa di.. it was so awesome.. loved it very much…
    btw wb ur ff?? plzz post that// cant really wait..

  10. Kritika14

    Loved it! It was super emotional, I am still crying ? yet was amazingly written. Looking forward for more writings from you! Loves xx

  11. Shonaaaaaaaaa diiiiiiiiiii yr aap kaha chale jaate ho abhi mai sst padh rahi hu kal exam hai uff this sst and specially geography but ow I am studing cvics and I had taken a break of 5 min and I found ur os yr amazing matalb words nhi hai mere pass yr super se bohot bohot bohot upar hi sst ka sara twnaion bhula diya aapne amd ya plz plz post tour ff unconditional love and ganster fall in love soon yr eagerly waiting for it and now don’t go from tu was missing u and ur writtin very much and this os was a blackbaster and sry ishu di couldn’t wished u happy birthday ishu dii may god give u all the happiness and what’s ur age plz do tell me love u all bye bye mera break khatam ho gaya…..

  12. Shona di!!!!!
    How did u kno that it was my birthday yesterday?????
    Who told u????
    And this is sucha beautiful OS!!!!
    I dnt like sad endings, first time a sad ending jus touched my heart!!!!
    I love this so much!!!
    Thanku for sucha lovely surprise!!!!!
    I loved it to the core…and I love u sooooooooooo much????
    And do post Unconditional Love soon…

  13. Aishwarya.twinjfan

    Awesum os shonaa. Bt wen r u going to publish ur ff unconditional love twinj. Waiting for. U left it in so much of suspense yaar. Pls upload fast. Btw happy birthday Ladoo if ur also reading this

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute emotional marvelous lovely os…..lovely ending….

  15. Meeta

    It was beautiful.

  16. Ria

    Hey Shona di,
    Just one word. BEAUTIFUL! I hope it describes it all.

    Loads of love.?

  17. Hey shoona
    Awesome episode dear
    Bt sad ending
    Still I loved it atlast they met

  18. Beautiful os.. really loved it.. it was sad that they both died?.. but happy that they both reunited in heaven.. Plz continue ur both ffs if u aren’t much busy.. m missing them

  19. SidMin

    Loved it Shona and for me it was a happy end coz Twinj are together πŸ™‚ No matter in this world or the word of angles πŸ™‚

  20. Hey shonaa awesome yrrr… Plzzzzz post ur ff unconditional love soon……….

  21. Woww! Wowww!! Wowwww!!! It’s amazing… Loved it…

  22. Shreya098

    It was beautiful..
    Loved it❀❀❀

  23. dreamer...arundhati

    Shona one of the best ones.. Superb

  24. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….shona awesome os….

  25. Maggi

    Omg!!! It was very well written… I mean beautiful story….luvd it ???

  26. its superb
    but sad and happy ending too
    its really a very good way how you made Twinkle a good girl by not accepting any unknown’s request

  27. This is indeed an heart touching story….keep it up

  28. Baby

    Shonnnaaaa di soooo cute os omg d frnd requests n evrything amazing luvd it 2 core beautiful os sch mein luv d it

  29. Baby

    Bt srsly 2 vry emotional j was crying kunj jb mara how culd ohh gosh rula dia

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